Repost: Alt Left: No, Eric Cantor Is Not Gay

Neat post from a while back. Thought I would republish.

A while back, a lot of folks were tossing around the rumor that former Congressman Eric “Tea Party Jew” Cantor is gay. There is no evidence whatsoever that he is gay and a whole lot of evidence that he is not. Cantor comes from the aristocratic class of the White South. It is a dirty little secret known that more than a few of these highfalutin fellows, though heterosexual, can be somewhat effeminate. Cantor’s somewhat effeminate and more properly effete behavior is the impetus for these rumors.

There is one more thing to consider here. Cantor is Jewish. Jewish guys are not exactly known for their machismo. They’re no gayer than any other male ethnic group in the US, but nerdy, wimpy, or effete heterosexual Jewish are not uncommon. So this is apparently yet another case of mistaken identity along the lines of, “He’s not gay, he’s Jewish!”

A lot of people say, “So what!” when you bring up this subject. But I think it is important.

“Why?,” you ask. Well, the fact that apparently Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and possibly Karl Rove are queer or bi is definitely something the public ought to know about. So here I am, Paul Revere-like, spreading the word on who’s queer.

What! Did someone just say George Stephanopoulos? Shhh.

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  1. That southern genteel effeminate aspect (in addition to looking scared half the time) was as much a part of Jimma Cahtuh’s downfall as the economy and the Iranian hostage crisis were.

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