The Polish Government Is 100% Behind the Ukranian Nazi Regime

See here.
I have known this for quite some time now. Many of the Maidan terrorists, particularly the Right Sector Nazis, were trained at a special institute in Poland months before the Maidan riots and the subsequent coup. NATO and the US knew about this and may have been involved in it. This is more evidence that the Maidan riots and the subsequent Nazi coup have been planned for some time.
Poland is a logical source for cooperation with the Ukrainians. Poles hate Russians as much as Ukrainians or Georgians do. This goes back to ancient feuds in this part of the world. There have been Catholic-Orthodox wars on the western border of Russia since the early 1600’s. The Russians see the Western border as the place where the Catholic West keeps trying to attack Russia. The West sees the Catholic nations on Russia’s Western flank as jeopardized by an expansive Russian imperialism.
There were more wars later on. Much of this region then came under the influence of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Germany. Before and during World War 1, there was  great deal of fighting between the West and Russia, particularly in the region of Ukraine and Ruthenia. These regions have been home to “anti-Russians” (Catholics who look to the West) and pro-Russians for a long time now. The pro-Russians often call themselves Russians (see the names “Rusyn” and “Ruthenia” – the name “Rusyn” was adopted by a Russianizing group of these people who speak a language closely related to Ukrainian but who hate Ukrainians. Ukrainians say that Ruthenians do not exist and Rusyn is a Ukrainian dialect, not a language. They say that Ruthenia is a part of the Ukraine.
During World War 1, Ukrainians and Ruthenians working with the Austro-Hungarian Empire arrested many “Russianizers” and put them in a camp in Southeastern Europe. This was for all intents and purposes a concentration camp, and conditions were so poor that many of the men sent there died.
Western Ukraine, particularly Galicia and Lvov, have traditionally been part of Poland, Lithuania, Poland-Lithuania, or Austria-Hungary. All of these are Western and Westernizing Catholic entities who look to Rome. Russian Orthodox call these people Papists and hate them. The Catholics in this region tend to hate and fear the Russians whom they regard as the 800 pound gorilla in the room.
This hatred has been going on forever and shows no signs of abating anytime soon. It is from this rancid soil that Zbigniew Brezhinski, who, as a man, an influence and a theory, is really the brains behind the current “Destroy Russia Now” project in the Ukraine. Brezhinski is the hardest of the hardcore Russian-haters. As you might expect, he is a Pole. He is also one of the highest ranking agents of US imperialism and an important theorist of US imperial policy (read his books). Brezhinski’s father was an official in the fascist government that held power in the interwar period in Poland.
In 1918, a virulently anti-Russian ideology was hatched in Poland. This hate and fear driven ideology saw Russia as the main threat to the existence of Poland. The project, a true conspiracy, involved working with minorities in Russia to chop Russia up into as many pieces as possible, thereby delivering the death by a thousand cuts and rendering Russia harmless and impotent.
This same ideology has since been taken up by various Georgian regimes and is the main ideology behind the Ukrainian Nazi government.
As you can see at the link, the former security adviser to the government of Poland was photographed outside of Slaviansk talking to the current Nazi President of the Ukraine.
This man, a virulent Russia-hater, has been trained as an anti-Russia agent by the US government State Department in Israel, Germany, France and the US.

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10 thoughts on “The Polish Government Is 100% Behind the Ukranian Nazi Regime”

  1. Dear Robert
    We shouldn’t exaggerate the religious element. Very few Ukrainians are Catholic. Between the wars, when Poland had a large Ukrainian minority, the Poles tried to Polonize the Ukrainians, which provoked bitter reactions. In WWII, Ukrainians killed scores of Poles. It is more a national hatred than a religious one.

  2. Poles don’t get along too well with Ukranians either. There were many tit for tat atrocities involving Poles and Ukranians, especially immediately after WWII. One would hardly say they were natural allies.

  3. Poles hate both Russia and Germany. Ukraine has been traditional battle ground for poles and russ.
    Funny, poles love mongolian. Some poles belive they are descendants of mongol raping euro women. So they are natually good at calvary.

  4. Let’s not forget the Polish-Soviet war of 1919-1921, Poland’s quest for Lebensraum extending from the Ukraine through Belarus to the Baltic states and Britain and France’s proxy war against the Russian revolution. The Polish interwar government was as expansionist and ethnofascist in its ideology as Nazi Germany, just not as effective. Hitler realized that and his first foreign policy move was to propose an alliance with the Poland, which was rebuffed. Maybe the Polish government figured that eastern Europe wasn’t big enough for two expansionist fascist ideologies, or maybe they figured that their alliance with Britain and France was a better vehicle for their ambitions. In any event, the world dodged a bullet when Hitler’s proposed alliance failed to materialize.

  5. eally screwed by Prussia, Russia, and Austria since they partitioned it like hungry hippos. Alot of anti-Slavic rhetoric originates as justification to slice Poland up. Russia suppressed the Hungarian revolution against Austria because many of the Polish exiles supported Hungary, Russia didn’t want Poles getting uppity. Poland is more tainted by the West than Russia today. A Russian goes to Poland and thinks it’s far West, a Frenchman goes to Poland and thinks it’s the far East. I think Poles are the new Germans. Germans kidnapping and raising Poles as Germans makes racial sense, they are close though there’s historical baggage. Germans became more anti-Polish to hang on to Prussia, which happened to get the best parts of Poland by the Baltic Sea. To a Prussian wanting to keep his land, the German must always be above the Pole. Supremacy over Poles was more crucial than supremacy over any other Slav. Though Herder loved & inspired Slavs. The Polish Pie Eating Empires didn’t want Poles to have any say.

  6. Watched a bunch of lectures on East Europe by Gabriel Liulevicius, who’s a good speaker. Poles were screwed on both ends by Soviets and Nazis. Stalin was extra paranoid of Poles, he seemed to trust them about as much as Nazis trusted Jews. Some Jews even fled the Soviets to Nazi zones despite their open anti-Semitism.

    1. Not only that but Poles hate Communism. Stalin said that trying to impose Communism on the Poles was like trying to put a saddle on a cow.

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