Solid Evidence That the US Trained ISIS

It was done in Jordan 2 years ago. Turkey has been helping these guys and training them and their ilk all along, playing a double game. I think Turkey really stepped in it this time. Turkey in these wars is playing the same role that Pakistan played in the mujahedin wars in Afghanistan – a rear base for supplies and fighters to filter into the war zone. Fighters come out of Turkey and refugees and the wounded go back in. This is all going to blow back on these idiot Turks just like it did to the Pakistanis. At some point, these ISIS idiots will be defeated in one way or another. They will sulk back into Turkey and after a while, they will stir up a lot of trouble in Turkey just like they did in Pakistan.
The comments section is very interesting. WND is Loony Tune Central, the crazed rightwing base of the Republican Party. However there is an amazing amount of sanity and common sense in the comments which is at odds with this group of people. What is odd is that many of the folks in the comments sound exactly like anti-imperialist liberals and Leftists. Maybe the Republican base is tiring of Empire too. And what’s even more odd is maybe we can make an alliance with these folks on a few things like foreign policy. I will ally with just about anyone, with maybe only a few exceptions.

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  1. Dear Robert
    There are no doubt many chauvinists, imperialists, militarists and globalists in the Republican Party, but there are also some genuine nationalists. A genuine nationalist respects foreigners and his preferred foreign policy is isolationism. The genuine nationalist position is:
    1 – keep immigrants out
    2 – keep the troops at home
    3 – keep capital at home
    4 – don’t worship free trade
    Mass immigration is always bad for the masses, and imperialism means that the bulk of the population will have to sacrifice blood and money to increase the power of the ruling class. The more imperialist a country is, the more its citizens will be reduced to cannon fodder. When Napoleon ruled France, that’s what the French were: cannon fodder to serve the narrow power interests of Napoleon and his cronies.
    A prominent genuine American nationalist is Patrick Buchanan, who of course opposes American interventions abroad, mass immigration and globalized capitalism. Good for him.
    Regards. James

    1. I never would have dreamed I’d say this, but Pat Buchanan is actually a thinking conservative. A vile, bigoted, authoritarian, racist conservative, but a thinking conservative. What he says is an authentic product of his own thought process and knowledge base, not of some astroturf or movement dogma. Some of his ideas on foreign policy and economics sound downright pinko!

      1. I think I could actually work with Buchanan on a few issues if he would work with us on the Left. OTOH, he is pretty toxic and anyone on the Left who worked with him would be branded vile, bigoted, authoritarian, racist, etc. (which incidentally are correct adjectives for the man).
        I am willing to work with just about any conservatives on just about anything we can ally with them on. Their movement is pretty heterodox nowadays and I think we may be able to ally with them on a thing or two.
        I read an interview with Buchanan a while back. His main adviser and good friend was there with him and Buchanan said, “You know, I suppose most of our positions would be considered Left now.” His friend agreed with him.

  2. Ted Cruz is being used to block Rand Paul, who himself is no Ron Paul.
    I can’t see an anti-imperial winning either the GOP or Dem nomination
    We need more viable parties..

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