0 thoughts on “President Obama Will Be on Tumblr Today”

  1. Wow, so apparently tumblr is more than just a haven for feminists, fat acceptance advocates, critical race theorists, and other deranged social justice warriors?

    1. Hahahaahahahaaha!
      It also has a TON of porn, and I do mean a TON of porn. A lot of really, really nasty stuff too.
      You haven’t really experienced Tumblr until you checked out the porn!

    2. The overweight are the last group in which it’s ok to hate. Everyone else is off limits in our PC society. Now the fat have had enough, and who can blame them?

  2. I approve if they also BAN COLLEGE or at least admit that less people should go to college. If it isn’t paying for itself, less people should go. There must be better ways to lift up the weak.

  3. I don’t think I am a rightwinger. If there has to be this college bailout, that means their educations didn’t work out, or else they wouldn’t need the bailout in the first place. Half as many people should go to college perhaps? Less? Couldn’t be much more than half, or else we wouldn’t need this bailout.
    Again, not a real rightwinger.

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