Rightwing Lie: China Is a Free Market Capitalist Country

I’m not a libertarian, my politics is best described as social democrat. I’m just a realist that understands what a spectacular failure the communist project has been. “Mao built up and industrialized China.” In 1988, average wages in China were about 3,00 Yuan, now it is 47,00 Yuan. Today’s China owes more to Deng Xiaoping than it does to that maniac Mao. China liberalized its economy but didn’t liberalize its politics. It’s a state capitalist economy, not communist by any means. I have first hand experience; I’m part-owner of a mid-size factory that produces goods for my company here. And have you ever been to Shanghai? The closest thing to capitalist paradise.

45 The system is set up so that the market is a tool which can be manipulated by the state any way they wish. They can even shut down whole industries if they want to. The market serves society and operates at the behest of the state in contrast to capitalist countries were society serves the market and the state is beholden to the capitalists, not the other way around. In China the market is a tool for the development for the productive forces only, not a form of politics as it is in most capitalist countries. In China the state runs the country and the market just makes stuff, as opposed to capitalist countries were the market not only makes stuff but also runs the state. I know a number of Communists and Marxists who approve of what the CCP is doing in China. Even on Maoist boards, the CCP has a lot of supporters. That right there implies that there is something other than radical free market capitalism going on. Almost all of the banking is done by large state banks. The government spends a tremendous amount of money on society in general and lately on developing the rural areas. I believe that all schooling continues to be free. The Chinese state is completely non-imperialist overseas. In fact it has extremely fraternal relations with North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Laos and Vietnam. No purely capitalist state would ever have friendly relations with those countries. If China were a pure capitalist state, they would be attacking all of those countries like the US does. Much of the growth in the Chinese economy has actually taken place in enterprises that are actually formally run by labor collectives and small municipalities. Cities run enterprises within their boundaries and compete with other cities for workers. The better the enterprise does, the more money the workers get. Not exactly the sort of exploitation Marx discussed in the Labor Theory of Value. All state firms are formally owned by their workers due to a Mao era law. All of the income from the firm goes to the workers themselves, but they are generally required to hand back 95 Capitalists in the West are yelling all the time that they are at an unfair advantage with their Chinese competitors due massive state subsidy of their Chinese competitors. But wait, I thought state subsidy made firms less competitive? How much superior are the capitalist firms when state-subsidized firms regularly kick their asses? Although much of the collective system was dismantled in countryside when they got rid of the village communes (an action that has caused severe problems) they still have local irrigation boards that control much of the farmland infrastructure. Those small farmers do not make enough money to fund irrigation projects and they won’t cooperate on them anyway. So the state moved in, and the state spends a lot of money running all of the irrigation in agricultural China and it does a great job of it. You can see that the state plays a large role in Chinese agriculture. There are homeless in much of the capitalist world, but there are no homeless in China. It is illegal to be homeless. If you are homeless, the cops will pick you up and put you into a shelter right away. If you are not from the city, then they send you back to your home in the countryside. Obviously the state plays a huge role in preventing homelessness. Most housing is state housing. Due to the many rural people leaving to go the cities (which is causing a lot of problems) the state is spending a vast amount of money to improve the rural areas to keep the people on the farm. Does that sound like something a capitalist government would do? No capitalist government would ever spend a vast amount of money on its rural poor. There have been 200 million excess deaths in India because India chose the capitalist road as opposed to the various socialist roads the Chinese have taken. Malnutrition in India is 50 Chinese life expectancy was the same as India’s in 1949 and since then, Chinese live much longer than Indians. Those extra years add up to 3-4 million excess deaths occurring in India every year, purely due to India’s economic system. 60 That China surpasses India in all of these regards is not the result of Chinese capitalism. It is the pure result of Chinese socialism. Without the tremendous buildup of agricultural, educational and industrial bases of the economy, none of this growth could have taken place.

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  1. It is not only in China, but in all other Asian countries that the government played a central and indispensable role in development. Laissez-faire economics exists mainly in the heads of libertarian ideologues. Even the rapid growth of the US between 1870 and WWI owed a lot to government. The American government did 2 important things: impose tariffs and build a lot of infrastructure, what Abe Lincoln called improvements.
    Regards. James

    1. Laissez faire economics is by far the craziest thing ever. I remember a right winger teacher of mine tried saying that Capitalism is freedom in its purest form! I loled at him and said all Capitalism has brought to the world is inequality, discrimination and rampant corruption. When will people realize that Socialism is one of the best medicines; it is the only remedy that can pacify human greed.

