Robert Lindsay Exclusive: John Titor Returns!

John Titor was a legendary and world-famous time traveler who came to us from the year 2036. He arrived with us in the year 1997 and he stayed with us until 2001, when he went back to the future. During this time, John answered many questions about life in the future and made many predictions about what would happen in the next 10-15 years. He spent a lot of his time on the forums of the Art Bell show when there were many radio shows dedicated to the John Titor phenomenon. But the great news is…he is back! Folks, I cannot believe my good luck. The real John Titor,  has now established contact with me. Is he the real John or is he one of the fake John Titors? He told me that there have been many fake John Titors since he went back to the future, but he is not fake, and he is the original John Titor coming back for the first time since he left in 2001! Below, John tells us that he has only been back from the future since June 4 of this year, when he returned to us for the first time since he left in 2001. On June 6, he set up his Facebook page, which appears to be legitimate. John left me a message to give to all of you, and he will be taking questions on the blog, if you have any questions for him. John Titor speaks: John Titor: Hello, I can be contacted here on my Facebook page for now. If you have any questions I might be able to answer them. I am working on a series of steps to complete my mission. Robert Lindsay: Were you the same John Titor who came to my blog recently? John Titor: No, I have not been to any blog. The last time I posted on the internet besides this Facebook page was in 2001. I returned June 4th of 2014 and created this Facebook page on June 6th. Robert Lindsay: Ohhh ok. Why did you contact me of all people? John Titor: As you may know, back in 2001 there were also a lot of people on the forum claiming to be me. I am the real John Titor from 1997 to 2001. Robert Lindsay: Ahh great! Glad to see you back! John Titor: Noticed your blog and just wanted to “clear” things up a little bit. Let me know if you have any questions. I am working on the GUT (Grand Unified Theory) right now and will be posting more on Time Travel on this Facebook page as well as what will occur in the future. There recently was an assassination attempt by Pakistanis a few weeks ago. I posted right after it occurred that this assassination will also be linked partially to events that will unfold in August. As you may also know, Chechen and Iranian terrorism will increase throughout Europe and America; the Boston Marathon bombing was just a glimpse of what the future holds. Robert Lindsay:  If I make a post about you, would you come to my blog and answer some questions in the comments section? Robert Lindsay: Ahh great! Glad to see you back! John Titor: Yes. Just send me the link and I will answer them the best I can. I do not have the answer to everything…I am only human just like yourself but I am willing to answer questions right now while I am around. Commenters, John will be answering questions in the Comments section of this post for as long as people are willing to ask them. So if you can think of any questions you want to ask John about any time in the future between tomorrow and 2036, fire away. Keep in mind that John returned to the future in 2001 went he went back to the future, to the year 2036. This is so exciting! I can hardly contain my excitement. Of all the people on Earth to choose, John Titor chose me and my blog to announce his return to us! Wow! Ladies and gentlement, I present to you – the one and only – John Titor! He is back!

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65 thoughts on “Robert Lindsay Exclusive: John Titor Returns!”

    1. In the future most civilizations have converted to atheism which has ended many worldly conflicts. Religion plays very little role in the lives of most Westerners in my timeline. However, religion still exists. I am skeptical and agnostic i.e. I believe in the possibility of God.

      1. In previous forum postings you have declared yourself to be Christian agnostic: ”I am a Christian Agnostic (HOST: Did John mean Gnostic?). I do not believe faith alone is enough to get us back to God…”
        A question for you: How many members exist in your time-travel unit, and what it your ranking (status)
        among them?

      2. In 2001 you said: “Yes I believe in Jesus Christ and we pray to God in churches. There are some differences you may be interested in. Religion is a major part of people’s life in 2036. Pain and change tend to bring people together and closer to God. However, religion is far more personal than it is now. There are no huge, centralized religions and people talk openly about their beliefs. It might also interest you to know that the day of worship is Saturday, the day God meant to be the Sabbath and the 10 commandments have been restored to the “10” that God gave us.”
        MY QUESTION IS: What happend?? Are you from another worldline? Are you not the original John Titor?

    1. Thank you! I’ve already asked him some questions, but I don’t know if he’s coming back. He’s been inactive for over a month, and I’m afraid that I might have heard about John Titor’s return too late. I’ve always wanted to talk to him :/

  1. John Titor: Two questions
    1) Who will win this summer`s world cup, so that I can start betting now..:-)
    2) And will Dyer show us a real bigfoot in January 2015?
    Thanks a lot, John! 😉

    1. Joerg,
      You don’t have to be from the future to answer these questions:
      1) Costa Rica.
      2) No. But the pertinent question is “Will Dyer EVER show us a real bigfoot?”
      Back to Tassyworld and 2055 for me.

