The Money Shot

Not Robert Stark asked:

Why do some pornos depict men ejaculating onto women’s faces? Do you consider that violence?

I do not know. Personally I think it all about degradation and humiliation of the woman. It could also be a way of “marking the man’s territory”. He is marking her as his. Some people interpret it as an intense act of love. It doesn’t seem that way to me, but if you want to view it like that, be my guest. Personally, I think it is totally disgusting and gross, but on the other hand, it really turns me on at the same time. Quite a few women really hate a guy cumming on their face, and they will get very mad if you do that to them. They will get so mad, you would think they are going to beat you up. I mean hopping furious. That said, there are quite a few women who like that sort of thing. There are also a lot of women who like to be dominated, debased, degraded, humiliated and treated like complete whores and sluts.

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0 thoughts on “The Money Shot”

  1. There’s a very real sense of degradation in shooting your wad all over something, someone. It harks back to our days of youth when our loose, uncontained gism was something shameful and which needed to be hidden. Cum was dirty shame. We cum on a girl’s face, it’s a vile undertaking.

  2. LOL! The Japanese are perverts.
    I haven’t screwed a lot of Japanese women (maybe ~7?), but I am told that they are really into money shots. Supposedly they will actually REQUEST them. WTF.
    Now from personal experience, I would say that some White women will request them too, but it’s bit uncommon.

  3. Usually one guy but there can be more than one and it is not uncommon for there to be 2 or so. A lot of gangbangs tend to end in money shots too.
    When you get quite a few of them it’s a bukkake.

  4. Men cumming on Women’s faces does nothing for me. I like it when they cum in their mouth and then show it. Much better.

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