  2. The Chinese culture works in quite a different way. Now it could be very capitalistic, but in the long run, chances are China may swing to the left. The Chinese long suffered humiliation from the west. The intellect still remember we lost outer-Manchuria, outer-Mongolia, outer-xinjiang (Almaty, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan) to the Russian.
    We lost South Tibet, Ladakh to British India.
    The Chinese elites are aware they need to modernize to bail the whole race out and they are willing to sacrifice generations of people, to short circuit their way to success.
    To accomplish the goal, Mao was willing to kill tenth of millions, to industrialize and to establish order in China. He was willing to kill millions of rentier landlord, to remove the impedence of equality.
    Next, Deng was willing to throw hundreds of millions to be exploited as slave workers, to earn foreign reserve, and to entice USA elites to tear down their factory and ship production equipment to China.
    After the delivery pain, China will likely become a socialist country. The Chinese never believe in free market capitalism. It is puzzling for me to see people arguing for laissez faire in the west, when the flaw of such argument is so obvious.
    The Chinese believe in state intervention, to support the weak against the strong.The Chinese culture believe in benign.
    There are still many dark sides of Chines culture. I think Chinese must still borrow a lot of things from white man such as democracy and human rights.
    Nevertheless, I think Chinese elites has far more long term perspective than USA elites.

    1. Totally agree. The Chinese do rely on the White man for help, but what third worlder doesn’t? I admire their hard work, cunning and resourceful nature. They aren’t known for ingenuity, but they sure are the masters of reverse engineering. I admire them also for their ability to adapt to new environments with ease. Many of the Chinese I know at UCLA adapt quite easily to the American culture. Although, there is also a large portion of Indians on this campus, many still cling to Hindu principles and values, even though they are in America!

      1. Thoiugh that is not bringing bad for you though.. Hindus have been there for ages and yet america has been america. They are always subdued fuckers will cause no harm in your society whatsoever though.

        1. True the Hindus in America don’t cause problems, but what I’m saying is the first generation should integrate well. I have no problem for second or third generation Indians, but first generation ones seem to have a chip on their shoulder.

        2. Certain people cannot be changed Historia especially when they cross their 40s. Its very difficult to leave their old traditions and rituals. this is what you encounter with first gen people over there.

      2. Could you elaborate on the “Hindu Principles and values”? Do they follow caste when they hang out? I personally experienced no such thing when I was at Rice. Well, we still followed our religion/cultural programs and festivities but nobody was excluded. People had too much shit to do.
        By the way, Houston has a large Hindu community and the city itself is a poster child for American values: sprawl, traffic, cheap chinese crap, sex video shops, schools, suburbs, Mcmansions, malls (no zoning last I checked so all together), 15 lane highways, burger joints, fat asses, guns, reactionary assholes, toyota camrys, honda accords (Hindu cars more or less).
        I’d say Hindus would do fine in any city with values as above.

  3. Yeah but China also pollutes the environment to an extreme level, and even poisons water supplies that villagers rely on, and a lot of people are becoming sick and diseased because of all the pollution. Also they are bulldozing mountains now and that is going to cause a series of environmental problems that will affect the population and maybe lower life expectancy.
    I want to know where you got that information about China improving rural areas to keep rural people on the farms, because I hear a lot about China relocating rural villagers to newly built cities.

    1. The main reason of China pollution is — the whole world transfer their factory to China. If all these industries are to return to USA and Europe, you guys will get your due pollution.
      But China is different in the sense that, she put in more effort than white man in bettering the environment. Despite receiving all factories from white man causing inevitable pollution, China has set very high clean energy standards for herself that today, she is the biggest installer of wind energy.
      This happen at the time when China is much poorer than white man.
      Meanwhile China is building the world largest high speed rail network, to cut down air travel.
      There are many lies from white man media against China.
      Despite having more wealth than China, USA and Australian elites refuse even to build a single line of high speed rail.
      USA elites have a very funny way of thinking. Anything that do not enrich elites must be allowed to rot.
      The infrastructure in USA are rotting not because USA have no wealth to build or maintain it, but because USA elites are not able enrich themselves directly by building infrastructure, and hence, they will fight till death against anybody who propose to build infrastructure.

