Israel Blows Up Terrorist Car in Gaza

I do not like to use words like terrorist, but these guys are shooting rockets directly at civilian targets like towns full of nothing but civilians, hitting homes, farms, schools, factories, business districts, etc. That’s the definition of terrorism right there, sorry.
It’s amazing footage anyway. You get to see the car blown to smithereens. Not sure where the footage came from, apparently some sort of closed circuit system.

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0 thoughts on “Israel Blows Up Terrorist Car in Gaza”

  1. If the name fits, use it! Why are you averse to the use of words like terrorist, Robert? One of the things I like about you most is that you have pulled no punches and you call it as you see it. You have seemed to be immune to the societal pressure of political correctness and I would absolutely HATE to see the P.C. gestapo make you of all people back down from truth telling!

  2. You know I am generally pro Israel and Zionist, but the moral relativism and hypocrisy of Jews makes me want to reconsider. Jews kill Palestinian teens and refugees? Collateral damage. Palestinian seven year old throws a pebble at an Israeli armoured tank? UNANIMOUS DECLARATION OF WAAAAAAR by the Palestinian govt, Hamas, PLO, White Supremacists, and Nazi Zombies.
    I do view Jews as the pinnacle of human intellectual evolution, and I see them as a vehicle of human progress in the areas of multimedia, science, innovation, and psychology. I mean, just look at how many Nobel Prizes they hold in proportion to their population.
    As a Japanese boy I admire their prodigious mind as far superior to our own. But bring an Einstein or an Oppenheimer does not excuse being a Andrew Jackson or a Hideki Tojo.

    1. I like the Jewish people a whole lot. They have positives and negatives, but I like their positives a lot more than their negatives. I hate these scums in Israel though. They can burn. I hate settler-colonists. They steal the Palestinians’ land and colonize it! Screw that! Settler-colonialism went out in the 1890’s!

      1. If Israelis used colonialism positively I would not mind AshkeNAZI imperialism at all. Like how Commodore Perry introduced industrialization to Japan, or how Open Doors policy implementation in post-Manchu China helped them globalize. Or what MacArthur did to Korea. If Jews colonized the brown Arabs and gave them better education, healthcare, etc. then I would not mind a bit. Of course that aint the case.

        1. Settler colonialism is how the secession of Texas and the Mexican-American War ended up happening. Interesting how a lot of the U.S. Left supports illegal immigration into Texas as a way for Mexicans to “reclaim” stolen land, yet the U.S. Left supports Israeli colonialism.
          Although to the Left’s credit they vehemenently oppose Chinese incursion into Tibet or Han incursion into Xinjiang. The Republicans could give less of a damn about what happens outside of the Middle East.

        2. Becoming a colony of a western power is exactly what the Japanese sought to avoid since the Portuguese landed in the 16th Century. Their stance looked xenophobic, but it was entirely understandable under the circumstances. And it succeeded.

        3. It wouldn’t be better for families who were a part of the elite, families who were educated and had money while the others were in poverty due to lack of evolution. Such a proposal would be insulting and patronizing to families already at the top. Some families already had educations and were more educated than the average person in the US at the time.
          The people you see in Gaza don’t represent the original people living there. They don’t look Levantine and came from Egypt. You seem patronizing and assume everyone from there has to be brown, poor, and low IQ. It’s just that the trash tended to stay behind in the Levant and the cream of the crop left earlier for better opportunities.

        1. Ain’t going to happen. Most of them are not from the Strip. Most are refugees from the Palestinian villages in a 20 or so mile radius of the Strip. They were cleansed out of their villages and ended up in the Strip.
          They don’t want to be part of Egypt. Most of them consider their homelands to be those villages they were thrown out of.

          1. Many moved there from elsewhere however. This is why they look so different than Levantines in the US. They would do better under Egyptian rule than ruling themselves. Genetically I bet they have more in common with an Egyptian than a Lebanese or Syrian.

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