  2. For John Titor:
    Regarding the near future:
    1. Will Baghdad fall to the forces called “I.S.I.S.” in the next few months?
    2. The U.S. has recently sent some troops to the U.S. embassy in Baghdad. Will we be evacuating that embassy in the next few months?
    3. Will the U.S. be sending large scale combat forces into any middle eastern country within the next few months? or before the end of the year?
    4. What will Iran be doing with regard to the Iraq and Syria situation before the end of the year? Will the U.S. be cooperating with Iran?
    Regarding far into the future:
    1. How will the Chinese space program develop? They have fairly recently started a human space program. How will this develop?
    2. How will the exploration of the moon (either manned or by robot probe) proceed? What countries will be involved in this endeavor? (China? India? Russia? U.S.? Anyone else?) Will anyone send humans to the moon? (China? India?) Any surprises?
    3. Is there any contact with alien extraterrestrial beings? If such has occurred, will it become disclosed and widely reported?
    Ok.. sorry for the long list. I’m quite curious! Thanks!

    1. I will get back to answering your questions soon I wanted to point out that the Iranian situation will progress especially in Europe, The Iranians are allied with the Chechen terrorist like the ones that bombed Boston. They will cause terror in the U.K. and a conflict with France and America will arise involving these sort of terrorist cells.

      1. More on this: I.S.I.S. will play a big role now and in the future. They are actually linked to several political parties and will form a new political party over the next few years that will be in Iraq and partially fronted/Headed by a woman. The rise of female political power in Iraq has grown and the group I.S.I.S. is partially covering up this “new” political agenda that will unfold in Iraq over the next few years.

  3. I’d like to know when the American public has finally had enough of the government and war breaks out.
    Do race relations in America continue to degrade? How bad does it get? Do whites fight back?

    1. Somethings are inevitable. However, One of the shooters that killed Kennedy was a Protestant Loyalist from North Ireland i.e. enemies of the IRA.

        1. Of course it is bullshit Sonjia. That goes without saying.
          (I know this because I am in the Time Traveller’s Union and John Titor is never at any of the meetings.)

        2. MC2U: “(I know this because I am in the Time Traveller’s Union and John Titor is never at any of the meetings.)”
          Amen, brother.
          P.S. There has been only one meeting of the Time Traveler’s Union and it took place on July 14, 1881 in Fort Sumner, New Mexico. I know because I’ve been to it 3 times and from the looks of things I’ll be returning 5 more times. Every time I go there are 8 of me there. At least I get to see it from a different angle each time.
          It’s a great time and we get to watch Pat Garrett shoot an innocent Mexican cowboy and pass it off as Billy The Kid.
          P.P.S. Billy was wounded but escaped with the aid of Mexican farmers. His real name was William Henry Roberts and he died on Dec. 27, 1950 (age 90) in Hico, Texas.
          P.P.P.S. Do not attend the meeting without first acquiring a complete ballistics report from the TTU. It’s the only way to avoid stray bullets. Last time I checked the current price is in the $5 million range but that can be avoided by going back to 1973 when it was first available (around $200).

        3. I completely understand your view. And I am not concerned if you believe me or not! Just wait and see what happens when the Chechens bomb the United Kingdom and the Pakistani assassination attempt that will occur that this year. I already told of the one that happened about a month ago weeks before it occurred and announced it to 15,000 people as it was unfolding. I also warned all of you about 9-11 back in 1997 and the oblivious and conceded people of the contemporary world mocked and laughed at me in disbelief and then a few years later buildings ended up missing in a cloud of smoke and what I had said actually happened for all of the world to see! You have been warned again but I know that you will not believe me and the future will likely be a desolate and chaotic place filled with malediction and malice.

  4. mr titor regarding your comments on bigfoot. when were the dna test done and what human ancestor was the smoking gun. you traced things back to millions of years when presently the split seems to be closer . did bigfoot retain 46 chromosomes as in humans.

