Our Allies Are Supporting ISIS

I have known about this for a long time. Most of the money is coming out of Kuwaiti banks, but Saudis are also heavily involved. The money mostly comes from private citizens in those countries, but there are reports that Saudi government officials are also involved.
Of course, the United States has been supporting ISIS all along too if you ask me. We supposedly are only flooding Syria with aid and guns to the Free Syrian Army, but I have heard that a great deal of that money was going to ISIS. Further, the radical Islamists’ home base for entering Syria has been Jordan and Turkey. The US military and CIA, NATO, Turkey, Jordan, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have a mass presence in Turkey and (all except NATO) in Jordan. So if you are looking for someone to blame for ISIS, blame:

  1. Saudi Arabia
  2. Kuwait.
  3. Qatar
  4. Turkey
  5. Jordan
  6. The US government, military and CIA
  7. NATO

All of these groups have been supporting ISIS and other Islamist nuts all this time. The purpose? To use them as shock troops for overthrowing President Assad in Syria. Why must Assad be overthrown? He is anti-US, pro-Hezbollah and pro-Iran. Why is Assad anti-US? Because he is anti-Israel. Why do we hate Iran and Hezbollah? They are anti-US. Why are they anti-US? Because they hate Israel.
As with so many things in the Middle East, it all comes back around to Israel.
The truth is that Islamist/Al Qaeda/takfiri radical Islamists are one of the proxy armies that the US uses from time to time.

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9 thoughts on “Our Allies Are Supporting ISIS”

  1. Of course, It is only logical to have them fight each other as much as possible because this forces them to be too busy killing each other to seriously plot anything against us. Divide and conquer is one of the oldest strategies in the history of warfare, and should really not come as that big of a surprise. I would argue that World War III started in Syria in 2011, and is escalating around the globe behind the news we consume. Why declare a war when fighting war from proxies and behind the scenes gives us the political cover to fight with the, “gloves off.” Declaring war and making it official just restricts what you can really accomplish, and then we end up having to try and clean up or rebuild after we crush our enemy on the conventional battlefield. Warfare has spread to many other fields such as cyber, space, economic, and black ops behind the scene type activities. I’m not saying this is all for the good of the world or the US interests, but it is what we humans do by nature.

  2. Robert,
    I see it this way. US have been long meddling with weaker nations as it is ‘business as usual’. But for the muslim nations it has always been more or less nothing but a matter of western attack upon their faith, by the infidels who have had bombing them tirelessly. Eveybody in the muslim world knows it for fact that these so called ‘royals’ and ‘dictators’ have always been mere puppets of the larger corporatic imperialism that US represents. In true islamic order, the islamic laws doesnt gives validity to such royals or dictators, but a ‘khaleefa’ which means a democratically choosen representative who is of the people, by the people, for the people. While US and other corporate merceneries have been periliously involved in subduing the muslim psyche of ‘khilafat’ by installing the puppetary regimes, they forgot to guage the true depth of the mess they were going to make in future to come. Muslims on both sides are ready to fight each other today, to instal islamic khilafah. And when they finish with killing each other, and eventually finalising a deal of peace within each other given the common enemy being west, they will come for west. So, if US now doesnt sends down troop there, it is because it wants this to become a fully blown sectarian crisis, which this very development may as well have the potential for a deadly scenario for the rest of the world. If you churn deep into Islamic political history, you will find so many instances how islam had evolved into one of the most powerful religions. The sectarian conflicts have always been the catalyst for it, which evolved into larger conquests.
    This is time for serious reckoning of the US foreign policy.

      1. The Caliphates did come after the West, are we forgetting Gates of Vienna, Spanish reconquest, Battle of Tripoli, Barbary wars, Byzantine-Ottoman wars, Battle of Toulouse, Battle of Tours etc etc
        Islamic societies are highly slave human chattel driven, highly unstable and fractious, highly rigid and hierarchical, mostly unchanging, in a constant state of tension and conflict and with a propensity towards blowing up from the inside when there isn’t an expansionary trend or movement. That’s why they tried to conquer Europe or expand into the Wet several times and they want to again.

  3. I had read recently that Turkey is considering mobilizing troops against ISIS. Is this incorrect? It seem Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar are too pampered and comfortable to promote instability in their own back yards. In Europe, yes…unless this would be part of their reaction against Iran and its stated commitment to stop ISIS.

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