America's Proxy Forces Around the World

The truth is that Islamist/Al Qaeda/takfiri radical Islamists are one of the proxy armies that the US uses from time to time. We have used them in Libya, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Chechnya. Anywhere there is a government we do not like with a large Muslim population, the US starts up its little Al Qaedas to start a takfiri revolution against the government. Other forces used around the world as US proxies are: Rightwing death squads. The CIA and its South American allies operate their pet rightwing death squads in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Venezuela, and Haiti. In the past, the CIA has used them in many other parts of the world, including Greece, Indonesia, South Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Bolivia. Rightwing terrorist insurgent armies. The US has used these pet terrorists in: Cuba, Nicaragua, Angola and Mozambique. Nazis: The US also pulls out its pet Nazis to sick them on regimes it doesn’t like or to install them as coup regimes to take over countries the CIA wants to take over. The US has used its pet Nazis in Europe after World War 2, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Argentina, Bolivia, and now in the Ukraine.

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