  5. ‘and what human ancestor was the smoking gun.”
    Indeed. Great question for someone from the future.
    ‘Who was the monkey fucker ? Who snogged a caveman?
    I was selfishly hoping for lotto numbers. Expanding on an illuminating tale of cross hominid lust rivaling west side story would go a long way in securing credibility.

    1. after the zana story we know that some drunk guy will fuck anything. but if you can prove that bigfoot is part human is it bestiality.

    1. ‘What are orgasms like in the future?’
      Exactly like pizza. Even when it’s bad, It’s usually acceptable. Just like always. Except with laser beams.

      1. Have you ever asked a female if she came and she answers, “I don’t know.”? Who the Hell can you not know if you had an orgasm or not? All of mine have been right on the money.

        1. ‘Have you ever asked a female if she came and she answers, “I don’t know.”?’
          What what what ? Wimmin have orgasms ? huh.
          There’s one to grow on.

  6. All right John Titor, my questions for you:
    “Who will win the FIFA 2014 World Cup football tournament?”
    A. Brazil B. Germany C. Netherlands D. Argentina E. Some other

  7. To John Titor:
    I have a conflict with what you said on June 25 about how people are now Atheists (on your timeline) and how religion isn’t a part of most peoples lives… or most Westerners as you said. Then why did you post this back in November of 2007?…
    November 07, 2000 21:23
    Yes I believe in Jesus Christ and we pray to God in churches. There are some differences you may be interested in. Religion is a major part of people’s life in 2036. Pain and change tend to bring people together and closer to God. However, religion is far more personal than it is now. There are no huge, centralized religions and people talk openly about their beliefs. It might also interest you to know that the day of worship is Saturday, the day God meant to be the Sabbath and the 10 commandments have been restored to the “10” that God gave us.
    Are you from a different timeline all together where these “newer” beliefs are now the norm? These newer comments as compared to what was said in 2000 just aren’t “gee-hawing” with me. Big conflict of interest you might say…

  8. Soooo … John Titor has failed to deliver on his promise to answer questions.
    I suppose we should not be surprised that a “bullshitter” is also a “liar”. Two sides of the same coin really.

  9. And please tell me mr john titor what made you come back to are present future and i know you probably heard this but why would you come back after leaving so long and if you know how the future turns out why arent you doing everything you can to stop and is there ANY possibe way 2 prove that your the real 1 i mean if you can time travel dont give it 2 the public bcuz every1 will do sumthin dumb with it and would fuck up everything we have in the presents and why are u so comfortable telling us all this why you i have so many questions but first of all there has 2 be a way 2 prove ur the same 1

  10. Concerning N-Day and Ebola (2014). How close are we to that terrible day according to the events that have unfolded at our present time in 2014? Which countries aim and hit USA and what part of the USA is hit worse? What is the best way to prepare? As for Ebola…do you remember any news on this matter? Does it spread to the Americas and Europe? Do the elite powers have anything to do with it…perhaps even our current president?

  11. Hello Jonh. My name is also Jonn (João in portuguese) and i want to ask you: what will be Brazil’s participation in the war? Will the south american countries be affected? And, about the “superverse” you talked about in the bigfoot post, what exists beyond it? Is it simply infinite? Sorry if my question looks dumb, i am only 14 years old. I am Brazilian. I heard your words today, i will not forget them..And….for the sake of all mankind…..i hope your predictions are wrong…….or at least….that you change our timeline fate. If the others aren’t going to, then…….. I Believe You. Good Luck.

