Bill Gates, Humanitarian

Yep, Bill Gates owns about 5% of Monsanto's total shares.
Yep, Bill Gates owns about 5% of Monsanto’s total shares.

Bill Gates, meet Monsanto. Evil, meet evil.
Gates made a big deal out of donating all of those computers to schools, but really it was all just a big charade to get more people hooked on his Windows-Intel or Wintel (dual monopoly) scam. This guy just never has enough money. He always needs more.
Gates seems like a real nice guy, but the Devil hides behind smiling faces so he can trap you. His Vice President, Steve Ballmer, is not only evil himself but actually looks and acts evil. If Ballmer isn’t a sociopath, I’ll eat my hat.
What Gates did to computers, Monsanto is doing to food. Monsanto is proof that Satan is alive and well, living right here on Earth.

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0 thoughts on “Bill Gates, Humanitarian”

    1. He has several hats. Now he buys hats that don’t look better but taste better. I mean there were only a couple of things Robert relayed that have been proven wrong. Those things of course were told to him not something made up like one of my theories.

  1. Gates is the contemporary John D. Rockefeller – just a shill for evil with a veneer that would sadly fool most.

  2. What’s funny, is that any attempt to do good, for instance, say bring US jobs back to America, always comes from a selfish motivation. For instance, I was reading this article saying jobs were coming back, but only because the international transportation costs were becoming too high.

  3. When I asked something like “Why can’t businesses be more patriotic?”, a right winger told me that outsourcing was simply the way businesses were run. He said anyone who ran a business would come to the same conclusion.

    1. Go to Japan, most of the big Japanese corporations produce the majority their goods in there.

      1. This is changing somewhat now, but most big Japanese companies are extremely loyal to their country. Just look at Nintendo.

  4. I take it you are not using Microsoft computers, nor Hotmail, nor Windows, nor any other software developed and marketed by Gates & co. No, I thought not.

    1. We are forced to use his garbage, you idiot. And that’s the whole problem right there. BTW, I am banning you. I do not tolerate Microsofties like you on this board. Go back to Hell where you came from where you can worship your Beelzebub named Bill Gates.

      1. Beelzebub….LMFAO 🙂 There’s more in the honor of ol’ Bill
        Q: Why are PCs like air conditioners? A: They stop working properly if you open Windows!
        Q: What’s the difference between a virus and windows? A: Viruses rarely fail.
        Q: What if Bill Gates had a dime for every time Windows crashed… A: Oh, wait a minute, he already does!
        Q. How many MicroSoft vice presidents does it take to change a light bulb? A. Eight. One to work the bulb, and seven to make sure that MicroSoft gets $2 for every light bulb ever changed anywhere in the world.

        1. And to the OP, Hotmail sucks. It used to be one of my favorite products from the Microsoft family: they managed to completely ruin it with those stupid color schemes and unresponsive buttons that take forever to compose emails. The worst part is where they forcibly integrate the Hotmail apps into smartphones like Nokia Lumia. At least Android comes pre-loaded with Google drive which is far more intuitive, pleasing to the eyes and rarely hangs up on you.
          Yes, we all use WORD and EXCEL and they are the best in their category. Can’t say the same about POWERPOINT; the latest version 2013 has managed to destroy the navigation ease and no-frills features of its predecessors. I wish there were a really good alternative to Office (Open Office comes close but still misses some really important features).

  5. I’ve only ever heard of rich white billionaires monopolizing and destroying rivals. East asians are too noble and civilized for such things to appear in our minds!!

  6. I have a lot of choice where I live, fortunately. Only whites are capable of putting themselves In such situations.

  7. Bill Gates is a monster. Now 😆 he’s promoting some big charity thing on NBC (red noses). What is his real agenda, along with Ted Turner and Oprah Winfrey.
    Politically correct, equal opportunity eugenics and DE-POPULATION. He wants to reduce the human population to half a million.
    But this begs the question “Is this stuff any of his business?”. What gives him the right to play God, just because he’s rich?
    BTW. That red noses thing makes me want to puke, especially when I see Bill Gates connected to it.

    1. Maybe they want to reduce it to half a billion, typo. Nonetheless, a whole lot of people will DIE, of course, FOR THIER OWN GOOD. 😆

    2. Robert seems to hate Bill Gates, but Ted Turner would be another huge candidate for attack. It would be cool to see an informative article on Ted, and his real agenda. It’s very scary, on par with Hitler.

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