Map of Iraqi Ethnic Groups

Nice map showing Iraqi ethnic groups and where they live.
Nice map showing Iraqi ethnic groups and where they live.

The Mandeans are pretty much gone, most of the Christians have fled, and the Jews are gone too. The Mandeans and the Christians were subjected to genocidal jihad by the Muslims since the start of the Iraq War.
The Sunnis now control much of the area north of Baghdad up to the Kurdish Zone, and the Shia control most of the area to the south of Baghdad. The Iraqi Army continues to control Baghdad.

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0 thoughts on “Map of Iraqi Ethnic Groups”

    1. Maybe. If they do, this would be the time they would do it, with the central government so weak and mostly gone from the areas bordering the Kurdish Zone. They could never do it before due the consequences. But the US and Saddam are gone now, so there is not much stopping them. Turkey would be furious, but what are they going to do? Is Turkey going to attack Iraqi Kurdistan?

        1. Turks despise Kurds and treat them as third rate people, even though Turks are the most vile group of people on the face of this planet.

        2. They have been fighting a hot war against their own Kurds for quite some time now. The Kurds were rebelling for independence, but I think now most of them just want some autonomy.

  1. Sorry I think I posted this early but I don’t know if the post went through. Will you ever do a post about the ethnic groups in Myanmar? They are quite interesting and many of them have also been fighting for independence, although now many have given up and only want autonomy. Myanmar has much more ethnic groups than anywhere in the middle east. I wish you would check it out.

  2. well hey, I’m sure many prefer Southeast Asians to Middle Eastern people, but it just depends on one’s personal opinion. Do the people of Burma interest you at all? I’m sure you didn’t know about all this anthropological stuff since you were a baby, you had to read it somewhere. So I mean, you can study them if you want, up to you. It was just a suggestion based on my personal interests. Not sure if other readers would care about Myanmar. Anyone else want to put in some input?

    1. Actually, I probably know much more about them than the average person does and I started studying them 25 years ago. But I haven’t looked into them for some time now and I forgot a lot of what I knew about them.

      1. Can I ask you what you do for work? From the information I gathered reading your site, you were a therapist, a teacher and a journalist. So what was your main job and what inspired you to do all this research?

        1. I’m fascinated by the ethnic groups of Southeast Asia because many are still primitive and living their traditional lifestyles, unlike in Europe and the Middle East. I think the only primitive people in Europe would be the gypsies. Anyways, Southeast Asia is much more linguistically diverse than Europe I believe, and there’s more to explore.

        2. Well I live off a trust fund so I really do not have to work, but I do some work on the side as the trust is a very small amount each month.
          Yes, I work as a counselor and a writer. The writing income comes from donations to the website. I also sell information, broker graphics arts deals and work as arbitrator to settle disputes between artists and clients. I also sell information and consult on webpage design a bit. There is a book coming out which will have a chapter of mine in it and I will get paid something for that.
          I am trained as a copy editor and have been trying to get work doing that but it is pretty hard to come by. I may be getting some soon.
          I pretty much just do anything for money. I do not have a formal job, so I just wake up every morning thinking, “How can I get some money today?” and then I just try to figure out a way to make some money somehow.
          I don’t have a regular job and live off a trust, so I am bored everyday with nothing to do. I am smart and I love to research and write, so this is fun to do.
          Plus now I have a lot of readers, so I feel sort of obligated to them.

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