Types in the Manosphere Part 2

A very nice site called Gunlord lists the various components of the Manosphere. In this piece, we will examine five of the sub-movements – Aspies, Men’s Rights, PUA’s, Child Custody Advocates and TFL’s or Incels.
Aspies: Supposedly think even non-Aspie men are women-lite. Not sure what this means, but apparently women are just too emo for Spock-type Aspies, and even non-Aspie men are way too emo for these stoic and rational STEM types. Never heard of one of these sites, but it has no appeal to me. I have no idea of their politics.
Men’s rights: The MRA guys. The Men’s Rights groups are fighting for equal rights for men, which on the surface seems pretty weird. A lot of these guys, like Paul Elam at A Voice for Men, are pretty misogynistic. His comments section is even worse.
One wonders why men even need equal rights, and the notion that we live in a Matriarchy instead of a Patriarchy is a bit bizarre. Sure, feminists are pushing women way past their demands for equality, and they are making some pretty lunatic demands that are starting to impinge on the type of world we men want to live in. But at the end of the day, MRA guys just strike me as silly. They are fighting for something that doesn’t need to be fought for (men’s equal rights) because it already exists. Politically, they are mostly Libertarian.
PUA’s: These are the much-maligned pickup artists. PUA’s  try to teach men “Game” in order to help them get women. At first this seems reasonable, and men have been doing this forever. I remember the How to Pick Up Girls books on sale in the 1970’s. There is a famous classic Latin book by a Roman author called On Love that is really How to Pick Up Girls 2000 years ago. Some of my friends bought these books and said they had good advice that worked pretty well in real life.
Obviously there are tricks of the trade. The wildest womanizers are not just regular guys. They have a whole fancy bag of tricks that they regularly use to seduce and bed woman after woman. If you want to be a playboy, “being yourself” won’t cut it. You’re going to need a toolset, and many of these tools straddle the fence of morality.
The problem is that what they teach you in Game is how to be a tool and an asshole. How to treat women like crap. How to more or less date rape women. How to fight against a “bitch shield” which seems rude. When I get a bitch shield, I walk away from the cunt. These guys hammer away at it with a battering ram like cops at a locked door.
A lot of the tricks are sleazy, disgusting and downright dishonest. I would not use these immoral methods no matter how many women they got me. A gentlemen, even an aging roue, should set some limits on his degeneracy. At some point, your behavior is so low that you are a scumbag. I am not interested in being a scumbag. PUA guys think being a scumbag is man’s highest calling.
These sites also engage in hypermasculinity where they all try to be more “Alpha” than everyone else. The PUA message is, “All guys need to become Alphas.” Except that will not work because in most societies, only maybe 15% of the males are true Alphas. Also real Alphas don’t go around yelling how Alpha they are and constantly starting fights for no reason with other men.
These sites have a very aggressive, super-macho air to them with a heavy atmosphere of misogyny, homophobia, aggression, hostility and even menace. When you read the comments sections, you might think you are at a Rapists Convention. They are full of contempt for male pussies, wussies, wimps, manginas and “Betas.” Hating Betas is particularly dumb as probably 70% of men are Betas by default anyway.
The biggest PUA guys come off like super jackasses, and reading them is very cringe-inducing.
PUA politics is not discussed a lot, but when it is, they tend to be Libertarians, although one of their biggest leaders, Roosh, is a fairly progressive guy.
Child custody rights advocates: These guys want to reform divorce and custody laws. As you might guess, they are all divorced and have kids. They lost a lot of money in the divorce, and the bitches won’t let them see the kid(s). These guys are often middle-aged and they are some of the angriest men in the whole Manosphere. They are on a jihad against their Wicked Witch of the West wives who really do represent all women.
These men like to go to jail voluntarily instead of paying child support and litigate endlessly in the courts. A few of them have staged events such as public suicides on courthouse steps. Such pathetic idiots, lauded as martyrs, are the heroes of the movement. This group of men is so angry at women that it is actually frightening to be on one of their forums. Threats of violence are common, and a lot of them collect weapons. This is a community of very angry older, often middle-aged, men who are two steps away from going postal. Politically, Republican Party to Libertarian.
Incels or TFL’s (True Forced Loneliness): I have already been over these types before in previous pieces. These poor sods are probably too upset to have any sort of politics at all. Eliot Rodger, famous incel mass shooter, was apparently a liberal Democrat, not that that means much except that their politics is probably all over the place and not very important anyway.

