State-Run Oil and Gas Industries Do Very Well

Woodchucker writes:

Big G: All oil companies and agri companies should be government run Jebus no big g. We have that in Canada and its sucks. Petro Canada and the Wheat Pools are failures as business models.

I know nothing at all about Canada’s Wheat Pools and Petro Canada. In many to most of the big oil producing countries, the oil and gas industry is run by the state (with foreign investment) in a joint ownership model, and it worked great. The oil and gas industries in the Gulf and the rest of the Arab World, Iran, North Africa, Russia, Venezuela and Bolivia are run by the state. The state oil industry was the source of most of the revenue for the Mexican government for many years and I understand it is a model that worked well. Look at all of the incredible wealth that they have produced. Looking at the picture over the whole world, oil and gas seems to be one industry in which states do a great job, as good as or better than private corporations.

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0 thoughts on “State-Run Oil and Gas Industries Do Very Well”

  1. The wheat pool does not allow farmers to trade anywhere else but to them. Large food companies buy all the product through the wheat pool. The farmers get the low price, wheat pool gets a fee and big food co’s drive the prices. Cattle is the same. Its scary how family run farms have given way to corporate farms here. Can’t make a go of it anymore as a mom and pop shop.
    As for Petro-Can, its a crown company, not the whole industry here. One of many like Imperial Oil, Shell Oil or any other multinational, except they only exist in Canada.
    Maybe those countries you mentioned have great wealth generated from oil, but it is shared very little with the whole population in some cases. And the human rights issues some have speak volumes too.
    LOL, what’s the next “woodchucker writes…” gonna be Robert?

    1. Keep on making these rightwing arguments, and I am going to keep on responding to them. You’re not in the bannable zone though yet. You can actually advocate for the Keystone XL, more refineries, more offshore drilling, drilling in the ANWR, etc. You can even oppose environmentalism.
      Just no Republican Party talking points, but you are in Canada so I don’t have to worry about that.
      And no advocating Libertarianism or rightwing economics.
      For instance, talking about Canada, you would either have to support social medicine or, if you oppose it, you would just have to be quiet about it. Probably not too many Canadians want to get rid of social medicine though. Even the conservative Albertans I have met loved social medicine.

      1. I don’t believe that food , medicine, or the petrolium industries should have a business model for corporate form. In each of these industries corporate control of the government has put our society on a strangle hold. These products are nessesities and corporations shouldn’t be allowed in. Even as financial backers. That is how the mom and pop farm became a corporation in the first place. Nobody remembers but the bubble bursted here in 2008 after a 60 cent rate hike in fuel. Now a pipeline used to extract oil from home and sell it abroad to keep our fuel costs high is draining the resourse. Non organic farming is poisoning our bodies. And the fda has allowed for percription drugs to kill 100,000 every year through improper use.

    2. a lot of countries, especially poorer ones, love the so-called dutch disease for it allows their economies to become competitive without the hard work of developing the economy, as it brings in hard currency via exports of precious wasting assets. Now a lot of those state oil companies don’t do anything for the people as the money winds in the hands of the ruling elite & their friends, though I suppose Venezuela & also more established democratic regimes manage(d) more enough of that money towards helping their people or increasing proserity.

  2. Well, Robert, after enough time spent in Bible study (my favorite hobby today), I have to finally hand it to you:
    1. He threw the money-changers out of the temple. They were just ordinary Kike businessmen trying to earn a few shekels on you.
    2. He did say, “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.”
    3. He promised the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN to everyone, rich and poor, disciple or degenerate, black or white, Muslim or Hindu, Chi-Com or Chi-cano….as long as they followed his manifesto.
    4. Jesus did provide free, no strings attached food aid to five thousand bums (I mean his disciples) using the miracle of the seven loaves and fish. Also free wine at a wedding feast.
    5. “Ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and the door shall be opened unto you”. Need we say more where do the poor get their sense of entitlement.’
    6. “And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.”

    1. Jesus is a myth.
      And you should get your head out of your ass asap.
      Kingdom of heaven indeed. Whats that? Unlimited pussy and drinks? LOL Christians are halfwits: just like their religion.

      1. Unlimited drinks and pussy?It was funny till iI realized its true. Where is that line . I’m sure its the longest.

    2. I suppose Jesus was a proto hippie, @ least according to his disciples. Whenever I’ve read the New Testament, it sound like a lot of what Jesus was advocating were things that would be considered liberal-left or even socialistic.

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