Lenka "Trouble Is a Friend"

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  1. oh yes, the Jesus and the Mary Chain – what a great band that was…still listen to their albums, and their songs have not lost their power after all those years…

    1. I used to have their Psychocandy album in the late 80’s and I haven’t heard it since then, I’ve been aching to hear it lately, Robert as always you have great taste and knowledge in music, would love to smoke a joint with you some day and listen to some tunes.

      1. Hahaahaaha! Come on down and visit then. You are always welcome here. I have already met a few commenters on the website in meatspace. 😉
        What do you think of this Lenka stuff?

        1. Not so much the first song you posted but this one I like a lot, I think she’s really sweet. I actually know an artist in the San Diego area who is kind of a mentorlike figure to me who I’ve never met in person, If I ever visit California some day that now makes two people I’ll have to meet.

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