Whites in Latin America

This is a great post of mine from 5 years ago. It is an extensive investigation into Whites in Latin America, how many are in each country, what their mindset and history is, and what the particular racial dynamics of that country are. I got almost all my information from Stormfront. That’s a sorry place to do research, but the mainstream media nor academia will touch this subject, and even if they do, they will talk about it in the usual dishonest PC manner. I have spoken to a number of middle and upper class Latin American Whites about race in their country, and in general, they all insisted that there was no racism whatsoever in their country. That seemed dubious to me to say the least. Mestizos simply did not want to touch the issue. That left me with a dilemma. Where do I go to find the ugly truth about race in Latin America? Eventually, I decided on Stormfront, and I read about ~1,200 pages in the Latin American forum there. I actually found that almost everything they said about the number of Whites in their country, the White history of the place and the racial dynamics of society were straight up true. They were not afraid to admit there was White racism or a history of it in their land; on the contrary, they were very proud of this, so I got the straight up on that aspect. The history of Whites in each land seemed to be very accurate. Racial dynamics seemed about right. In countries were Whites were racist and did not outbreed much, the posters cheered this trend on. Other countries were described as lost causes with massive outbreeding, dramatically declining or very small White numbers. Simply put, there was no reason for them to lie about any of the subjects of my essay. It’s getting linked around again, so if you have never read it, you might want to head on over there. It’s a pretty interesting article! I attempted to write the article from a strictly journalistic and non-racist point of view, describing the situation as matter of factly and objectively as possible.

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  1. Dear Robert
    In Latin America, you can’t rely very much on self-reported race. People who say that they are white may be 25% non-white. People who say that they are brown may be 75% non-white. It is true that at the very top there was very little outbreeding, but if we take the top 25%, then there is no guarantee that someone doesn’t have non-white ancestry, unless he is a child or grand-child of European immigrants. Don’t forget that Latin America is 5 centuries old.
    Regards. James

  2. Any Latino majority (or Asian for that matter) in the US will spell disaster for blacks. Imagine a whole nation of brown or white Latino “Archie Bunkers”.

    1. The US Elites will not allow that to Happen, they will amend/change the US Census to allow far more Hispanics into the “White” category, US Born Asians and Hispanics have a hugely significantly Inter-Marriage Rate with Whites, I reckon their will be far more US White Hispanics and Eurasians in the future, these will join the White Majority.
      The US Race Antagonism has always been Black vs White… I mean really George Zimmerman was mixed, but looked Non-White, they will EXPAND the definition of white…. In the future!

      1. No, I strongly disagree. People where I live hate Mexicans. They might even like blacks better than Mexicans, a few of them (definitely not most). Look at it this way. Blacks are a limited number, but the Latino population just gets larger and larger toward infinity.
        I don’ think inter-marriage is going to blend in Mexicans and Asians. Both groups have a strong ethnic background.

        1. I accept your decision but still somewhat disagree with you….
          I don’t know where you live, BUT I have lived in Florida / Texas and currently live in Southern Cali, each with LARGE Hispanic / White and Asian populations, and the amount of White/Hispnic and White/Asian (and also increasingly Asian/Hispanic) coupling and intermarriage is quite huge….. I agree, that most 1st Gen “Stick to their own” – However 2nd and 3rd Generation Asians/Hispanics (so US Born, excluding Foreign Born) Intermarry at High Rates about 50% with Whites (coupling/co-hab would be higher I suspect),
          **I did not say it will be a “perfect/complete blending” but there will be a large Blending, of these 3 Races – Whites / Hispanics and Asians, especially amongst the US Born Populations, unltimately the US Born Populations of these 3 Groups are the Future, not the immigrants…..**
          Another thing is Hispanic Immigration is gradually frizzling out…. due to there own demographic decline/lower birth rates. The vast majority of Lat-Am countries have Birth Rates at around or just about 2 kids (replacement level). Same with Asia, but Asia is several times larger than Lat-Am…. Also another thing is most Immigrants (legal, and possible illegal) are now coming in from ASIA and NOT Lat-Am, there is also gradual social change happening in Lat-Am
          I also think longer term the Morons and Idiots we have in Power will finally realise the Negative Impact of MASS Immigration, and we will have a Immigration Time-Out like the 1920’s to Late 1960’s….. THAT’S WHAT WE NEED! And I think eventually this will happen. Currently America is still going on the Steam of the 1950’s and the values that made us great! Over +30% of our taxes go on some form of welfare (thats why so many illegals come in), I have no problems with Some Socialism I am a Moderate, BUT Free IOU’s/Handout no thanks!! I takes away the inbuilt human ability to work and be self-sufficient (Its turns some of us in to parasites)!
          I am a 3rd Generation Part-Hispanic and though Socio-Economics may have something to do with it…. The vast majority of my Hispanic Side family is intermarried (mostly with Whites)…. The “sticking to their own” is mostly foreign born hispanics (30% of the Hispanic population) and foreign born Asians (over 50% of the Asian population)!
          That said the Elites, don’t want a hodge podge, but equally they hate the “Old America” the America that made America Great and Strong, they want a Brazilianized “Bling and Style” America!! Also the Elites hate Blacks (IMHO) notice how Black Immigration is VERY LOW! They know Whites and others would never (In large numbers) mix with Blacks! But have much less of a resistance to Hispanic and Asian Intermarriage…Finally another thing is like I mentioned above I think they will Either Expand the “White Category on the Census” already 55% of Hispanics tick “White” or they will completely get rid of race in the US Census….. Bottom line is the cannot have a Nanny/Welfare State (liek I said why Many Illegals and Immigrants come here to) and also have Mass Immigration/Open Borders… Finally when open border stop, I reckon welfare will stop as well. I can imagine a million Travon’s Marching and Looting! Just my 2 Cents – Thanks! :o)
          This is a good link about the topic, and I agree pretty much with the Article, plenty of other Links backing up my thoughts via Google:
          The Conclusion of this Study (Again focusing on US Born Asians/Hispanics)….
          **The increases in rates of racial/ethnic intermarriage across generation, and the common pattern in which members of the second generation marry third-generation Americans, suggest that Asians and Hispanics are being quickly integrated into the larger American-born population.
          Intermarriage is often considered to be one of the most important signs of assimilation and integration of immigrant-descent groups for several reasons. First, high levels of intermarriage demonstrate and accelerate the fading of cultural and social boundaries between immigrant descent groups and the larger American population. Second, high levels of intermarriage are also typically accompanied by growing similarities in the educational and labor force achievements of immigrant groups and the larger American population.
          Gordon composed his theory of “straight-line” assimilation after observing marriage behavior among European-descent groups in the first part of the 20th century. The data presented here show that the two largest contemporary immigrant descent groups in the United States, Asians and Hispanics, are following the same generational patterns of intermarriage today.**

        2. Ricks you can’t oppose social spending on here. You can’t even oppose “handouts,” unless you have a solution to the problem, like for instance, forcing people to work in some government make-work job to get the money or benefits.
          Also you cannot use the phrase “nanny state” either.
          I ban on that stuff.

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