Derek and the Dominos, "Bellbottom Blues"

Great music from Eric Clapton’s great band recorded in 1970.

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0 thoughts on “Derek and the Dominos, "Bellbottom Blues"”

  1. Quit amazing that you post this today. Just read that EC is considering retirement. He’s turning 70 and hates touring. One more season and he might even stop playing for awhile. Step away from the guitar completely.
    I saw him @ Staples Centre aboot 10 years ago. Blew me away. So perfect. Me n the wife had seen Bob Seger @ The Forum the week b4.
    It was like a cosmic leap in music and venue. If he comes around 1 more time…. I must .

  2. You should make a post about Gary Oldman, he violated America Number #1 Rule: never criticise the jews in public.

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