Water Sports

Crazy. Some guy starts a thread about how he likes to drink women’s piss, and then a woman comes on and says she loves to piss in guy’s mouths, and she has done it a few times. She is then bombarded by males begging, pleading and demanding that she come over and piss in their mouths so they can drink it. And this guy shows up in the comments:

Her magic pee I drink my lady’s pee every morning… It is a great way to show her how much you want to please her… She calls it her magic liquid that keeps me under her control… She prefers to stand over me while I kneel at her feet and look into her eyes as she begins the feeding process… It must be magic because I crave it every morning… It’s warm and sweet and I never miss a drop… I have only been doing this every morning for two months… Will this cause any problems or can you become addicted to it??? JR

Haha, he is worried about turning into a piss addict. Then this shows up with a scary warning:

A man drinking a woman’s urine for long term will cause serious damage! estrogen and progesterone are in plenty in a ladies urine…and ingestion of same will lead to development of secondary sexual characters like gynecomastia, bulging breasts, thinning of voice, loss of facial hair and even impotency.

Guys! Don’t drink women’s piss! It’ll turn you into a chick! Personally, I am seriously dominant in bed, so much that it almost scares me. Drinking piss is about as submissive, degrading and debasing as you can get. Of course, seriously submissive types get off on being degraded and debased sexually, so that’s not really a problem for them. If a woman is pissing in your mouth, she’s the Dom and you’re her slave, period. As a dominant guy, I just can’t see it. It’s the question everyone wants to know! The world is clamoring for answers, from Timbuktu to Kalamazoo, it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue. “Is…is…drinking piss bad for you?” they pant breathlessly, anxious for a response, any response. Let’s go ask the doctor. And not just any doctor. A lesbian S/M, B/D freak physician from Frisco! Here are her worries about drinking piss followed by my analysis: Hepatitis B: You’re not going to get it this way. CMV (cytomegalovirus): It can probably be passed this way, but 90 Genital Herpes: I know quite a bit about this illness, and you won’t get it this way. Chlamydia: Yes it is found in urine, and theoretically it could infect your throat, except this has apparently never happened, so don’t worry. Gonorrhea: See chlamydia above. HIV: Not found in urine, and anyway, your saliva kills HIV, and even if it doesn’t, your stomach acids will. Histoplasmosis, Blastomycosis, and Coccidiomycosis (valley fever): These three can be passed this way, it is true. Valley fever is not rare in my area, and it is a very bad illness. This is probably your major worry here. Whatever medications the pisser is taking: A number of meds are passed in deactivated form in urine. Others are passed in original or more activate form. A significant concern. A much more serious concern is that urine is full of stuff that that your kidneys are trying to get rid of. If you drink it, you are putting back into your system, and your kidneys, the very stuff your kidneys were trying to get rid of before. Although in my opinion, it is not proven, theoretically, this could cause a situation with symptoms similar to kidney failure as your kidneys get overloaded. This is a response to someone asking if you can survive out in the wilds by drinking your own urine.

How long can you survive by drinking pee? An extra day or two, at best. A healthy person’s urine is about 95 percent water and sterile, so in the short term it’s safe to drink and does replenish lost water. But the other 5 percent of urine comprises a diverse collection of waste products, including nitrogen, potassium, and calcium—and too much of these can cause problems. When you drink your own pee, all the stuff that your kidneys had attempted to excrete comes right back into your stomach, and much of it ends up back in your kidneys. After several days of this, your urine will become highly concentrated with dangerous waste products, and drinking it can cause symptoms similar to those brought on by total kidney failure. At that point, you’re doomed either way—from dehydration on the one hand or renal meltdown on the other. Even if one could filter out most of the unwanted products in urine, the cycle would not be sustainable for long. In addition to what he or she pees out, the average human excretes about half a quart of water a day through sweating and exhaling.

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