US Foreign Policy: Nation State Destruction

Under folks like “Democrat” Anne-Marie “Humanitarian Bomber” Slaughter and “Republican” George “Mission Accomplished” Bush, US foreign policy really boils down to the removal of nation-states either by invasion, mercenary insurgency or armed coup. What’s left over is a failed state with little authority in most of its territory which is then ruled by various US proxy forces such as Nazis, fascists, warlords, tribal chiefs and Islamist fundamentalist idiots.
In Libya, we destroyed a brutal yet stable nation-state and replaced it with anarchy, a failed state apparatus and rule by tribes, warlords and radical Al Qaeda types with a continuous low level of violence.
In Syria, we destroyed a brutal yet stable nation-state and replaced with utter chaos, a mad civil war that left 180,000 dead and 9 million refugees and most of the nation in utter ruins outside of the state’s rule. Radical Islamists control vast swathes of land and atrocities occur continuously. The truth is that Syria has been destroyed.
In Iraq, the US removed a very brutal yet stable nation-state and replaced it with utter chaos, and a continuous insurgency followed by a savage civil war that has left 1.4 million Iraqis dead. Al Qaeda types control vast swathes of land, and Ayatollah types hold sway in the south. Iraq lies in ruins.
In Afghanistan, the US removed an evil yet fairly stable state under the Taliban and replaced it with military occupation and a failed state which barely has jurisdiction or control outside of Kabul city limits. Most of the land lies in ruins and a vast number of died for no particularly good reason. Afghanistan basically lies in ruins.
In Ukraine, the US replaced a stable but corrupt leader who refused to bow to IMF debt slavery and be a nation-seller. A man who got cold feet when it came down to the nitty-gritty of selling out his people bailed on the devastating deal being shoved down his throat. The US then funded some of its pet Nazis to riot in the streets, kill cops and put snipers on buildings shooting dozens in false flag operations.
An insane Nazi regime soon took over and immediately declared war on every minority in the country, especially the Russians. They also for all intents and purposes declared war on Russia. The Russians in the East, naturally alarmed at the rise of this new Nazi power in Europe, logically decided they wanted no part of this mess and voted to secede. A huge military operation was then launched on the people of the East resulting in hundreds dead and entire cities in ruins while America cheered on the slaughter and called for more killing and destruction. Much of Eastern Ukraine now lies in ruins.
In Yemen, a weak government has lost control of much of the countryside where tribal militias and Al Qaeda type Islamists control giant swathes of territory. I am not sure what it was like before 9-11, but I do not think it was this bad.
Tunisia, previously a very stable state, is now destabilized by invading Al Qaeda types from Libya flooded with weapons from the overthrown Libyan government.
Mubarak was removed in Egypt, and in the resulting protests, many died. Elections were held, and Muslim Brotherhood Islamists won. Quite a bit of protest and some violence then ensued. The MB started enacting a lot of anti-democratic laws, and al-Sisi, a Nasserite style general in the Egyptian Army, seized power along with other officers. The MB protested, and many MB protesters were massacred in cold blood. Death sentences were levied against 600 protestors for a protest in which one cop was killed. Attacks against Egyptian Coptic Christians increased dramatically. The result is a chaotic Egypt that was much more stable under Mubarak.

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0 thoughts on “US Foreign Policy: Nation State Destruction”

  1. The reason why Mao and his gangs were willing to sacrifice tenth of millions of Chinese to modernize is because China has tasted the bitterness of powerless before white man.
    What happen if there is no Mao and gangs. Today white man will incite civil among, Han, Tibetan, Uighurs, Mongols..etc.
    Given that all Han dialects are mutually unintelligible, the white man will incite civil war among Mandarin, Cantonese, Min Nan and Shanghai-nese.
    In view of scenario in Muslim land, such scenario is not just probable but its almost certain.
    Today Russia get shit, Arab land get shit.

    1. Yup Mao definitely needed to make that sacrifice. America would have played a game of divide and conquer in China, so Mao was the only hope. Through Mao, China has risen from a hell hole into an almost first class nation. Saudia Arabia getting invaded was inevitable; Saudi was the enemy of the Zionist and perfect source of capitol. Russians are envied by Americans, because Russians have produced quite a lot, despite harsh living conditions. I wish for Saudia and Russia to become successful. If America wasn’t under Zionist control, then we wouldn’t have needed to fight these wars 🙁

  2. I love it the way you say USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!
    That video you shared where a flying bald eagle crashed into school auditorium filled with patriotic crazies was simply classic.

  3. I’ll refuse to dignify Sisi as a Nasserite until he cancels the Camp David Treaty and prioritizes Russian concerns over Amer-Israel’s.

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