Is Dravidian Related to Japanese?

Thirdeye writes:

The Tamil-Japonic connection isn’t quite as off the wall as one might think at first glance. There’s apparently a strong Andaman-Indonesian language connection. The convention of repeat plurals seems to have found its way to Japan. There’s also some similarity between the Finno-Ugric languages, which are Uralic outliers in a sea of Indo-European languages, and Dravidian languages that have a remnant in Pakistan. Contact between proto-Dravidian-Uralic and Altaic languages is a real possibility.

If Uralic is close to anything, it is close to Altaic and Indo-European and probably even closer to Chukto-Kamchatkan, Eskimo-Aleut, Yukaghir and Nivkhi. Yukaghir may actually be Uralic itself, or maybe the family is called “Uralic-Yukaghir.” There is no connection between Austronesian (Indonesian) and the Andaman Islanders. Austronesian is indeed related to Thai though (Austro-Tai); in my opinion, this has been proven. If the Andaman languages are related to anything at all, they may be related to some Papuan languages and an isolate in Nepal called Nihali. A good case can be made connecting Nihali with some of the Papuan languages. Typology is not that great of way to classify. Typology is areal and it spreads via convergence. What you are looking in search genetic relationship among languages more more than anything else is morphology. After that, a nice set of cognates. There is probably no connection between Dravidian and Uralic in particular. Dravidian is outside of most everything in Eurasia. It if is close to anything, it might be close to Afro-Asiatic. There also looks to be a connection with Elamite. Dravidian and Afro-Asiatic are probably older than the rest of the Eurasian languages, and they were located further to the south. Afro-Asiatic is very old, probably ~15,000 YBP.

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39 thoughts on “Is Dravidian Related to Japanese?”

  1. Fascinating. Can you reccomend any books written at a popular level (say, the equivalent of Carl Sagan or Richard Dawkins) that discuss this stuff?

  2. Doesn’t Thai have some influence from Pali scripture? I’ve been told that Buddhism heavily influenced their language and Pali made its way into their language.

  3. It is speculated that the Uralic (Finnish) language family is related to the Altaic (Turko-Mongolic) [17]. As mentioned previously, the relationship between Japonic and Altaic is accepted in some scholarly sections [1]. Dravidian, on the other hand, is also suspected to be related to Uralic and Altaic languages [18]. This leads me to speculate that there may have indeed been a proto Uralic-Altaic-Japonic-Dravidian language widespread across Europe and Asia. The rapid spread of the Indo-European language family, and culture (perhaps coinciding with the domestication of the horse in the steppes of Central Asia, a potential homeland of proto-Indo-European) led to these other languages losing ground and being completely replaced in large swathes of Europe and Asia. Isolated from each other, these languages gradually evolved independently into their current form.
    An alternate possibility, and one that might very well be true for the cultural similarities, is that Japanese and Dravidian peoples interacted sometime before recorded history, although the exact mechanism of these interactions remains to be determined.
    This exploratory expedition has just set sail. There is much to be discovered, and discussed, much room for debate and well-reasoned skepticism. I hope you have enjoyed the journey thus far, and will continue to travel with me, to the final destination “wherever the trail of truth may lead

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  6. Japanese originated in the central and southern part of the Korean península with the so called Yayoi people, the Silla Kingdom defeated and eliminated the last traces of Japonic speakers in the península.

    1. Thx for this. This is great. I knew that the Japanese originated from Korea. Clearly, the Japanese and Korean languages must be linked, but mainstream linguistics does not support that view.

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  8. I’m with you on the Austronesian connection being out. Japonic was established in Japan before the spread of Austronesian languages out of Taiwan and Tamil influence on Austronesian doesn’t extend beyond the Andaman.
    We don’t really know the geographic origin of the Dravidian language group, we just know that it’s old. Its current range is the result of being squeezed by the Indo-Aryan languages. How far north did it, or a proto-Dravidian language group go? Did a proto-Dravidian/Uralic group branch off from proto-Altaic? We don’t really know for sure what the Altaic group is. Turkic and Mongolic languages are accepted as Altaic, while the status of Japonic is questioned.

    1. Really, nothing is accepted as Altaic, but the concept of Altaic is not yet accepted. But most Altaicists would accept Tungusic, Turkic, Mongolic, Japanese and Korean as Altaic I would think. Or at the very least Tungusic, Turkic and Mongolic. Japanese and Korean are a bit more controversial.
      The anti-Altaicists really make no sense at all IMHO, but theirs is the standard view at the moment.

      1. I totally agree. Korean and Japanese are controversial, but Turkic and Tungusic are more suitable to fall under Altaic language. Hey Robert, could you do an article on the Cyrus Cylinder or Linear B. Kind of curious about those two.

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