The US Has Been Backing Islamic Fundamentalists (Al Qaeda/ISIS/Ayatollahs) for 50 Years

As a counterweight to secular nationalists who were anti-Empire, anti-Israel, opposed the colonization of their land by the West, including the US, and wanted first and foremost to help their people first. In other words, they were patriots, not country-sellers. There is nothing the US hates more than a true patriotic nationalist regime. Patriotic nationalist regimes will always oppose US imperialism and will not allow their countries to be colonized by the US. They will always put their people first and the exploiting multinational corporations second. The CIA has been overthrowing these regimes as “bad for business” since the early 1950’s in Iran and Guatemala.
The Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS were all more or less created by the US and its allies. Inadvertently? Perhaps. Ever since their birth, it’s been nothing but blowback. And now the ISIS Blowback is happening in Iraq.

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0 thoughts on “The US Has Been Backing Islamic Fundamentalists (Al Qaeda/ISIS/Ayatollahs) for 50 Years”

  1. Right. Of course the hyper-conspiracy theorists assume and will blast anyone who disagrees, that the formidable Amer-Israeli Elite
    can always squash those whom they’ve trained and utilized at just the right time. This is demonstrably untrue and while I prefer anti-Zionist secular social-nationalism, I have no doubt that militant Islam could crush Israel as surely, whether it would take longer or shorter time.

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