Most Important Public Health Measure of the Last 200 Years

On a radio show, a public health professional was asked what was the most significant public health measure taken in the past couple of centuries. He barely hesitated when he said, “Getting the shit out of the water.” Cholera, typhoid, dysentery, hepatitis… You got it.

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  1. I must say, this blog doesn’t lack for breadth in topics. Robert, do you think this may even hurt your blog to some extent? Being all over the place versus a narrow focus niche? I don’t have a problem with it as is since I’m curious about a lot of random stuff. But I’m sure it makes it hard to build a large and loyal following with an “anything goes” format as opposed to targeted content.

    1. Good point. You’re correct about the “niche” factor. Robert seems to go through waves of disconnected random streams of subjects lacking any context. This is why he’s great.

    2. I do not think it hurts it. The site gets 6,000 hits/day, which is damn good traffic. I do not make much money off this site though. It brings in ~$200/month.
      Actually a lot of traffic comes from web searches. Most of my traffic is just someone Googling this or that. I cover so many things that this site gets high rankings for a lot of searches that really brings in the hits.
      There are a whole ton of subscribers to the site too for some weird reason.

        1. Can anyone donate anonymously? I mean, I could ask my brother if I can use his bank account to donate a couple grand or so, I mean, this blog has been entertaining. Got nothing else to do over summer break anyways, and my dad is always gone on buisness.

        2. Yes you can donate anonymously, of course! But what do you mean by donate anonymously?
          You wouldn’t be helping me to get rich. Last month I cleared ~$1,100, and that is close to typical. I live off $1,100-1,400/month clear. I am also ~$6,000+ in debt on credit cards.
          I probably get paid something like $1-2/hour to work on this blog, but it is really hard to put a finger on it.
          $2,000 would be awesome. I could pay down some of my debt!
          Just go to PayPal, log in and pay that way.

  2. The fact that every household in a developed country has running water which is safe to drink is a triumph of technology, far more important than any gadget that Steve Jobs or Bill Gates managed to produce. Only people without any historical awareness could think that technological progress started with computers.
    Regards. James

  3. The cost of drugs and procedures to the patient in America is really crazy. Its one of main reasons why government health spending is so high. I think its because there is little or no regulation of the prices so the providers make them exorbitant compared to in other countries.

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