Aerosmith, "Cryin'" Great music from very late in their career in 1993. I like the first four albums a lot, the self-titled first album, the second album, the great Toys in the Attic and maybe the best of all, Rocks. After that, they seemed to go downhill in my opinion. I had no idea that they were still making great music this late in the day. Tyler looks pretty old, but he’s still up there rockin’. I always liked Tyler because he is very much an androgyne in the Iggy Pop – Mick Jagger style, but he is still very masculine as they are. And of course he was always heterosexual. Steve Perry seemed like a bit of an androgyne too, and boy did he have presence. It’s a great gender style for a guy! They got into drugs really bad and sniffed up half of Peru, in Tyler’s words. Glad they got clean before they all died. Perry still looks great, healthy, charismatic and very good-looking at this late date. I know Tyler looks old, but he looks pretty damn good for an older guy. If I could look so good at that age. Extra Lolita points for Tyler, at age 28, for snagging a 15, year old girl, (Julie Holcomb), making her into his girlfriend and then being so charming that the girl’s parents made him her legal guardian so she could live with him. Wow! He got to be her Dad and her boyfriend at the same time!

Julia Holcomb and Steve Tyler, 1970's. She was probably 17 years old when this photo was taken.
Julia Holcomb and Steve Tyler, 1970’s. She was probably 16 years old when this photo was taken.
And he pulled this off without being arrested! Good show, good show! She got knocked up, and he convinced her to have an abortion. The abortion did a big number of both of their heads for some reason. Then he started cheating on her with Bebe Buell. Many late night suicidal phone calls from Julie ensued. She left him with nothing more than she had come to him with which was nothing. Later she married a man, had seven kids and at some point converted to Roman Catholicism. She is now very active in the pro-life movement.
Julia Holcomb, possibly 15 years old in this pic.
Julia Holcomb, possibly 15 years old in this pic.
Her story is here.

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12 thoughts on “Aerosmith, "Cryin'"”

  1. I have nothing but respect for these old rockers like Tyler and Mick Jagger still filling arenas and having the energy to rock out at their age. Not that I’m a huge Stones fan(I like many classics by them but don’t own any of their material), but I feel like I owe it to myself to see them live before Jagger kicks the bucket.
    Man, can you believe the Stones played a secret show in L.A. last year at a small venue(I believe it was the Echo Plex in Echo Park) for a $20 cover?

  2. Dating young teenage girls is very common among rock stars. When men can have any women they want they often go for those about 14.
    I posted a poll here and other places around the internet a few weeks ago and thought you might be interested in the results. It was voted 80 to 20 that a girl’s face is more important than her body. There’s increasing amounts of evidence that men generally find the facial dimensions of girls about 14 the most attractive. If men consider a girls face the most important in determining her attractiveness this strongly suggests that most men instinctively find girls about 14 the most desirable, though many men may not actually act upon these desires or suppress them for reasons such their personal values, social norms or just plain lack of opportunity. These reasons are unlikely to apply to Rock stars which is why they are so useful in revealing mens’ real sexual preferences.
    Here’s the results:

    1. I have a hard time believing most men facially prefer 14-year-olds. Maybe you have a select group of men on your blog. A woman of 21 has no more flaws on her face than a 14 year old and will have a fully developed adult body. Women don’t start unraveling until about 30 and then it *really* accelerates after 35. Though some rare women with exceptional genetics and lifestyle can look great all the way until 60, such as Christie Brinkley.

        1. I think I will pass then. I really enjoyed those videos though. You have a great singing voice and it was interesting to peer into a fascinating soul. Those eyes! Wow that penetrating stare you have.

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