A CIA Director Speaks the Truth

In the early days of the Reagan Administration, William Colby, head of the CIA and director of the US’ Phoenix Program which tortured and murdered 20,000 Vietnamese civilians on suspicion of Viet Cong links, made a curious statement in a meeting with Reagan Administration officials.

We will know our disinformation program has succeeded when everything the American people believe is false. William Colby, 1981, Washington DC.

In the early 1960’s, the CIA coined the term “conspiracy theory” and began a mass campaign to convince Americans that all conspiracy theories were lies by crazy people and that actual conspiracies never occurred. After the American people were brainwashed that conspiracies were not possible and all theories about such were the hallucinations of crazy people, the US Deep State was now free to conspire away to their heart’s content. Around the same time, the CIA started Operation Mockingbird to put hundreds, if not thousands of US journalists, members of the Free Press (TM) on the CIA payroll. At one point, most of the top journalists in the US were effectively CIA agents. I understand that the program is ongoing. Guess what fools? You’re being lied to!

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  1. John DeCamp who blowed the whistle on the Franklin Cover-Up, the Elite Pedophilia Ring that serves the American politics, worked for Colby in Vietnam as part of the Phoenix Program.

  2. Colby was assassinated. I wonder if it had anything to do with Franklin? He is the one that advised DeCamp to write the book. He told him,”Some things you can’t do anything about. It touches too many people”.

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