Do Rightwingers Actually Believe All Their Rightwing Crap?

Jason Y writes:

RL:  “Rightwingers say that private charities and families can replace all the social programs they are going to wipe out. They are either ignorant or lying when they say this because they must know it’s not true. These guys are pretty smart, so I think most of them must know it’s a lie.”
I don’t know. They might really believe it. Who knows what the brainwashed, even smart ones, will believe.

Face it, just about everything a Republican says is a lie or is bullshit in some way or another. It’s a party that is based on corruption of facts and abuse of the truth, hypocritical to the core.
Since a lot of these lies are so easy to prove wrong with facts and figures, that leaves me wonder how an intelligent person can believe such a bunch of obvious lies.
However I believe that Jason is right. I have talked to a lot of rightwingers who believe this crap about private parties filling in for the social programs they wipe out, and in general, most of them seem like they truly believe it. I point out how they are wrong, and they get flustered and try to end the conversation. I think maybe these people are immune to things like facts and truths. Remember, they don’t live in “the reality based community,” they “make up their own reality as they go along.” In other words, there is no truth, there are no facts, and everything in the world is simply “politics,” for lack of a better word.
I sort of respect a lot of Libertarians. You tell them that wiping out social programs will hurt a lot of poor people, and they say, “Well tough shit. Who cares. Too bad. Big deal. Haha! They should have saved money. It’s not my problem. I am not paying taxes to support them.” It’s an ugly ideology, but they are being 100% truthful. They’re bad guys who are openly proud of being bad guys.
These Republican liars are pushing Dickensian economics while claiming at the same time to be some sort of social liberals. They’re bad guys masquerading as good guys. They are imposters wearing masks.

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10 thoughts on “Do Rightwingers Actually Believe All Their Rightwing Crap?”

  1. This principle might work, but it is built on the fundamental assumption that people are charitable with their time and money. I am somewhat skeptical. I like the ugly honest libertarian. That seems a bit more like human nature to me.

  2. These Republicans really, really believe it; I’ve come across way too many in my life to know this for sure. They’ll complain that all their “hard-earned” money (all attributed, of course, to their own intellect and determination) gets taxed away by the communist government, and this therefore limits the amount of surplus money they have that they’re itching to donate to charity. Then they’ll throw in some B.S. about cutting the middleman, saying if the government would only just let the people give their money to charity, churches/etc. would have tons of money to feed the poor, give them healthcare, teach them English, and everything else.
    Then you examine what kinds of “charities” these people would donate to, which turns out to be things like pro-life programs, commercials for Prop. 8 (churches raised at least $60 million just to fight for Prop. 8!), Pat Robertson, funneling money into personal charities, megachurches with pastors raking in multimillion dollar salaries, creationism museums, etc. and you know that if there ever came a day where government-planned social work was phased out and charity was left to to whim of whatever people choose to donate to, we’d be having starving children dying in the streets and all the other 3rd World capitalist hellhole problems.
    “Charity” in India is often just donations to temples or other religious organizations that may sometimes run programs that look good on paper, but ultimately fail because it’s haphazardly done by amateurs half-assing things just for face without professional planning and oversight. One prominent guru’s association made a well-publicized campaign to “provide drinking water to villagers”, launching a big fundraiser drive and everything. Of course, when it came time to “build” the water pipelines and things, the guru wanted everything expedited so that the completion would miraculously coincide with his birthday celebration (which was in full, extravagant splendor of course), so his crew just half-assed everything to be done in time for the birthday celebration. Of course, the villagers never got any actual functional drinking water pipelines, just a big mess of shoddily engineered construction that ultimately amounted to nothing. That’s the kind of “efficiency” you can expect when social programs are publicity stunts for “charities” rather than well-thought out, professionally designed projects spearheaded by an experienced government agency.

    1. Where I live, it seems like churches push right wing ideology (opposition to homosexuality, prayer and corporal punishment in schools) , while ignoring the drug addicts, and other needy people. They might even look at such people as trash. Do you really think they would provide charity to needy people, when they ignore them now?

      1. Even if they did convert them (They believe conversion solves all problems), then what would they convert them into? Would it be more self righteous conservatives?

  3. There can be some strong benefits to adherence to ideology. However, there can be some setbacks in critical thinking. For instance, as me and Robert discussed, many Americans have a “Love it or Leave It” mentality. They refuse to ponder any history that would question their view of America.
    On the other hand, people with adherence to ideology, have more peace of mind in some ways, and might be happier. They are happy, as my philosophy professor brought out, because they have accepted their place in life. They are not demanding more.

  4. Libertarians are scumbags. You can be sure, when your down on your luck, they will kick sand in your face 😆

  5. When you meet a Libertarian, shout out loud, together with a very evil spell, that the fundamental unit of any form of efficient capitalism is the corporation, not the individual. Libertarians are the useful idiots of capitalism and please rejoice over their very near demise. Corporations are not mere invisible and abstract individuals, corporations are actually deities as the older pagan world and the Indian world still understands them. Libertarians need the corporations as providers of their consumption goods, none of which would have ever been even imagined had they been confined in a gated island built over by them alone, but corporations don’t need them. Libertarians are to late capitalism what the courtesan knights used to be late feudalism when it had become royal absolutism, they are there to justify the social cuts for corporations like the courtesan knights the taxes upon peasants for the state, before being themselves sacrificed.

    1. Even though there good for laughs on “South Park”, the bottom line, is their philosophy is of the worse kind. No wonder “South Park” is so obsessed with human feces. 😆 Maybe a subliminal message is there.

    2. Lots of “hipster” alpha white males like libertarian thought. However, it makes no sense, from a left wing, or even an imperialist mindset. Even the imperialist view of libertarianism contains great truth. All the civilization which libertarians enjoy comes from imperialism, yet they think they can have it for nothing.

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