Want to Work in US Journalism? Try on Your Straightjacket First

I have a question. If you are Communist and a Green Party member, are you of the Marxist-Leninist school of thought or the Trotskyite school of thought? I myself am a centerish-rightwinger with a lot of far-left influence. Well actually I may not be a rightwinger at all, but the current bipartisan infestation of both parties by imperialism, Washingtonian federalism, political correctness, and economic irresponsibility makes me repulsed by both parties. The Dems and the G.O.P are merely polarized extremities of the same spectrum, and originated as a single party anyways. I guess when I was about 7 or 8 I was a classical Objectivist Libertarian. My dad was a high level executive for Toyota and made a lot of money, so I was naturally greedy, following the immaturity of my prepubescent brain. When I moved to the United States in 2011, my dad began working as a stockbroker dealing in microstocks. I saw how he fucked people over daily and ruined a lot of lives. By the time I was 12 I became sort of a hardcore communal Christianity type commie. I guess I was reviled by the actions of my father and started to feel sympathetic to the plight of the proletariat masses. I felt more in common with the ideologies of Mao Zedong rather than my former hero Chiang Kai-Shek. I also used to be enthralled at the prospect of ruling with an iron fist, and disposing of those who question your methods with a McCarthyism like demagogic appeal to the stereotypes the common people have of communism. Well I guess now that I am not decided one way or another. I guess I still have a lot of time to think about it. I do wish to become a journalist when I grow up, but as a correspondent for what? Fox or CNN? Lib or Con?

You have had an interesting political evolution. Really I am just a socialist as opposed to a real hardcore Commie. But I think the people the Trots call Stalinists a lot better than the Western Trots themselves, who are insane and represent everything wrong about the Western Left in general. Most of the Western Left is Trot or Trot inspired. It doesn’t matter whether you are a conservative journo or a liberal one. There are plenty of jobs for both. But the liberal journos in the US are not very liberal. They are less liberal than Democratic Party liberals, who aren’t very liberal anyway. You have to support the bipartisan foreign policy consensus and the bipartisan neoliberal economic consensus and it would help to support the PC Cultural Marxism which is all the rage (see the bipartisan support for amnesty). You must support US exceptionalism and US imperialism. If you do not support these things, you will be told very quickly to shape up or ship out and if you do not, you will be rapidly fired. All US journalists have very strict limits on what they can report without being fired by their corporate masters and their attack dogs, the editors. The US press is a controlled propaganda institution that speaks with a single voice on the big questions of the day. Look at the Iraq War. Name on large newspaper, newsmagazine, TV news or radio news station that opposed that war either in the run-up or in the months afterwards. Name one, one. Name one large MSM outlet, right or left, that is taking Russia’s side on the Ukraine matter. Name one. See? It is a state-controlled propaganda institution, like Pravda in the USSR.

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2 thoughts on “Want to Work in US Journalism? Try on Your Straightjacket First”

  1. In what world is the western left Trotskyist? Hell, not even the old Trotskyists are really Trotskyist anymore. The combine of academics, NGOs, bureaucrats, and lawyers that passes for the “left” amounts to a bunch of glorified lobbyists.

  2. How to be a journalist or correspondant for FOX (Faux) News;
    1; The disenfranchised masses are in desperate need of an accurate, objectively unbiased source of news to base their political decisions and economic frugality on. Therefore, it is the job of Faux Noos to adopt the ethical code of fuck the ppl!!!! and feed them the imperialist, plutocratic, capitalist bullshit they so desperately desire….err I mean deserve.
    2; Let ads for the latest sneakers, car insurance (or cheaper car insura(NOW INTRODUCING EVEN CHEAPE(NOW INTRODUCING SUPER CHEAP CAR INSURANCE!!!)R CAR INSURANCE)nce.) dominate 85% of your space.
    3; Take bribes. Fox Noos is not a media conglomerate, it is a fucken buisness motherfuckers. Ignore news which is pertinent to the situation and report news which will further your political agenda.
    4; Fuck the people.
    5; Recite this bedtime story at 10 o Clock News: “Remember kiddies, now quiet down ya little shits, let me tell you a story. Long ago there was this big, hairy evil man named Adolf who hated the Jews. His followers were called Nazis. They killed six trillion Jews in hydroflouric acid furnaces and genocide camps. If you ever oppose the imperialism of Israel then you are an evil Nazi and should be shot on sight for being a radical fundamentalist Islamic Sunni terrorist jihad purveyor. Amen and than the lawd Jeezus for cheesburgers and freedom fries (and chicken fried bacon flavored steak sauce).
    6; Black conservatives who pay hefty taxes shall be referred to as African-Americans. However, Obama and the DEMONcrats are illegal Kenyan throne usurping niggers. Impeach now!!!!!! Popsicles are tasty.
    7; Fuck the people.
    8; Kill all Mexicans……….err…..I mean, send em back over the border, right on back to Canada or Hawaii or Russia or wherever Mexicans come from.
    9; Get money, fuck bitchezzz……

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