If You Love Jesus, You Must Be a Republican!

Jesus raids the Republican Convention.
Jesus raids the Republican Convention. Click to enlarge.

There is nothing on Earth more preposterous than a US Republican or conservative “Christian.” There really is nothing Christian about them. Instead, they are the antithesis of Christianity. Rather than serving Jesus, a good case can be made that instead they are the servants of the Evil One himself, Baal.

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0 thoughts on “If You Love Jesus, You Must Be a Republican!”

  1. I was raised Catholic but modern xtianity is about worshipping the Synagogue of Satan.
    Its quite funny really, Jesus spoke very strongly against the Pharisees (Talmudic jews). The Pharisees used the Jerusalem Temple as a Central Bank getting the monies of jews and dumb goyims everywhere.
    If you read Cicero Pro Flacco you know that there was a Jewish Lobby already active in Rome in 1st century BC, they transported gold from the Roman provinces to Jerusalem in a huge money laundering scheme, even the respected Cicero could not stop them and was careful in confronting the jewish lobby.
    The Colosseum of Rome had its construction financed by the the wealth taken from the destroyed Jerusalem Temple after the Judean Revolt of 70 AD.

    1. At that time the Jewish fold was an expanding and overtly aggressive, terrorist thing that resembled contemporary radical Islam (with a mix of radical fundamentalist Calvinism as for the “work ethic”) more than anything else. It was the main proselytizing religion in the whole Mediterranean Basin, comprising more than 13% of the Roman and Greek empire states and growing. It was popular among the working and frustrated lower middle classes that resented against the humanistic culture of the aristocracy, and especially among the Punic people who were already of semitic language and culture, could understand the main part of Biblical terms, and dreamt of taking revenge against the destruction of Carthage by Scipio. It was most opposite to the financial and/or intellectual elite religion it was to become in modern times, which latter, especially as regards the Kabbalah, and also the later part of Talmud that is composed of whole chunks of preserved Roman law, is more heir to late Roman-Greek gnostic paganism of the kind that was fashionable among the possessing and connected cosmopolitan aristocracy. There was already an important dimension of financial revenge to the temple religion of Judaism, but it was more like the present-day islamic finance of Qatar or Jedda that thrive upon the hard-working masses sending money to buy their salvation and the petty terrorist and extortion schemes against the non-believers. Hadn’t it been for the heresy that claimed of Jesus and the internal conflicts it fostered, this Jewish, Bible-believing religion was in the process of growing into the Empire’s majority religion and make Jerusalem’s its capital, a Jerusalem that would have looked like quite like today’s Mecca.

      1. I figured this out after I started reading history from the sources, antisemitism isn’t something that came with xtianity or iSlam but is much older, Tacitus, Strabo, Dio Cassius and many of the Greco-Roman educated classess saw jews as a extreme danger to their civillization.

  2. I agree with you 100% about conservative Christians, but I think in this new inclusive, multicultural America, they are probably a dying breed. Calling Baal the ‘evil one’ is just the kind of thing they would say themselves, though, isnt it? Baal was just a Canaanite god, son of El and brother of Ashera whom the Hebrews, (a subset of the Canaanites, never a conquering force) pre 600 BC mostly still worshipped. In fact many Hebrew homes, before the rule of Josiah had images of both El (who became Yahweh, the war god) and Ashera, as either his wife or daughter. Baal only became off limits after Josiah and his attempts to establish monotheism among his people and give Yahweh, as the old war god, asendancy and total devotion in light of Israels weak and tentative position between Egypt and Mesopotamia. It was only a few centuries before Christ in the Maccabean period where the idea of the satan (A heavenly official operating at the behest of the newly retrofitted into the Pentateuch, Yahweh, who is now the supreme being, in most of the Old Testament),as a demon, and the demonisation of the old gods began to take root. A process which continued into the Christian era. The devil in Christianlty is merely Pan, complete with cloven hooves and horns, and all the old traditions of savior with a divine father and human,virginal mother, born on the Winter Equinox, killed, risen from the dead and ascended into paradise replete with a sun god halo, were all repurposed to make belief in the new faith less daunting for the new converts. To aid in this process and ridicule old beliefs, Baal, once so highly regarded by hebrews, was mocked and given the comic demonic name Beelzebub.

    1. As Christians, or as humans, how then should we refer to Evil? Are you saying Evil does not exist? What terms are appropriate for Christians to use in calling out evil in the world?

  3. All I know is Jim and Tammy Baker were entertaining if anything. Jim has re-invented himself by the way.

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