Gloria Steinem On Women

Women have two choices: Either she’s a feminist or a masochist.
– Gloria Steinem.

Hmmmm. Is there some reason you can’t be both at the same time?

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0 thoughts on “Gloria Steinem On Women”

  1. Is she even alive still?
    I can remember reading an old-school feminist book by Betty Friedan, “The Feminine Mystique,” which was really sort of a throwback glimpse into the lives of women during the post-war period. Most of what those old-school, or “first wave” feminists (depending on how old you consider the movement, I say it’s been going on since Eve), wrote about has changed greatly in society. If anything, it’s now on women to do the rest of the work to achieve parity. I mean, already more college graduates in the US are women vs. men, and it’s now about a 50% frequency wherein the female has a higher income than her boyfriend/husband. I judge no one.

    1. She is still alive. And she has always been a hottie.
      I really like Betty Friedan, and I used to own a copy of The Feminine Mystique. It’s a great book. However, I really dislike The Second Sex by Simone Beauvoir .
      You are correct. First wavers had some great complaints and some real reasons to be pissed. They have achieved almost everything that they were demanding. It was a project well done.
      I am an equity feminist myself, and I urge everyone, including masculinists and Manospherians, to get down with this basic human rights philosophy. I do not think much of Gender Feminism. Mostly it’s just a bunch of man-haters and screw that.

        1. Equity feminism is the philosophy of women’s equality. Everyone should support this basic measure. Gender feminism is much more complex and implies radical feminism, lesbianism, lesbian separatism, political lesbianism, man-hating, hatred of masculinity, nonsense about “patriarchy,” victim addiction and grievance hunting, often puritanical, goes on and on about “sexual harassment” – guys asking girls, guys flirting with girls, guys looking at girls. Endless talk about “misogyny,” rape and “rape culture.” Blows rape way out of proportion. Rape paranoia. Male paranoia. Hates “stereotypes” which are often just fact-based basic truths and averages. Over-defines the word “sexism” which really means the belief that women are inferior to men as anything that women don’t want to hear. Basically crazed PC lunatics.
          It is a controversial term on the Left. A lot of Lefties hate the terms gender feminism and equity feminism because an “evil rightwinger” made them up. They were coined by Christina Hoff Summers in her book, Who Stole Feminism? She is a university professor and a registered Democrat. On the other hand, she is a resident scholar at AEI, which is a far rightwing stink tank. She is also associated with the Independent Women’s Forum, which mostly sucks and it is indeed rightwing and lame.
          I don’t care if she is a rightwinger anyway, the rightwing critique against gender feminism and radical feminism is simply correct.

          Equity feminism has the ideological objective of equal legal rights for men and women, whereas gender feminism has the objective of counteracting gender-based discrimination and patriarchic social structures also outside of the legal system in everyday social and cultural practice. Sommers is herself a strong advocate of what she calls equity feminism, and opposed to what she calls gender feminism.
          In contrast to equity feminism, Sommers coined the term “Gender feminism” to describe what she contends is a gynocentric branch of feminism. Gender feminists typically criticize contemporary gender roles and aim to eliminate them altogether.
          Sommers argues that gender feminism characterizes most of the body of modern feminist theory, and is the prevailing ideology in academia. She argues that while the feminists she designates as gender feminists advocate preferential treatment and portray “all women as victims”, equity feminism provides a viable alternative form of feminism to those who object to elements of gender feminist ideology.

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