Yet Another Female Myth

Anon writes:

What you’re seeing here is a biased audience. Men who are able to get a woman are happy and don’t have any reason to go online communing with other men over how happy they are with women. It’s when a problem arises for someone that they feel the need to vent. These men complaining about women are the ones who strike out a lot and have been hurt as a result. Of course they still want a woman biologically, but they’ve been rejected so many times they can’t bring themselves to actually trust a woman. Many women get like this about men, too, when they’ve been rejected a lot or had a lot of relationships that ended poorly. My mother was like that, she ascribed to the “men are pigs who needs them” doctrine but as soon as a dashing cowboy started courting her she was all over him, it was gross. XP So no, I don’t think loving and hating women go hand in hand. I think that rejection is hard for people to deal with and leads to hatred, but regardless your biology doesn’t change.

Female myths are in bold. This is the typical female response. Any man complaining about women obviously isn’t getting laid or can’t get laid. But that is so untrue! Because many of the biggest players of all are the worst misogynists you ever met! Have you noticed how misogynistic so many pornographers are? Those guys get more pussy than your average army battalion and they’re misogynist as Hell. Go to the PUA sites like Roissy and Roosh. Those guys are drowning in pussy and so are a lot of their commenters and the misogyny is so thick you can cut it with a knife. And I happen to have a girlfriend right now, and until recently, I actually had 2 girlfriends. Which is not unusual. In my life, I have dated maybe 200 women and girls. So as you can see, I can’t get laid! And not only that, but it’s a lifelong condition! I understand females very well and have had a universe of great experiences with them. All  men have problems with women, all of them. It’s universal. All  married men complain about women, whether they are getting tons of sex or whether they haven’t had sex with their wives in 20 years. It’s universal male behavior. As far as loving women and hating them, I do not see a lot of that. But you can certainly love the positive half of the female essence for all it’s worth while disdaining the negative half on some level or better yet, accepting it for what it is and that it is not changeable and then ignoring it. Loving women and hating women both require a lot of energy. If you have decided that you want to love them (focus on the positive side) then you won’t have much energy left over to hate them. And having been around a lot of misogynists, I do not think they love women very much, sorry. Hating women takes a lot of energy. You probably wouldn’t have enough left over to invest in truly loving them, which is expensive energy-wise.

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2 thoughts on “Yet Another Female Myth”

  1. Do these feminists want to know the real way to end misogyny for good? Educate men, from an early age, about the true nature of women and the differences between the sexes.
    The problem with our culture is that it worships, coddles, and pampers women to such a ridiculous degree that men are taught to think of women in very positive and utopian terms. They’re taught that women are kind, nurturing, better communicators, better at school, that there would be no wars if women ran the world, etc.
    The misogyny comes when men start to learn that all of that is a load of shit. They begin to see the 50% downside of women, after having heard nothing but 100% upside for most of their lives. They begin to see the Iphone addiction, the fickleness, the flakiness, the emotionalism, the various double standards that women adhere to, the way women want rights without responsibilities, etc. The reason why places like the manosphere seem to angry is that learning that society as a whole is full of crap and that everything you’ve been taught for most of your life is wrong can produce a lot of cognitive dissonance and frustration.
    If these men had been educated from a young age that women are simply people, and very flawed ones at that, then I bet we would see a reduction of genuine misogyny.
    Likewise, the current gender bending that is pervading our society needs to end. Men and women are different, get over it feminists. To paraphrase Matt Forney, what pisses me off the most is that today’s men are being raised as deliberately unmanly as possible, doped up on Ritalin, overall doped up and repressed in schools, etc. And yet now, despite having been the architects of all these problems, today’s Baby Boomers are complaining about how today’s men won’t “man up,” “take responsibility,” etc. Sorry, but if you want men to be men, then actually raise them like men, and also show masculinity proper respect.
    The problem is that, as pointed out by so many guys in the sphere, men are expected to assume traditional masculine responsibilities but without the traditional power or respect. Women likewise want and enjoy equal rights to men, but without any of the responsibilities.
    That’s definitely a recipe for resentment.

  2. I don’t appreciate you calling me out and posting my response like this. I would appreciate if you asked my permission first in the future, or label me as “Anonymous.”
    Most of my experience with misogyny has been online, visiting The Red Pill on Reddit. I’ve read a ton of the posts those guys put up and many of them are complaining about how they can’t get laid. In my personal experiences, I have NEVER met a guy who complained about women in general like that, maybe about his current girlfriend cheating on him or something once in a while but that’s about it. I’m sure there are misogynists who get laid a lot, but I’ve never met one.
    And of course this is just speaking from my own experience, which is really all I can speak from and all you can speak from as well. Each of us sees only a tiny fraction of the world, as though we’re looking through a pinhole lens, or as the Bible says, as through a glass, darkly. It is from accepting multiple worldviews and opinions that we get a better picture of what the world is actually like on a larger scale, and by incorporating other people’s views we begin to see the world for the vast, incomprehensible mosaic it is. The world is like a patchwork quilt. Your part of the quilt has a different pattern than mine, but neither square of the quilt that we’re seeing is “invalid” or “wrong.” Rather we are both right. You have seen a lot of misogyny, I have seen very little. From this we can gather that we’re both partially right–misogyny is more of a problem than I thought it was, but it isn’t as widespread or universal as you seem to think it is.
    As for why we have such different experiences, it might have to do with gender–because I’m female, maybe certain men are less likely to say their true opinions around me. Or it could be generational, or geographical (not sure what part of the country you’ve spent most of your life in).
    Also I’ve met many male feminists. How’s that for a mindfuck?

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