"A Cup of Tea"

Looks like some folks are trying to raise money for a short film called A Cup of Tea.
Looking over the photos and the storyline, I like it already. The part of Italy where the film will be shot is in Liguria, near Genoa in the far northwest of Italy. This particular part of Liguria is in the La Spezia area, a particularly beautiful part of Liguria. And within La Spezia, this particular stretch of coastline is called the Gulf of Poets. This area is pretty much the French Riviera stretched to the east into Italy, or the Italian Riviera if you will.

The Gulf of Poets, La Spezia region, Liguria, Italian Riviera.
The Gulf of Poets, La Spezia region, Liguria, Italian Riviera.

It is very beautiful indeed, but to be honest, the coast of Croatia, Corsica, Sardinia and Greece do not look a whole lot different. That whole part of the world is fantastic. One reason Liguria is so beautiful is because in this region, the mountains come crashing down right to the sea. A bit to the west just over the French border is the city of Nice. It seems like a great place to retire, or even to visit!

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0 thoughts on “"A Cup of Tea"”

  1. Yeah its a very beautiful part of the world.
    When you cross the border from France to Italy on the train along that coast, you notice two things: 1) Italy is noticeably more scruffy and poor. You are going from an affluent part of France to (judging by the look of it) a not so affluent part of Italy. 2) Italians are far less reserved and shout and gesticulate in public. The whole coastline is beautiful though and Italy has a cool vibe.

  2. Then again, this was more than 10 years ago. You used to be able to get a flight from Liverpool to Nice for like 25 dollars or something.

  3. I’m the director of this teaser and – I hope! – I’ll be for the short. I know the main topic here is about this part of mediterranean coast but I want say thanks to Robert Lindsay for this post. Really, really thanks by the whole crew. 🙂

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