Why the Western Left Is So Trotskyite

Third Eye writes:

In what world is the western left Trotskyist? Hell, not even the old Trotskyists are really Trotskyist anymore. The combine of academics, NGOs, bureaucrats, and lawyers that passes for the “left” amounts to a bunch of glorified lobbyists.

Most of the significant Marxist grouplets in the US (the ones with actual names and organizations) are Trots. The biggest Western Marxist websites (In Defense of Marxism and WSW) are Trot-run. If that doesn’t satisfy you, you can head on over to Marxmail and see for yourself. Western Marxists often fulminate against the “Stalinist” Left. Any Marxist who goes on “Stalinism” is a Trot, no matter how much they try to deny it. Furthermore, the obsessions with homosexuals, transsexuals and other oddbodies, women, minorities, immigrants, criminals, Muslims as “oppressed” groups in the West as opposed to lining up with the true oppressed of the 3rd World is a sign of the Trots. The whole Identity Politics thing in the 1960’s was a Trot project. The people they call Stalinists always focused on economics and never cared about divisive identity politics all that much. That stuff just divides the working class anyway. Set race against race, men against women, gay people against straights, oddbodies against normal bodies, Muslims against infidels, immigrants against natives, criminals against decent people – way to go! Way to divide the working class!

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16 thoughts on “Why the Western Left Is So Trotskyite”

  1. Wow Robert, I must say, this blog is quality entertainment. You got all sortsa folks posting here. Afrocentrists, Egyptologists, Biologists, Zionists, Terrorists, Hindutvas, drug addicts, schizophrenics, Democrats, Libertarian Republicans, fascists, Communists, etc. Wow. This is multiculturalism for you. In 2050 America will resemble Beyond Highbrow in cultural diversity.
    I am starting high school next year and I have nothing to do over summer vacation except watch Game of Thrones reruns, drop some MDMA, hang out with friends, cheat on my gf, and post on this blog. I recently went on Stormfront and tore them all a new one until they banned me for being a Zionist.
    School is so boring and kids are baseline dumbasses. This blog is stimulating. Thanks.

    1. Wow Robert, I must say, this blog is quality entertainment. You got all sortsa folks posting here. Afrocentrists, Egyptologists, Biologists, Zionists, Terrorists, Hindutvas, drug addicts, schizophrenics, Democrats, Libertarian Republicans, fascists, Communists, etc. Wow. This is multiculturalism for you. In 2050 America will resemble Beyond Highbrow in cultural diversity.
      LOL! It takes all kinds to fill the freeways!
      What!? You are just a kid?! You have the mind of someone much older. Also you are quite mature. You are only 14 years old? WTH.

      1. 13 years old. But unlike the majority of Asian immigrants my parents gave me liberty to be an individual and screw around, flunk classes, have lots of non Asian girlfriends and hang out with black people. So naturally I developed my own set of ideologies and had a chance to develop a lot of the knowledge that most kids dont have an opportunity to. So I was able to read up on stuff I liked instead of getting tutored for AP Calculus II while in the third grade.

    1. Yeah right. I may hate U.S. Imperialism, but it benefits my family so I will support the hell out of it. I am sorry but no way I want to end up in a vulnerable position during a recession-recovery gradient, no way. Besides, I am planning on getting my citizenship in a few years anyways.

  2. Robert, Robert, Robert…… that’s just unbelievably far off base. I expected better from you. All that’s left of the Trotskyist movement is some isolated splinter groups and intellectuals trying to find some way to become relevant. Running websites doesn’t mean diddly in terms of having actual influence.
    The rise of identity politics wasn’t facilitated by any Marxist group. The whole paradigm of a left formed from “oppressed” groups led by an intellectual vanguard was originated by Herbert Marcuse and C. Wright Mills, and their followers in the New Left. The ’60s student left and the black power movement were in that mold, and gained influence largely through amplification in the media. Marxists (including Maoists and the CPUSA) saw that action and wanted to cash in on it. Adopting an essentially New Left program contradicted their basic analysis and led to a lot of squabbling and splintering. Some groups tried to provide a Marxist theoretical basis for supporting identity politics and others just followed the banners and bullhorns for no particular reason. The marriage between the Marxist left and identity politics was never an easy one and it fell apart once Marxists realized that it wasn’t the path to revolution.
    What we see on the “left” today is the Marcuse/Mills version – academics and other left careerists supporting identity-interest advocacy. Its only real power is based on its ability to file lawsuits and manipulate the Democratic Party.