      1. good points creaders .. ive always admired China, I have met a few cchinese, belive me they are the coolest people to be friends with, inspite of how india is percieved through out the world , they were pretty nice and warm to me..Indians made a fool out of themselves by considering china as a enemy. forget modi/gujarat model india must adopt the chinese model if sge wants to get any better;

        1. Rahul had the Indians stuck to Buddhism and Socialism, they would have preserved their 2000 year friendship with China. I still admire some Indians who are actively trying to restore Buddhism in India and the Maoist party of India, so not all Indians are fools. However, democracy and capitalism, combined with Brahminism was disastrous. I hold China and India close to my heart, because of the great ancient history both have had. But, India hasn’t done anything to preserve its past and is stumbling into the future. Whereas China has preserved its past and forged a better future. Also, I consider Chinese the least racist people on Earth! The Chinese hate everyone equally 🙂

        2. I second your opinion Historia, Sure we were dumb to let go off Buddhism, which wouldn’t have led us to this mess. Caste and dumb rituals polluting the environment in Hindusim is what annoys me to the core, I don’t have problems with people embracing polytheism( minus the dumb rituals like showering flowers, wasting milk in the names of abhishek, pouting tons of gold and money in hundis when your fellow country men starves) as long as they do not discriminate amongst themselves and keep the surroundings clean . Hinduism needs a lot of restructuring and Brahminism or their influence has toned down a bit for the past few decades i must say though that hasn’t helped india either. I do not have shame to admit we are inferior to the chinese system.

    2. 1 thing that China has so many of & can afford to be expandable with is its own people. If a few hundred thousand china man die every year as a result of progress, so be it, damn the consequences.

  4. Fuck India and fuck China. Both of them, although functionally different are two holes of the same prostitute of capitalism. India is a a proven shithole, and China aint any heaven either. I am an Indian New Zealander with wife who is of HongKong chinese ancestory.
    China has faired well way better than India in terms of tackling the baser instincts of the sheeple, which India could never do owing to its so called sheepocracy. As a HK chinese, my wife hates mainlanders to guts, and i have personally seen why. The chinese are literally soaked up to the brim into captalism, which civil and educated HKers hate.
    If we forget about the conning smitho-keynesian fakenomics, and talk about the real economics, then you will find that both countries are shooting themselves on their legs. Both of them are depleting their real resources such as water, land and air to supply the world of their ipods.
    The world is on a self destructive mode, and China and India are the leaders. Robert, I highly recommend you to read a book called as ‘Ishmael’ by Daniel Quinn, prolific writer that a person of your intellect will enjoy.
    At the end note, fuck India and China.

    1. As a Chinese patriot residing in HK, I’m so glad that assholes like u are pissed as HK economy is increasingly dependent on china and ML Chinese tourists. What u said is music to my years.

      1. If your idea of economic development is limited to pumping credit backed fiat notes into the system, then that explains a lot about what you know about economics.Had it been in my power, diseased people like you should be eliminated through a sustainable eugenics program, where thugs and inferior breed of human would be given zero chance to get to a wet pussy.
        I have personally seen mainlanders taking a dump upon the streets of HK, in full public view.Also, i have seen your breathren hoarding the Guccis and D&G’s , and milk powder of HK. Not to forget thousands of illegal mainland mums coming to HK to give birth in HK, so that they could ensure that the kids have HK resident card. Bitches like you are infected with the virus of capitalism, and your desire to consume never ends. Go suck on a big one!

        1. “If your idea of economic development is limited to pumping credit backed fiat notes into the system, then that explains a lot about what you know about economics”
          That’s a silly statement on the Chinese econ development and it’s not even worthy of my laugh
          “I have personally seen mainlanders taking a dump upon the streets of HK, in full public view”
          I’ve never seen such things myself and actually when I was a kid, I had seen HKers pissing in the street. And lately I’ve seen HK anti-Beijing moron parading in the streets shouting slogans they’ve no grasp of. I call it political/mental public pissing.
          “i have seen your breathren hoarding the Guccis and D&G’s ”
          Do u realize HK for it’s small size is actually a a major market for such brands even before the influx of mainland tourists.
          Hell, pls do go on with your mental public pissing to my enjoyment, I luv it.

