It's Not The "US" and "Israel," It's "USreal"

I have been saying this forever. It’s not two countries. It’s all one country. Call it “USreal,” call it “Jewmerica,” call it what you will, but facts are facts. Want more evidence?
From the Jerusalem Post:
US Senate Confirms Ex-BoI Head Stanley Fischer, Two Other Nominees for Fed

The US Senate on Thursday confirmed Stanley Fischer to be vice chairman of the Federal Reserve and approved Jerome Powell and Lael Brainard as members of the central bank’s board, bolstering the Fed as it prepares to wind down its extraordinary stimulus.

Ok, so we just appointed an Israeli dual citizen and former high ranking member of the Israeli government to be the second in command and the US’ biggest state bank, the Federal Reserve. Of all the 320 million people in the country, this guy was the only one who fit the bill.
See what I mean? Israel isn’t even a separate country.
Can someone please explain to me why the US always puts the Jews in charge of the banks? Bernanke, Greenspan, it goes on and on. Jews are 2% of the US population. Are they really the only ethnic group in America that understands finance? If not, then why continue to put them in charge of the country’s money?
At some point, I wonder if Jews try to bait their enemies.
Yeah, put the Jews in charge of the banks, of the government’s own bank, of all things. Put the Jews in charge of America’s money. That’s the ticket.
Why do Jews go along with this stuff? What are the Jews doing? Are they trying to start a pogrom? By going along with this nonsense, Jews are playing right into the worst Jewish stereotypes of the eternally grasping, world-controlling Jewish financial power spider with a tentacle under every bed. This is the sort of thing that makes the anti-Semites see red.
Not only that, but when Abe Foxman’s anti-Semite tests ask you, “Do Jews control America?” you really have to think about whether to answer yes or no. Which is painful, as any decent person would love to say no and breathe a sigh of relief. Most of us would be terrified to say yes, as once you do that, society carves a swastika on your forehead for all of time. But what is yes is the right answer?
Jews always complain that people hate them, then they delight in romping about acting exactly like caricatures right out of Der Strumer. How stupid can you get?

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13 thoughts on “It's Not The "US" and "Israel," It's "USreal"”

  1. Can they help it if they are smarter than everyone else? Do the numbers and stats not show this to be true? Even if there were/is no evidence of a Jewish conspiracy ………if they the Jews are the people that happen to rise to the top spots wherever they live and are not pushed down, controlled, and discriminated against,…. then. I suppose there will always be people who talk about their being a conspiracy and hate Jews because of their success.

      1. I am 100% convinced that Jews are parasitic by nature. For some reason, the Jews hate to believe that though.
        America is in clear decline as a direct consequence of the Jewish infection in their government.

  2. But I guess blind ambition can be a huge factor in the Jewish success story, too. I am somewhat more intelligent than the average person, have a bachelor’s degree, etc…. but I have chosen to not climb a corporate ladder and instead am a union factory worker, as I’d rather live a life of having a clean conscious even if it means not so much money. I don’t know too many Jews who have made similar choices in life.

    1. I am happy that you are proud to be a proletarian. I am not willing to sleaze out for money either, and I had a few opportunities to make some money in my life, and they usually involved sleazing out in some way or other. I am not interested in sleazing out, so I said nyet. I think you can make some pretty good money in the US without sleazing out, but it might not be really easy.

  3. The pure blooded Scots have better test results than the Jews, especially if you include Sephardics and Orientals.

    1. There’s even a few Chinese Jews as well. Notice Sephardics & Orientals tend to look more Middle Eastern than Ashkenazim, the latter being more of European stock?

  4. @ David M
    >>Can they help it if they are smarter than everyone else? Do the numbers and stats not show this to be true?
    Jews may be smarter on average but there are 10 times as many 130+ IQ goyem as there are Jews. Jews are way over represented in positions of financial and legal authority, media, and also in the Ivy league where it appears that Jews are actively discriminating against goyem, favoring Jews, keeping goyem out (read Ron Unz on this). All this smacks of tribal based favoritism. Jews nominate and pick other Jews for positions of authority and make the baseless claim that they are only picking the best, and if you dare challenge this assertion you are an anti-semite. There really ought to be a federal investigation of Jewish favoritism and hiring practices in Hollywood, academia, the banking industry and other areas where there are extreme statistical anomalies. . An investigation that will judge whether objective criteria is the basis for hiring decision in these and other areas. Hiring based on tribal allegiance is discriminatory and against the law.

    1. On average, means more of that ethnicity will naturally occupy high status & lots of money as well.

      1. You ignore the point. Even considering their above average IQ, they are, nonetheless, WAY over-represented in specific, lucrative, vocations and opportunities. Based on their IQ, one would expect Jews to hold about 8% of the seats in Ivy league Universities, not 30%. One would not expect 33% of the Supreme court to be Jewish. One would not expect that 80% of the power brokers in the Federal Reserve to be Jewish. One would not expect 80% of top media and Hollywood executives to be Jewish. and on and on. This over-representation is damning inferential evidence of tribal favoritism and collusion. You know that if white goyem were so over-represented we would have had many justice department investigations already, but evidently Jews are untouchable regards such matter.

  5. To paraphrase Joe Sobran: “We are weak, powerless, persecuted and without friends. If you ever forget that fact we will destroy you.” Gary Oldman just learned this important truth.
    How does it go?1) Make a truthful observation about Jewish power, influence and control. 2) Jews attack. 3) Penitent comes crawling back, on his knees, begging forgiveness, the crime attributed to the flash of an undiagnosed psychiatric illness, “not my true feelings”, prostrate at the scuffed shoes of Abraham Foxman. 4) Repeat.

  6. “Can someone please explain to me why the US always puts the Jews in charge of the banks? …”
    Jews represent different civilization so they have different ethics and morals than Latin-Christian people. If you would know how current banking system works you would know that this is big scam, probably the biggest the human species ever experienced. So who will be the best in charge than those who believe that cheating and killing non-Jews is good? Besides Jews always vote for Jews.
    I live in Poland which has antisemitic opinion, however all presidents and most members of the government since “the fall of communisim” were Jews.

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