Put Prayer Back in the Public Schools!

Getting prayer out of the public schools in the early 1960’s was one of the worst things we ever did. Our nation was fallen into horrible immorality ever since.
The founding fathers were all Christians. We were founded as a Christian nation. Why, just look at those unconstitutional “In God We Trust” slogans on our coins. You know, the ones we put on there at the height of the Cold War in order to fight the Godless Communists? Yes, the slogans. Look at our Congress. Notice that every day Congress starts off with an unconstitutional prayer? Now see, that shows you right there what a Christian country we really are. Secular society is Godless society. It is evil by definition. Only religion can save us from Satan in the form of secularism.

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0 thoughts on “Put Prayer Back in the Public Schools!”

  1. I couldn’t disagree more! Religion, or rather using it as a pretext for war, has helped destroy this world. Christianity alone accounts for 10s of millions of deaths in history. Religion doesn’t belong in public schools and more than

  2. By the way: a good Christian from Georgia announced a new date for a secular press conference…it is now..
    January 15th 2015
    10:00 am
    Atlanta, GA

    1. @Joerg Hensiek
      June 17, 2014 at 10:56 PM
      100% certain this will never, ever occur. Did you by chance catch Dyer’s ‘new’ picture of the ‘real’ Bigfoot? If you didn’t, it was another picture of the Hank fiasco.

  3. Didn’t realize Robert. I apologize. I was a little shocked to see this from you though. Good one.

    1. Oh it is quite all right my friend! Welcome to the site, and don’t mind this little Republican turd who interrupted us here.
      I do think we have to reach some sort of accommodation with religion though. Sure a lot of atheists and seculars hate it, and even mildly religious people like me agree with your assessment, but the truth is that religion is not going anywhere. If anything, the world looks as if it’s getting more religious. We have to try to make peace with religion somehow.

  4. yes put the prayers back shun the socialism talk republican way kick the left away and see the progress

  5. Yes Jacki, you have a huge problem with that in the UK and its only getting worse. With Muslims you dont leave faith out of school because its their whole lives. Met a Muslim girl who wanted to be a chemist but believes the Koran is the last word on natural history: a book which says salt water and fresh water dont mix. The entire Muslim world produces fewer scientific papers in a year than Harvard does, and the Muslim world, showing its hunger for learning and knowledge, have translated fewer books into Arabic since the 9th century than Spain does into Spanish in one year. In the UK you now have more than 80 Sharia courts and a growing population which has publicly stated that they want to end freedom and democracy in your country and to make it part of the caliphate. Now Muslims scream for death and beheadings in the streets of London even though you have laws forbidding spreading hate speech in such public gatherings. An army vet was hacked to death in the street with meat cleavers by Muslims inspired by their piety while hundreds of British Muslims praised their commitment to the faith…a faith which in its most committed practice knows no form of joy, but only death and destruction, destruction not only of human beings but of history and culture, r.e. the antiquities at Timbuktu, the giant Buddah statues in Afghanistan and the Assyrian, Babylonian and Sumerian antiquities now being smashed by ISIS in Iraq. I hope your countrymen, heirs of the Enlightenment as you are, wont let Britain turn into Sweden or the Netherlands…let another domino fall.

    1. The religious zealots will push for religion in schools as long as its their religion. Religion and all government should be separate. Freedom of religion means your free to practice whatever religion you want. But not free to push your religion on the public in any way in any school. Period

  6. Richard Dawkins interviewed high school biology teachers in London who refuse to teach evolution because their growing numbers of Muslim students are offended by it.

  7. Yeah, we need more prayer in school all right. Our country is just begging for more school shootings (sarcasm).

  8. I know when I was going to public school, prayer was at the top of the list, not sports, scoring with chicks, being popular, or passing (sarcasm).

  9. More often than not education is indoctrination, creating mindless automotons. These types in any form follow a herd. I find it difficult to interact with them. Their conclusions and ideas have been provided to them, as opposed to having originated from within.

  10. All of right-wingers will claim your liberal or socialist ideas came from college indoctrination. I’ve not seen any proof of that. Most college kids are only interested in making high grades or passing. They don’t really soak in any so called indoctrination.
    Generally ,extremists of any sort develop from experiences in childhood or interaction with society. For instance, considering Lenin’s brother was executed, then it’s no wonder Lenin chose his path. Similarly, your typical right wing extremist often holds grudges from the Vietnam era, or maybe some black kid stole his lunch money.

  11. I was not referring to college education specifically, I should have framed the context a bit more broadly. For example all middle schools and high schools in Canada have Social Justice issues as part of their curriculum now, in a fairly subtle way. Non Government Organizations provide educational information for teachers to facilitate the learning plan. When I was in HS in the 80s, it was Science, Math, English, History, Calculus etc. None of the stuff that is currently “taught”. Furthermore in Canada there is one National Radio Station – Government run – with a very clear agenda with regards to the message that is to be conveyed. Indoctrination and is quite subtle and isn’t about creating extremists, but non thinking automtons.

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