Amazing Photos and Videos out of Iraq

The Iraq-Syria border no longer exists.
The Iraq-Syria border no longer exists.
This amazing photograph appeared on a jihadi website. It shows the ISIS removing the dirt barriers on the Iraq-Syria border yesterday while vehicles drive right through the border, probably from Syria to Iraq. First of all NSFW! And possibly NSFL! This video has very graphic imagery, so if you are bothered by such things, do not, repeat do not watch it. It shows what is being portrayed as ISIS fighters firing automatic weapons on what seem to be random cars driving down the road and random people walking down the road. However, in my opinion, those were not random people. Apparently both the people in the vehicles and the pedestrian were Iraqi Army soldiers who have just taken off their uniforms and are attempting to flee the area. Sunni residents of Mosul say that the ISIS fighters have been light-handed and they like them better than the Iraqi Army. However, that has not been the case for everyone. There have been countless reprisal killings in the last day or two. Possibly up to 1,000 people have been murdered by ISIS forces, sometimes by beheading but often by shooting. The victims in general were former members of the Iraqi Army, local police forces and people who worked for the local branches of the Maliki government. This group is brutal as Hell. Executing captured soldiers is seriously messed up and it is certainly a war crime. On a single Mosul street, 16 civilians and a number of Iraqi soldiers were executed. Streets were lined with the severed heads of those murdered by the ISIS via beheading.

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0 thoughts on “Amazing Photos and Videos out of Iraq”

  1. Didn’t the neocons tell us that the American invasion — sorry, the American liberation — would turn Iraq into an Arab Switzerland?

    1. Third world countries with money for weapons. The US is sending a carrier . Not sure what there is to protect.

        1. Maybe we will be doing some surgical strikes to soften the Isis. I’m sure the US isn’t going to let any organized militant groups rule large areas.but having them all in one area is an easy round up.

  2. I saw video on another site a couple of days ago. It is graphic. You tube took it down because they cannot deal with reality. Our troops watch heads, limbs and torsos shot to shit all of the time. The american public in general doesn’t have a clue about war and the dirty work of hunting and being hunted.

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