House Republican Leader Defeated in Primary!

One of the most stunning primary upsets in history. Eric Cantor, Tea Party Jew! Huh? WTH? What the heck is a Tea Party Jew, anyway? That is so weird. I can’t even wrap my mind around such a concept. A real super Tea Partier beat him, running solely on opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens, oh excuse me, I mean immigration reform. He said Cantor was for amnesty. I have no idea how Cantor stands on that. Now all the Republicans will double down on opposition to amnesty, which is fine by me.

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0 thoughts on “House Republican Leader Defeated in Primary!”

  1. Good bye and good luck to House Majority Leader Cantor. He did almost exactly what the Tea Party wanted him to do, but he still paid the price.
    When it came to making bills that had a good possibility to become laws, Rep. Cantor failed the United States miserably. The word Congress doesn’t mean constipation. Which the House of Representative was when it came to legislation that would help this great nation.
    Since MR Cantor took over as Majority Leader there were more than fifty votes to repeal the Affordable Health Care Law, so-called Obama Care which wrongly turned into one word. Agree of disagree with the law, was more than 50 votes to repeal it really necessary, especially when a conservative Supreme Court said that it was constitutional?
    Just imagine if forty-seven of those votes were spent on something more appropriate like job legislation, educational reform, increase in the minimum wage, gun violence, mental illness, student loan debt, trouble at the VA, Infrastructure repairs, drug sentencing reform, immigration reform, restoring provision of the Voting Rights Act, prison reform…?
    But, Cantor chose to waste time and taxpayers money beating a dead horse for political reasons. What most people don’t know or don’t care about is that the President of the United States is the chief lawmaker save a two-thirds vote from both Houses of Congress.
    To put it another way the POTUS can veto any bill save 2/3 vote(s). No president’s signature in a divided Congress, means no law(s). So Virginians rather they know it or not, did this country a great favor by ousting Rep. Cantor.

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