18 Year Old Woman Sexually Harassing a 13 Year Old Boy

Hello folks, I recently received this comment from a boy who complains that an 18 year old woman at his high school is sexually harassing him. He wants some advice on how to deal with this, but I do not have the slightest idea of how to proceed. If anyone has any ideas how this boy should deal with this matter, please open up:

Hello Mister Lindsay. I have read your article and find it to be gratifying.
I am a 13 year old freshman boy in high school. There is this 18 year old girl in my Team Sports and Aerobics class who keeps on sexually assaulting me. She and her two friends repeatedly attempt to advance on me or corner me and touch me or talk to me, despite my blatant disinterest. She keeps making lewd and promiscuous comments about my attire, physique, facial features, and genitals. She persistently intrudes on my daily activities, and does a lot of unwanted touching and flirting.
I want it to stop. She has followed my school bus home in her car and now knows my address. She harasses me on Facebook and I blocked her, and she used her little sister’s account to harass me. I cannot block her because her little sister is kind and adores me and it would break her heart.
She has sent me nude pictures through Facebook private messages. She and her friends constantly refer to me has their “husband” and they follow me in the hallways trying to talk to me.
I tried to tell my freshman counselor, who is female. She told me that a “cute boy” my age has a lot of repressed feelings, and I should be taking an interest in girls. I told the senior counselor that a senior female student was sexually harassing me, but the senior counselor who is also a female told me the same thing in different terminology. I broke down and cried in her office and she told me I need serious help, and even suggested I may be a homosexual. She offered to find clinics which specialize in sexual identity issues, and tried to tell me that being a homosexual was perfectly okay, despite my vociferous protests that I was not a homosexual and just simply not interested in starting a relationship at my age with an 18 year old.
I tried to tell my school Resource Officer who told me he cannot do anything unless sexual intercourse has occurred, at which point he could arrest her for statutory rape. I begged him but he gave me a wink and told me that I was “blessed”.
I wanted to smash his f@#king skull open. I hate him and I hate my counselor. If the gender roles were reversed the offending party would be S.W.A.Tted quicker than a fly. But because I am a male the authority figures do NOTHING about this.
The final straw came for me when this witch from hell knocked on my door and tried to force her way in. I tried to slam the door on her, but she overpowered me and tried to force herself on me. I kicked and punched her and screamed for help, upon which she took off.
After that she lay low for two weeks. Now she has started to harass me again.
My parents would inflict severe corporal punishment on me if they knew about this. My parents are both of first generation Korean ancestry and they hold traditionalist, conservative values. They believe in abstinence until marriage. They will beat me like a rabid dog if they knew about this. I was caught once for marijuana, ketamine, and salvia experimentation, and they beat me unconscious and locked me in the basement tied hands and feet in a bathtub of cold water for two days without food. They will do it again without hesitation. I am deathly afraid, because I nearly died in that basement of hypothermia.
Please tell me what I should do. You seemed very articulate and learned on this subject. How do I resolve this predicament? I am afraid to go to school. I am afraid to be home alone. I am considering keeping a can of Lysol around so I can spray her if need be. Please help me, I am at my wits end.

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0 thoughts on “18 Year Old Woman Sexually Harassing a 13 Year Old Boy”

  1. This kid’s parents are real dicks, I hope that’s the real reason he’s not taking advantage of this opportunity, for most 13 year old boys being chased by an 18 year old girl would be a fantasy come true! I guess if he can’t get any help he should get the police involved, or maybe just give the girl what she wants, maybe that would be the end of it.

  2. Thank you for responding mister lindsey.
    i just really need it to stop. My dad wont understand nor does he give a f-word about my so called excuses. Once I got in a fight with two bully boys and they beat me up pretty badly, but my dad blamed me for getting “involved” and took away television, internet, bicycle, and dessert priveliges for the remainder of my report card semester. he wont ever understand no matter all the microdetails of the event I explain to him. He will punish me regardless.
    Please i really need a way out of this. if the school wont help I was considering showing her nude pictures to her parents and asking them to restrain her, but what if they tell my parents about it and my dad beats the heck out of me for her lack of sexual inhibition?
    I also considered threatening to post the nude photos to everyone I knew, but her dad is a lawyer and may sue the heck out of me if I ever had to make good on my promise. i have considered telling her boyfriend but he may try to fight me and then my dad would find out anyways. I really need some advice from anyone. What have I not thought of?
    Please nothing illegal or socially unacceptable. Just please help me get through this mess. Not trying to impose my will or coerce anyone, just requesting assistence. I dont mean to take so much of your time. Thanks.

