HIV: A Bloodborne Illness

HIV is a blood-borne illness.
If she is bleeding in her vagina during sex, obviously it will be easier to transmit HIV to her via semen. If she has blood in her vagina, that does make it easier for a woman to transmit HIV to a man.
Please keep in mind! This is a blood-borne illness! It needs to get into your damn bloodstream. It’s found in the blood in huge quantities. Don’t mess around with other people’s blood! If it has HIV in it, you could acquire HIV via contact with that blood. Semen also has a large amount of HIV in it but not as much as blood. Vaginal fluid, honestly, has pretty low levels, and when I look at those titers, they seem so low that I wonder how it even transmits. There is almost no HIV in saliva, and whatever is there, the titers are way too low to transmit. Swallowing semen is probably pretty safe. Saliva kills HIV dead, just like that. If the saliva doesn’t kill it, when it gets to your stomach, your stomach acids will make short work of it.
Even though there are high levels of HIV in semen, that semen has to come in contact with the bloodstream in order to transmit. The stuff’s got to get right into your blood.
This is why it transmits during needle sharing. Even if there is a small amount of blood with HIV in it on the needle, you stick that needle right into your damn bloodstream, and you can get HIV that way.
HIV is a hard disease to get unless you are an IV drug user or a male homosexual. To give you an example of how hard it is to get it, Hepatitis B transmits 50-100X more easily than HIV, and Hepatitis B isn’t al lthat easy to get either.

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0 thoughts on “HIV: A Bloodborne Illness”

  1. There are the myriad studies of swingers clubs where the infected women rarely or never passed it along to men over substantial periods of time.

  2. When you talk about HIV you always seem to be referring to the American subtype. Apparently Magic Johnson got it from hetero sex or so he says. There are rumors that he was bisexual. What do you think Robert?

    1. You CAN get the US subtype from a woman, but it is very hard to do. Suppose your wife has HIV with the US subtype. Suppose you have unprotected sex with her 700 times over a 5-year period. Now you are starting to up your odds. See?
      Magic had sex with 1,000 women! That starts to up your odds.

      1. Suppose three situations occurred, what would the probability for getting HIV be?
        1. A man barebacks one woman in rural Subsaharan Africa and she is not a prostitute, he then quickly washes his cock and urinates afterwards.
        2. One man punches out another man, who unknowingly has HIV. The man who gets punched has his face cut open and is bleeding, the assailants knuckles are bleeding from the force of the punch.
        3. An old white pervert fucks 10 hookers bareback in Thailand.

  3. Hey Rob,
    Have you ever heard of man actually getting Hiv from a woman?
    Or even better how many cases do you know of a man getting Hiv after having a condom slip with a CSW?

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