Two Major Types of Transsexualism

Blanchard did a review recently in which he concluded that there were two types:
1. Pure transsexualism. From a very early age or as far back as they can remember. Biological, developmental disorder.
2. A second type which is simply an extreme form of homosexuality.
I absolutely agree that quite a few of these folks are simply homosexuals. The women want to turn into guys so they can fuck women as a guy, and the guys want to turn into chicks so they can fuck men as a woman. Get it? This type looks more like a mental illness to me. There have been some complete cures with this type which implies that it is not developmental or biological.

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8 thoughts on “Two Major Types of Transsexualism”

  1. Haha I still think it’s OCD in my case. I mean there’s such a thing as HOCD, so it makes sense there’d be such a thing as trans-OCD.

  2. Robert Heinlein’s “I Will Fear No Evil” actually kinda excited me in a strange way and I had issues with my reaction for years afterward. Then I realized that I just like to read about odd shit.

      1. This really rich old guy wants to live forever, so his brain is implanted into the body of his hot secretary (she is brain dead after a car accident). He ends up liking this new role and starts sexing up some other guy. Heinlein was a little “out there.”

  3. Hahaahaha! There are some great porno stories on the web like that. Macho, jerk guy gets turned into a beautiful woman and all these guys start screwing him/her all the time. I thought they were sort of hot.

    1. There’s a whole subculture of “transformation” stories out there…people changing into dogs, cats, horses, frogs, the opposite sex. I wonder what the origins of that fetish is.

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