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34 thoughts on “Types in the Manosphere Part 2”

    1. Couple o quick thoughts on some of the selections…
      Men’s Rights.
      Last Saturday I was walking down Colorado blvd. and lo and behold a s mall fleet of pink vested males ( I s’pose that’s what they were). Their leader, the sole female amongst them had a feral hippy chick look to her.
      One of the confused individuals stepped in front of me and asked if he could tell me all about woman’s rights. I just the chuckled the chuckle that I chuckle when confronted by subhumans and kept on going. First thought was how pathetic those dudes were. Second thought was nearly the same as this… ” They are fighting for something that doesn’t need to be fought for (men’s equal rights) because it already exists.”
      (replace men’s with women’s).
      Politically ? Feral hippy chick will have them all voting for Hillary.
      I got hold of some of that type of literature when I was a teenager. Seemed goofy then and goofy. I love women and sex. I am not going to turn myself into an amoral a-hole just indulge. I do believe you need to be firm. Just not an A-hole.
      ‘When you read the comments sections, you might think you are at a Rapists Convention. They are full of contempt for male pussies, wussies, wimps, manginas and “Betas.” Hating Betas is particularly dumb as probably 70% of men are Betas by default anyway’
      That kind of over egotistical banter turns me off. There might be a few of them that can pull it off. Usually folks that talk that talk cannot walk that walk.
      Politically ? My best guess is that they are libertarian and endorse anything Ted Nugent says.
      Child Custody Rights Advocates.
      Sounds like every average guy I know. They were all content being pussy whipped until the bitch made off with the bank account. Now they are going to make up for lost time and dignity by revolting. All good and fine.
      Just never seems to be a good outcome.
      Politically ? Will vote for whichever movie star decides to enter politics.
      Strongly endorsing a Clooney run at anything.
      Incels and TFL.
      I feel for these types. My personal opinion of E.R. was that he was a little spoiled and was obsessed with gorgeous unobtainable women.
      Politically ? Liberal ? I tend to think they would be more comfortable in a communist type regime. Some kind of governance that would allow for less free choice. Leveling the play field somewhat. Forced marriages anyone ?

      1. You are a PUA? I thought you detested the PUAs. I’m an Incel and an Aspie. What do you think of this combination? Have you ever met any incel/aspie combination type people? I’m not extremely socially awkward and not the least bit nerdy but I’m not great with body language and talking to people and so I’ve become an incel. I also get annoyed and irritated when people make inaccurate/ignorant statements about many topics. I don’t have noticeably poor social skills in general and I don’t make visible fuck ups but I tend to avoid eye contact and feel nervous about social contact and avoid all social gatherings.
        I really have no opinion of PUAs and don’t detest them because the women they are picking up are mostly sluts anyways, the good girls don’t usually fall for the PUAs. Maybe some do, but that’s inevitable anyways. About living in an oppressive communist regime with less choice, yes I agree. I’ve never considered dating an American girl because I know that 1. An American woman would not want me, as I am not exciting enough to be around and I have no money, and I do not use any social media whatsoever which is seen as weird by American women. I don’t drink alcohol casually or play sports and I don’t like going to parties or clubs but I’m not going to sit in the basement and play Dungeons and Dragons either. I prefer to spend my time reading educational material.
        2. I would not like an American/westernized woman. I’m not a male rights advocate but I do believe women should at least be in the kitchen and make some food for their man. I’m not saying they should stay in the kitchen all day, just 3 times a day at minimum for breakfast lunch and dinner. Also they should keep the house clean. For this I prefer Asian women from impoverished countries.
        3. She must be a virgin and cannot have had previous boyfriends. No exceptions on this, and I’m not a virgin myself.
        4. I’m not a narcissist and I don’t think I deserve a stunning blonde girl straight from the Playboy magazines. I prefer an East Asian/Southeast Asian girl with non-primitive features and a slim figure, although not too slim.
        Does this seem over the top?

        1. Politically I am around the center, I support legalization of marijuana but I don’t support promiscuity in women. I support legalization of prostitution as well.

        2. I am into the PUA/Game thing, IOW, how to get women, how to keep women, how to deal with women, how to control your woman so she doesn’t go wild, etc.
          Sure, most of the PUA sites are run by assholes, but there is nothing wrong with guys talking about how to get girls, which is one of the purposes of this website.
          Not over the top, it is all just fine. Why are you calling yourself an incel? How long have you been incel if you do not mind me asking?

        3. I’ve been an incel for well, my entire life. I have had sex with prostitutes and also went to night karaokes and gotten girls drunk and had sex there, but I have never had a girlfriend before, and I’ve never had sex with a girl other than prostitutes/sluts. I have had several girls show interest in me before (surprisingly all of them were Asian, some Filipina) but I’ve never been able to find the time for a relationship. I don’t have a car or money and I rent a tiny room in the city that’s not really big enough for two people.

        4. When I was in high school I asked out 2 girls, both of which turned red and rejected me because I had never talked to them before and I didn’t have the confidence to ask them out but I had my friends do it for me. Ever since then and even during college I never bothered talking to girls anymore.

      2. Robert have you ever heard of Aaron Sleazy?
        He is the sanest guy in the PUA/game scene and one of the most rational sane normal individuals in the manosphere community. He wrote a book called Sleazy stories during the early periods of the pua/game community, and it’s one the greatest seduction story books ever written.
        He also wrote a huge book critiquing the seduction community, called “Debunking the seduction community”, and he disproves a lot of the mainstream mantra’s dogma’s and beliefs of the game community. He has posts debunking Roosh and the manosphere too, check him out when you have time…..