    1. Hi Timmy.
      I meditated a little on the response I wanted to give you. I’m a little lactose intolerant and had some cheese,so I had some extra time to kill while idling on the porcelain Honda. 3 things stand out.
      1) Do you live in North America or somewhere else?
      Social values can be different in different area of the world. It would be hard to imagine an American or Canadian school blowing off claims of abuse. Even if it seemed minor. It is to easy to get sued for negligence and the attitude displayed towards you seems negligent. I would try talking to them again,
      even just so they have a larger record of your complaint.
      2) The situation with the girl can be dealt with. You are going to have to play chess, not checkers. There might not be an immediate answer to stop her harassing you (which it is – harassment). You seem well mannered and polite on line. Off line, that is like catnip to a women. They can not wait to start abusing an overly polite guy. It really opens yourself up. Try being as ‘not nice’ as you can tolerate.
      You said she was 18? Possibly end of the school year she is off to college and out of your school? There is light at the end of the tunnel if that is the case. You are going to run into all kinds of jerks in life and learn how to deal with them. This is just the first one. And she’s a girl. And she likes you. Have fun with it. You don’t care.
      You said they call you their husband? That’s good.
      They put you in a position of power. Use it. Next time you are called the husband respond back with something like….’That’s right. Now go and make your husband a sandwich bitch.”
      Also you said she has a boyfriend? Yes I would chat with him. She sent you naked pictures, and you really do not like her? Why does the whole campus not have those pictures now? I bet that would make her go away real fast. You are not required to be a nice guy always in life. However the real problem is #3
      3) Your parents are abusing you. That is who you need to talk to someone about. You have described ongoing physical abuse by your father. Where I am from, he should probably be in jail or extreme counseling. This abuse will have a toll on how you handle everything in life. It is not your fault. It is his for not controlling his anger. He should be your guide through life. Not your jailer.
      Again, you are playing chess, not checkers. There might not be an easy solution. Persevere and go forward. At some point you will be old enough to be on your own.

      1. Timmy your real problem is your parents, it’s pretty sick what they’ve done to you.

    2. Timmy, if you are really the person that sent in this message and you are sincere, then I’m simply at a loss for what you must be going through. All parties involved, excluding you, have committed severe malpractice in some form or another: you ought to be taken from your parents, put into a responsible household, and the three school faculty you spoke to should have their jobs terminated.
      I’m 18 and have been subject to all sorts of abuse from school faculty members, not concerning sexuality in the slightest, thankfully, but relating to the faculty abusing me for my medical problems and turning a blind eye (and a tin ear!) to all sorts of under-the-table psychopathic ‘bullying’ committed by a few lowly ‘classmates’ that undertook with shocking volition to make every facet of my academic life worse than listening to chalk scratching a board.
      Your course of action should be to broach with as many school faculty members as possible this issue, in language as transparent as that which you used in describing your situation to us. If you can, contact the school principal or deputy principal directly. Pay him or her a visit, even. Be as animated and gloomy as possible. The goal is to hold as many people accountable as possible and to maximise the chances that something will be done about this ‘witch’. If you want, you can contact me for solace. Reply and I will give you my details.
      To share the pictures would make you liable to all sorts of perilous situations that will make things a whole lot worse, so don’t. The next step might be to source help from some sort of organisation whose purpose is to protect children. In the law of my country, this woman would be treated as an adult and her prosecution would occasion no mercy.
      While it is very, very much the case that your failure to respond with some sort of vigour is already condemning, I would not wager on this woman being tamed by you showing swagger, as somebody suggested. This woman will be psychopathic no matter what.

  3. Do you see how noble and civilised east asians are! A teenage korean male thinks the sexual advances of an older female is disgusting and unnerving. Most other teens would get excited and act with no inhibition.

  4. Timmy, I was going to respond to you, but instead, I’m just going to tell you to listen to E2me.

    1. Listen to Mr. e. My only advice is fuck the shit out of all the girls who call you their husband. Have a little wine and loosen up. Then start choking your wives with rough foreplay and the problem will end. Or you will get more wives.

  5. well, your parents are sick and abusive, that much is certain. i think you should go to the police and tell them what they do to you. hopefully their parental rights will be revoked and that 18 years old girl could adopt you. she would become your mommy and that would make you her little bunny…

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