  12. I am rather a taken back as to how many failed to see the lowbrow attempt at comedy on a page titled “Above Highbrow” and allowed the creator of this thread to get their jollies off at others thoughts on a story that can in all reality be real considering the 1973 effect or that possible wrecking-ball that is literally in our skies, that is visible to the average Joe and Jane that can drag their butts out of bed in time to see it on the horizon. But for those to stuffed on cereal and twinkles and too tired from playing video games and searching for porn you will not have to wait too much longer for it will be causing the weak minded to run about raping and robbing soon enough. Now if this Hercolubus dark star ( Not only is our Sun/Sol and all stars not visible to the naked eye in space, but this Hercolubus system is only visible in the Infrared spectrum, though its large orbitals are visible from time to time. ) again if this system  is indeed true, there is no doubt will cause everyone here to mess their chonies.  Considering those posting such out right play ground bully with a freshly bruised ego from them obviously having parents that either didn’t like them or abused them while inebriated on large quantities of alcohol, though it could be that for all of the bravado and concrete knowledge and grasp of the world and reality they live in ( all of what? Twenty, thirty years? Oh yeah, you know it all all right. ) are so quick to be rude and ignorant, no matter if they are aware the person responding as a one ” John Titor” but in actuality is the creator of this page in obvious attempts of a cheap laugh at others beliefs, where the moderator is obviously all to willing comment about sexual understandings or there the lack of to posters that for all is known could be a minor. So, now that it is known that others can be just as much a prick as the limited jerks here, can we all ask one thing from everyone else here? So, what is the point, the end goal? What and where is the line that one does not cross? Is acting like a paid shill the culmination of a persons education and life experience thusly rendering their ability to be compassionate or even show a modicum of adult hood? Or is cheap one liners and keyboard commando tactics the truth to the real substance of most of these folks? And before the comments start flaming away, I ask this, is suicide caused by people acting like monsters and fools because there is no accountability or ass whoopin ready and waiting to be unleashed sitting beside your Jerkins hand lotion and your box of Kleenex and monitor something you find hilarious? Cause if you do trust Jack, your actions and choices come back around in ways you least expect it and at the most inopportune time. And trust, after folks die they don’t just take out of here, they are rather stuck and its getting crowded here on this lil rock and the vail is getting thinner by the day, do be shocked when you wake up one day to see things you cant even imagine much less shadows moving about. But sphere and odd shaped critters that shouldn’t be will be the last of anyones concern here i. The near future, that is if anything I have said is real. Cause an invisible man in the sky is one thing but believing that there is much more actions you must do on a regular basis too salvation than believing that some nice guy is going to take pity on you and save your butt from the reality and limited mental and spiritual understandings and compassion’s you have created for yourself and those around you. Yeah, okay, then try this, Africa is the real Israel (Isis Ra Elohim ), Atlantis is not a place it is a time period and world cultural phenomena known as Antediluvian. That You are responsible for raising the monthly tithing too your pineal otherwise it will atrophy and wither and thus your ” Seal of God” will be the mark of the “Beast” for you are no more than a beast and sorry but Animals are above Beasts. But no hard feeling. Its just a joke, right ? Man.. .?

  13. An error only becomes a mistake when we refuse to correct it. JFK. From the most important speach of the last fifty years.

  14. This is for moderator. In 1973 the florida dolphin were undefeated hince the day of the dolphins, john titor is from florida. The ibm machine, is indeed useful, and was not understood by more than five people that it was capable of doing other than advertised tasks, due to cheap company ibm and just simply being cheap to turn a buck. If one takes the time to really research, one finds a rather scary truth, and John Titor is far from the scary part. Being trapped and repeating, repeating etc, for another 13,000 years ,,, that is scary, and well, been happening, we are on the fourth entering the fifth world. These are just a few of thousands of interconnected links all through tome litterally. Have a great day.

  15. Almost forgot, The patch John Titor says was his unit patch, is identical too the 1973 comet kohoutek path, which heradled the indigo children being born and hale bopp closed that time out. Just thought you might find that interesting.

  16. Did any of you realize that June 24th John spoke of terrorist in France? Ah look what just took place a week ago Jan -2015!!
    John you mentioned a civil war that didn’t happen is it because you spoke of it or it happened on a different worldline?

  17. Hello john, back in your first visit you mentioned something about a U.S.A military base in Australia as a bombing target for russia, i was wondering based on the events that accured in your timeline how safe will australia be in the coming war?

  18. Recently the name John came up by a good friend. Of course she believes the odds and told me the story . I wish it is true but where is John now. Did he go back ? Bc truthfully I want to know the truth! I’m still gonna be alive in 2036 or something. So are you gonna be there

  19. Are the zeroth infinity theory or dimensional evolution theory well known or proven in your time. Also, are the time travel theories related to them true. If so, what type of time travel did you use.

  20. John, what is your mission? Is it to inform us to help you change the world with God’s helping hand or you’re just meant to follow up us? And do you think that this could be prevented from happening?

  21. JT. Our government has started removing southern pride so that muslim refugees may move in without being harassed en masse. In your worldline, does your goverment attempt to alter its history to better appease the people? At this time your worldline is a year after world war 3 so i do not think so. Both our worldlines seem the same until a certain point around the 90s or (or seventies during your first mission) where events start to differ greatly. Is there a possibility that your posts could have gained the attention of the government, helping them create more efficient methods on keeping an eye on events that could alter the events of future?

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