      3. ‘Not really in any of these categories. If I am in any, it would be PUA’
        So there I was in deep meditation on the porcelain Honda once again…I know why you do not fit into the PUA category. They advocate pump ’em and dump ’em style game plan. That’s not really you is it? You don’t mind a one night stand, but you prefer to get to know the woman at least a little bit. You like to hang out with them too. It’s not a typical PUA scheme…only see them after dark style mentality.
        No. You prefer short term relationships. Get to know them and their proclivities. You are prolly firmer than the average guy in an average relationship. No pussy, but not acting like complete a misogynist.
        Similar to way you could classify yourself a sigma instead of an alpha, perhaps there’s sub-level to the PUA? Serial relationship adept?
        There is some real mental clarity to be had in an unrushed poop.

        1. Yes, but I write a lot of articles on the subject of how guys can get girls, in my opinion. I also want comments from guys about how they can get girls. Also about how to get along with women in relationships, how women think, how to read signals, etc. I am not sure what that is, if there is a Manosphere category for it. There are some cool Manospherians out there. Check out the site Married Man Sex Life. It’s great.
          I also think the Game guys are onto something.
          Actually, lately my relationships with women have been lasting for some time. Anywhere from 4-5 months to 1 1/2 years even to 3, 4, 5 years. 1 1/2 years is pretty normal though. Is that short-term relationships or long term relationships.
          I am not into pump and dump, sorry.
          I do like to hang out with women. I would hang out with them all the time if I could. What I don’t like are guys. I only like females; I don’t like males.

  1. Putin is fighting to resist the feminization of Russia, already dominant in the United States. Examples abound to which Russian commentators can point
    which need not be elaborated on here.

      1. Check the divorce records and who gets custody of the kids and under what terms in Russia, the college/job admissions/hiring quota or lack thereof gender comparison, etc. Compare to the feminized USA.

        1. Putin is a faux traditionalist. He is a Judeophile and a liar. He had a zookeeper tranquilize a bear; then he took a pic with it claiming he had shot it down.
          I know the KGB teaches dupliticity and deception but they wouldnt make you such a pussy that you faked shooting a bear. Would they? Naaah.
          Or maybe it was reverse reverse psychology? Or reverse reverse reverse psychology.
          Remember; in Motharrr Russia; President assassinates YOU.

  2. Robert Lindsay, you’re the MAN, dawg! I never read such a brilliant article on these subjects and I totally agree with Point 3 – PUA. Please find my $2.00 on your way for being such an awesome inspiration.

  3. I sometimes wonder if a lot of the hypermasculine types aren’t actually gay, putting on a performance of what they think masculinity is or should be. There is one particular guy I’ve seen on Youtube, and I half seriously entertain the notion that he is a male to female transsexual who found out being a man wasn’t all that he fantasized. He seems to spend all his time trying to live up to a retro ideal of manliness and berating other men for not doing the same.

    1. At my school the kids without fathers in their lives try and double up on the tough guy act to compensate. Gay guys act extra feminine, there is this gay boy in my math class named Jeremy who anyone can tell he is a candidate for funeral protest by Westboro Baptist Church.
      Hypermasculine types are not really masculine. They are trying to compensate for no jizz donor in the home or they are narcissistic sociopaths who crave the attention. Those types should be euthanized.
      I cant stand narcissistic sociopaths.

      1. The gay guys you *know about* act extra feminine. When gay guys try to act masculine, it’s always obviously theatrical, a performance with costumes and everything.

        1. They can’t just get fat and crush beer cans against their heads while watching football like reg’lar guys.

  4. Allah is gay. Yahweh is great. Those who worship Allah shall get fucked in the ass by a Muslim sand nigger. Those who love Yahweh and his lordy son jesus Chirst will have 72 virgins in the great watermelon patch in the sky.
    Worship him.

      1. Choose the watermelon, believe me. Last year I lost my virginity to this girl who was my age and her 15 year old sister who was at the time three years older than me. She wasnt a virgin but the girl my age was. I have taken two other girls virginities since then; believe me: virgins SUCK at it. No idea what they are doing and your dick keeps on slipping and squeaking. Enjoyable for her but for you you would rather sit with your grandparents for five hours listening to them talk while they watch reruns of M*A*S*H.
        On the other hand, if you know a black guy, you can trade watermelon for his friendship. This comes in handy when some older kid at school starts to bully you. If that kid is Mexican or black then you are screwed either way, but if he is some sort of asian or whitey then a black kid my age could kick the shit outta him.

  5. MRAs and CCRAs make some good points about the opportunistic, sleazy, and harmful version of “equality” advocated by feminists, but they get turned into something else when the nutballs gather in the echo chamber. Definitely not baggage I’d want to take on.

  6. Fun thin to notice is that feminism and parts of the manosphere actually want the same thing,
    Feminism says, whe hate patriarchy
    What for example TFL`rs say is that whe have to do patriarchy to impress women and whe hate it

    1. I was deeply into Youtubing Warren Farrel, TFL and Karen Straughan for a while. Because i was (am) suicidal, and they are the only ideology that says why that is. But the ideology is basically useless since these things are just laws of nature.
      Nobody to blame really.

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