The American Sheeple

They are so easy to manipulate!
They are so easy to manipulate!
Wow, manipulating the American sheeple is almost as easy as turning on a light-switch. All they have to do is get the US Free Press (TM) on the side of the latest imperial adventure. That’s never hard to do when 10 Of course, the US Left is pretty much dead. Not only that, but it’s barely even Left anymore. Whenever US imperialism is hatching its latest plot against humanity, it always to get the US “Left” on board. You can always round up folks like this horrifying “anti-fascist” Anton Shekhovtsov and Louis Proyect. Shekhovtsov is a pro-US imperialist, pro-Ukrainian Nazi, Ukrainian nationalist. What the heck is an antifa Ukrainian nationalist anyway? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms? Proyect is the awful leader of the Marxmail list, which itself is full of many a “Marxist” useful idiot cheerleading for US imperialism. Because, you know, the Ukrainian Nazi revolution was a revolution (according to the Trots on Proyect’s blog), and Trots need to support “revolution” everywhere! Even Nazi revolutions, fascist revolutions, fake color revolution conspiracies run by US imperialism, revolutions staged by the CIA using local rightwing proxies of this or that type, no matter – they’re all revolutionaries! When the US Left starts cheerleading for the machinations of US imperialism in the name of “anti-fascism” or “revolution” or the Bullshit Cause of the Day, the “Left” itself is pretty much of a joke, and it isn’t even Left anymore either. What is it? Who knows? A bunch of irrelevant insane people? With a Left like that, we may as well say screw it and make alliance with the Right. If rightwing nationalist parties in Europe are supporting the Russian people fighting resisting Nazi exterminationists in East Ukraine, so be it. Rightwing nationalists aren’t exactly optimal, but at least they are fighting US imperialism and opposing the EU/IMF road to serfdom. We’ll take all the allies we can get. And frankly, I would rather sit down and have a cup of coffee with a rightwing nationalist than some “Leftist” or “antifa” down on the front-lines amid the tracer bullets, fighting the good fight for US imperialism, the EU, the IMF and the neoliberal project in general. In wartime, you don’t make your volunteers take ideology tests. They show up at the recruiting station with a gun, fine, you send them to the front. War is no time for ideological purity tests.

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18 thoughts on “The American Sheeple”

  1. Rob, so why do u suppose the far-right types oppose US imperialism and financial plutocracy? For the same reasons as the Marx-Lenin folks?

    1. I am not sure, but I will definitely make alliance with them. I do not like Far Right types very much, but one Far Right type is worth 100 of these crazy Western Left pro-imperialist Trots.

  2. What do u make of Arab nationalists? Nasser in Egypt or the Syrian Baath Party etc. They seem fairly similar to commies right? They aliied with USSR against Israel during Cold War

      1. But I read they established generous welfare states and pursued socialistic policies no? Along with independence from imperialism.

  3. There is utter chaos throughout the Middle East but that’s exactly what the Zionist neocons wanted. After the 1973 Yom Kippur war, the Zionists decided that the existential threat posed by any type anti-Israeli coalition with military power must be eliminated. Hence the Iran-Iraq war and wholesale regime change in Egypt,Libya, Iraq and Syria. As Madeline Albright said, the hundreds of thousands of children killed in deliberately starving Iraq was a price worth paying. I doubt that she and Cheney and Rumsfeld and Blair will ever face war crime trials but there must be a place in hades reserved for these despicable specimens.

  4. What do you make of Alexander Cockburn’s support for the first Gulf War? He took a lot of heat for it, but argued that Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait demanded a by-any-means-necessary response regardless of the reactionary nature of the Kuwaiti state. He was certainly no Trotskyist.
    I credit Cockburn with opening eyes to the fabricated nature of the numbers underlying the Holodomor myth. His stands on the Holomodor and Iraq took some serious cojones.

    1. Well remember, we got a lot of Arabs to help us in that war. The Syrians even sent a division. That invasion demanded an international response. If Kuwait would not have had oil though, I do not think we would have gone in. I also liked that we did not get involved at the end of the war with the civil wars vs. the Shia and the Kurds. I didn’t like the turkey shoot at the end though, that was just sickening.

      1. the turkey shoot was a necessary evil. those that died were looting Kuwait.
        if you say your going to do something in that part of the world youd better do it. shwatzcoft told them to vacate Kuwait they could have left sooner. they could have left without looting. it was their choice and . sudam didn’t learn any lessons there. he and both of his sons were butchers of humans and they should have been executed in the first war.

  5. The worst thing that the US army could do was destroy some of the ancient Mesopotamian sites in Iraq 🙁 That seriously ticked me off, when they started destroying ancient heritage.

  6. I’m afraid most media outlets are owned by the very wealthy and just produce biased stories. The military industrial complex has become too vast and ravenous threatening to devour us all. Why in the middle east where we have all our best intelligence experts are we constantly being caught flat footed and unaware. We really need to stop sacrificing our youth, bodily and financially.

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