Robert Stark Interview with Luke Ford!

Here. Ford was an excellent gossip columnist for the porn industry for a long time. He interviewed most of the most famous people in the business, including a good friend of mine. At one point, he converted to Judaism (he was always interested in Judaism, and porn is overflowing with Jews), and then specifically to Orthodox Judaism. He joined a shul and quit porn blogging. Since then, he has reportedly come out as a White nationalist! I always loved Ford’s porn writing. He was a superb journalist who did excellent interviews and was great at keeping up with all the dirt in the porn industry, and let me tell you, that is one dirty industry. He is very smart and I actually like his interesting writing style and the character and personality that comes through his prose. The following topics are covered: Robert Stark interviews journalist Luke Ford. He blogs at Topics include:

  • Working as a columnist for the porn industry
  • How he see’s himself as a journalist analyzing porn rather than promoting it
  • How individuals in the porn industry lack human and social connections
  • His Memoir “XXX Communicated: Rebel without a Shul”
  • Why sexual sin is less important in Orthodox Judaism than in Christianity
  • Why Jews are overrepresented in the porn industry
  • How his moral views about pornography has changed
  • His conversion to Judaism and latter to Orthodox Judaism
  • His admiration of Dennis Prager
  • How Luke’s suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder causes him to look for heroes
  • His status as a convert in Orthodox Judaism
  • His recent trip to his home country Australia and how it has changed
  • How homogeneous countries have higher levels of social trust and social capital
  • On Luke’s search for an Orthodox wife
  • His minor celebrity status
  • How he broke the story of LA Mayor Villaraigosa’s affair
  • Why he recently came out of the closet as a White Nationalist
  • Why he believes every group as a right to advocate for their group interest
  • How his exposure to Orthodox Judaism led to his sympathy to White Nationalism
  • Why Orthodox Jews tend to have little interest in left wing politics
  • His interview with Kevin MacDonald and why Macdonald does not view Orthodox Judaism as a threat
  • Elliot Rodger and how the feeling of emptiness causes people to prove their worthiness
  • How lacking a sense of belonging and identity causes emptiness
  • Luke’s one man play “Erotized Rage”
  • Sex Addiction
  • The importance of social status
  • The Alexander Technique

Looks pretty interesting!

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  1. I read Luke Ford many years ago. However, I was under the impression he had sold the domain lukeford.whatever and it was being administered by some consortium (read big company with pool of writers with questionable skills). Similar to the history of

  2. Once he started hanging around Jews 24/7 I’m not shocked he said F this and became a white nationalist.

  3. Robert stark is not worthy of these interviews. Why does everyone of these guest give him free publicity?

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