  3. The “oppression” mentality is a mentality that makes people not succeed in life. Crime was lower in the early 1960s and before because there was no “oppression mentality” taught.

  4. Orthodox Trots are fiercely anti-identity politics, and analyse why identity politics arose in the first place. See the Socialist Equality Party and its World Socialist Web Site. http://www.wsws.org

      1. I have always been curious. Why do you support socialism? Shouldn’t someone with a high IQ be exploiting this trait to milk the proletariat masses? Be part of the one percenter burgeosie? You could easily teach yourself law or chemistry in a year. Chemists earn six figures monthly. I taught myself law when I was eight and Im pretty sure my IQ is not as high as yours.
        Or you could be a professional journalist. Your IQ is mainly verbal I am assuming. You should work for CNN or write for the Huffington Post.

        1. I do not have any opportunities to write for the Huffington Post and I would never write for CNN. I will never be a 1%, and have been poor to low income most of my life for some reason. I know many high IQ people who have never made much money in life. Some of the ones I know actually live in poverty. It’s quite common, believe it or not.
          I don’t really want to get rich anyway. I don’t care about having that much money, and I believe in more or less equality of people money-wise. I also support working class people and I hate the way the rich shit on everyone else. I’ve been a socialist for most of my life. It’s a conscience thing. Even if I was able to make a lot of money, I would hope I would still be a socialist. Michael Harrington was a socialist, and he had a very high income. It went against his economic interests, but I would do that – go against my economic interests.

        2. Yep my dad is a rich piece of snorted crack. His parenting skills suck the silicon out of Miss America’s breasts. He is beyond a one percenter, actually went from working for Toyota, then Honda, then on Wall Street. Now he is a midmanagement executive for Berkshire Hathaway. He gets promoted faster than a black man on affirmative action. He is lying sack of shite in a sprite can.
          All republicans are more or less like him. The ones I know have affairs, circle jerk each other psychologically, watch Alfred Hitchcock movies with my grandpa, smoke cigars and trashtalk Obama all day long. Their kids are spoiled sacks of testicular cancer who demand I be friends with them (the rich sprogs) instead of with kids I share common interests with.
          Capitalism is great but like all great systems: people abuse the FUCK out of it. You may think socialism is great in theory but someone will abuse that system too (Hillary “I can haz prezidincee” Clinton).

        3. Social democracy would be just fine with me. Social democracy is a form of socialism. Heck at this point, regulated capitalism with a good safety net would be fantastic. We don’t even have that anymore. We are mostly fighting a defensive battle here, trying to maintain the meager safety net that we do have.

        4. Yeah. Bill Gates is monopolizing STEM along with his embezzling executives, Bezos and Google are taking over all the servers. Berkshire Hathaway (my dad works for em) is swallowing up companies left and right, Carlos Slim Helu is crossing the border like a fucking wetback illegal to buy up some American company stock, Mexico is already his bitch. The Koch (pronounced COCK or DICK or ASSHOLES) brothers are snorting fossil fuels up their ass.
          The economy is fucked worse than a dietician with anal cramps getting gang raped by John Holmes and a gang of black men on Viagara.
          How do we stop it? Riot! Do what the blacks did in the Civil Rights Movement. Protest. Form unions (but dont drop bombs in Haymarket square), march on Wall Street, Washington, Mexico, Zurich, whatever. Fuck those republican assholes. Its time for the era of small buisness and middle class Murrica to grow like a flame war about race relations on YouTube.

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