Russia Has Much Greater Freedom of the Press Than the US Does

Dr. Cruel wrote:

Of course the Russians reject American free market “greed.” It would interfere with Putin’s greed. And people who disagree with Putin have an unlucky propensity to getting their heads bashed in by Russian thugs – especially if they’re journalists. The Russian people reject the American neoliberal model. I am not sure personally how much Putin has enriched himself.

There are many, many Putin critics all over Russia. They run many of the nation’s media outlets. Every day they are on TV, the radio, in papers and publications denouncing him in the strongest terms. And here in the US, we have a single corporate media with one and only one voice and message. The US media may as well be Pravda. Freedom of the press is defined by diversity of opinion. Where there is no diversity of opinion, there is no freedom of the press. Russia has far more freedom of speech and freedom of the press than we do.

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5 thoughts on “Russia Has Much Greater Freedom of the Press Than the US Does”

  1. The Ukrainian ‘revolution’ was created by jews who want to bring Russia down like their grandfathers did during the Bolshevik revolution, the current Ukrainian president Poroshenko had a secret trip to shytsrael to get approval from the Elders of Zion.
    Poroshenko is also a jew, most of the ‘Ukrainian’ players are jews.
    Putin isn’t anti-jew but he recognised that the Bolshevik revolution and the first Soviet Governmet was made mostly of jews.

    1. So once again the Jews have created the problem. Let’s see. That means that for 3000 years every international disaster was created by the Jews. That is better organization techniques than the free masons. Impressive 100 percent.

  2. The United States is currently in arrested development due to dilapidation by the Ashkenazim. With the proper motivators and sociopolitical prerequisites met, the Anglo-Saxon has the intrinsic potential to surpass any non-white state with the velocity of a racehorse. This trait is herediatary in whites and in Anglos particular, excluding maybe Australians, who were bottlenecked from the recidivistic criminal population of Britain.
    Even the success of us Northeast Asians in accelerated industrialization and urbanization is infinitesimal compared to the latent potential of the white man.

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