"The Apartment"

This is a short movie which is actually starring a friend of mine named Yossi Rosenberg. His friend Josh Freed made the movie. It’s about Yossi trying to get a roommate for his apartment. A girl named Terri ends up moving in and after a while, she ends up being Yossi’s girlfriend. This doesn’t seem to last long and she breaks it off with him. Then Yossi catches her kissing his roommate and best friend in the living room and he loses it. Terri takes her stuff and moves it out of Yossi’s room and into Ivan’s room. A short while later, Yossi evicts both of their asses. Ivan and Terri take off and go get an apartment and move in together.
Interesting story. Any comments on this soap opera here. I was thinking, in terms of PUA/Game theory, what do you have to say about this story from a PUA/Game point of view?

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