Why Russia Is Not An Imperialist Country

thelyniezian writes:

Out of interest, why is it you would suppose Russia is not an imperialist country? Perhaps because al it is really doing is seeking to hang onto and maintain its sphere of influence, not trying to aggressively expand it in the way the US seems to be doing?

They don’t exploit anyone. They have a cooperative or solidarity attitude towards their alliances similar to the Bolivarian Trade Bloc in Latin America. They don’t give orders. They don’t threaten countries that won’t obey. They don’t push austerity programs via the IMF. They don’t push free trade treaties with other countries that would wipe out that country’s industry so that Russian capital and corporations can come in and colonize the economy.
Russia is an ally of Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Laos, and China. All of those are openly socialist or Leftist countries more or less. No imperialist country would ever cooperate with socialist countries. They don’t do that. Imperialist countries try to destroy all socialist or even vaguely progressive countries. That is what imperialism is all about.
Russia doesn’t care what kind of economic system you have. You can have any sort of economic system you want from radical capitalism to heavy socialism and Russia will work with you. Imperialist countries always impose economic systems on their vassals, usually a neoliberal or radical capitalist model so that the imperialist country can exploit the vassal state by taking over its industries via investment and corporations, buying its raw materials exports for way too cheap and forcing the vassal to import expensive finished products from the imperialist state, after forcing out of business all of the local industries that engaged in import substitution.
Russia doesn’t menace, invade, conquer and colonize countries that did nothing at all to them. Russia does not impose sanctions on other countries. Russia doesn’t not go into other countries and steal billions of their dollars or confiscate all their gold reserves. Russia doesn’t throw its weight around like a bull in a china shop.

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  1. State capitalism is better than globalist capitalism and Dugin sees Putin and Russia as hopefully in transit from state capitalism to nationalizing the oligarchy socialism.

  2. Maybe Russia doesn’t, but does China exploit others? I want to know your opinion on this. I’m pretty sure they exploit the Tibetans. Also I want to know whether you think TIbet is really a part of China or not.

    1. The Tibetans think that the Chinese exploit them. The Uighurs feel the same way. Really China floods these places with Han Chinese to tamper down the nationalist feelings. But outside of China, China is not an imperialist country. They do not care what sort of economic or political system you have. They work with anyone and everyone. Even their economic ventures in other countries seem to be based on an “I win, you win” type thing.

      1. Chinese do that to make them seen as an ethnic minority even in their own lands by changing the demographics of the area to majority Chinese. Once the area is inhabited by mostly Chinese the “minority” cultures will slowly start to fade away. It’s a common strategy. The Vietnamese employ this as well. Ever heard of the Vietnamese and the Montegards/Degars (indigenous people of Vietnam and Laos)? The Vietnamese tried to populate the Highlander lands with ethnic Vietnamese, and they did the same thing to Khmer Krom.
        China is trying to uproot their culture and traditions as well by the mass-relocation of people from rural countryside areas to newly constructed cities. They’re even bulldozing mountains now.
        I read that the ancestors of modern day Aboriginal Canadians/Americans still live in parts of Siberia but they are fading away linguistically and culturally due to Russian culture, do you know anything about this? I know that the indigenous people of Russia were all Mongoloid and Siberia was all Mongoloid type people before the Russians came. So how is it that Russia is not causing harm to these cultures?

        1. But I mostly agree with you that Russia and China are not imperialist countries. American media is also very imperialist because you will have people in several Asian countries that say they only listen to American songs and only watch American movies and if you ask why they don’t like movies and music from their own countries they will either get upset or get uncomfortable and stop talking to you. That is another form of imperialism that America uses on the people of the world. I wish you would do a post on American pop culture imperialism.

  3. Russia has colonized Siberia. China has colonized Tibet, East Turkestan, etc. Siam has colonized Lanna and the plateau that most Lao call home. Java has colonized West Papua and parts of Borneo. I don’t buy the fine line btw neighborly colonization vs long-distance colonization, esp. if mass resettlement takes place. At the same time, the U.S. is still probably the worst of the worst at this point in time, and most of the country was “won” through neighborly colonization, pretty recently too…

      1. I wonder how the mineral and natural gas revenues break down, i.e. how much flows to local pre-Russians, how much to local Russians, how much to “Russia proper”, and how much to none of the above.

        1. Now that is some real colonization. Russia just doesn’t operate that way. They didn’t during the USSR and they don’t know. Non-Russian minorities are treated quite well in Russia today and that has been the case since 1917. Though I admit what was done to the Baltics was pretty ugly. Anyway, that’s over now since 1990.

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