        1. No. HK still has a lower nominal GDP than US. The so called ‘purchase power parity’ or PPP GDP might be higher but then the PPP GDP is inaccurate and often misleading, for example the cost of housing and keep a car are definitely higher in HK than US. The PPP thing serves the following purposes:
          1)To fool the poor people in 3rd world countries into thinking they’re not as poor as the nominal GDP indicate
          2)Help the American MIC to inflate the military expenses of countries like china to justify high US military spendings

          1. The reason for high prices for cars is because the HK government puts so many taxes & levies & regulations on private car ownership in order to prevent congestion,. I believe HK’s high real estate prices has everything to geography, meaning 9/10 of the island/territory is uninhabitable because of the surrounding mountains & rugged uneven terrain.

    2. Wow …. I’ve heard HKers hating the Chinese. because they lack refined qualities and some South Indians hating North Indians for practising barbaric Islam and backwards Hinduism. By the way, how did you get a Chinese wife being Indian? Friends have told me, Chinese parents have mixed thoughts regarding Indians. Many prefer the upper crust ones, because of the fair complexion and money. Just curious. Also why hate India and China? Both are becoming the Jews of Asia 🙂

      1. Whoops wrong person. Sorry Vigilante lol I thought you were an old commenter who had a Chinese wife, despite being Indian. My apologies. Ignore the first few lines and focus on the last line. Thanks.

        1. Well, if you are a girl then maybe we should exchange some dirty pics here 😀
          Well, i am not part of the show so i dont care who is running it. In fact, i am against this show.Also, I am not an ethnocentric moron like 99 percent of those zionist zealots.
          My propensity to reproduce out of my race is manifested in my choice of bitches, as i would prefer diversity over similarity anyday.
          Btw…are you jewish? Cause white hoes usually are rare occurance on a nerdy blog like this.

      2. Nerdy boy, only if you can take your head above your ass, and know your game, maybe you too could score some bitches. As about me, you are right i am one of those upper crust one, i have a parsi jewish heritage and can pass off as italian if physicality is your only concern.
        I have always preferred asiatic bitches over Indians or caucasians. Indians being too stuck up, and white bitches being too ‘manly’ for my taste. Having rootet through a variety of hoes, i can vouch for that the best ones are not the mainlander chinese bitches, they need a sugar daddy and emotionally absent.
        As about why i hate India and china, well who doesnt? India being a shithole corporate hindu nation and China being the great republic of crony capitalism where the nanny state decides how many kids can one have.
        Get to your game nerdy boy, maybe you too could score some pussies. Btw…i know a lot of chinese indian couples, guess its way better than the fat white boy and petite chinese bitch combination.

        1. Umm lol I’m a girl 🙂 It’s true I’ve seen such combinations (Chinese+Indian) in California, probably because Chinese women are seeking outside and so are Indian men (second generation ones that is). By the way, since you’re of Parsi heritage, aren’t you the guys running the show in India? You’re people are considered the Jews of Asia (mind you that’s a good thing) 🙂 Besides I don’t want to bury my head in my a**, it’ll dirty my hair 🙂

  5. Vigilante I’m not Jewish…far from it 🙂 It is a rarity to get a Euro woman on this blog, but I became interested in this blog, because of Robert’s work on genetic make up of West, Central and South Asia. Being the most genetically diverse people, I was curious what their genes were made up of. I read many of Robert’s posts and have found an answer. I kind of got hooked onto this site though 🙂 The bigfoot news and politics and such was interesting to me 🙂 Lol if you want, I have a picture for you. (A picture of my teacher and I).

    1. You seem like a smart cookie to me. Having read through your previous comments, i am glad to realize that we both share few common grounds. You seem like a nice girl too, and if i wasnt an idealist, i would love to be in the position of your teacher :-D. But happily married i am, with a baby on the way. However, if you ever come to this portion of the world, you will always find a friend and well wisher here.

      1. Thank you for the words Vigilante. It’s quite interesting that you are a Parsi Indian. I’ve had some interactions with them and are definitely intelligent people. Unfortunately, India does nothing to protect her minorities. I wish you well for your new life with a child and Wife. Lol my Teacher isn’t that sort of person 😀

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