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Robert Stark has just posted a new interview with me on his website. Most of this interview was taken up discussing the Eliot Rodger case which I previously wrote about on this blog. Topics include:

  • Elliot Rodgers Manifesto
  • Mental illness versus situational mental torment
  • Aspergers Syndrome
  • Bullying in adolescence
  • Elliot’s incidences of rage
  • Elliot’s racial identity
  • Narcissism and fluctuations in self esteem
  • The “nice guy” theme
  • Social Isolation
  • PUA Hate & Incels
  • Robert Lindsay’s misogynist and racist phases in the past

I hope this interview isn’t too too controversial, but you know me! Don’t worry, I didn’t call him a hero or anything like that. However, I did read through his entire 137 page manifesto. It was a sad, sad story, especially from age 12 on. Everybody seems to be getting this case wrong. The only sensible proposal to come out of this is for more gun control, say of automatic weapons maybe? The rest of the proposals make no sense. I will list them below. We need to focus more on the treatment of the mentally ill! A favorite of the gun nuts, they use this to deflect attention from a society packed to the gills with high-powered weapons. Their line – Guns don’t kill people, crazy people kill people! Some of the truly insane proposals that have followed have been along the lines of that anyone who has ever been prescribed a psychiatric drug, been in therapy or sought help for a mental illness be prevented from owning a gun.

  1. He was sad.
  2. He was bad.
  3. He was way, way too shy.
  4. He wasn’t getting any sex, but that’s not in the DSM yet.
  5. Foremost, he had a completely lousy, malignant personality which at the end of the day is why he went on his spree.

Main problem here. Eliot Rodger wasn’t crazy! He wasn’t nuts, loony, mentally ill or any of that. What was he? First of all, he was sad. That’s called depression and it’s not insanity. A quarter of the country is probably depressed. Second, he was bad. Eliot Rodger was simply a bad person. Most of his problems were flowing from his personality disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder. But people on Axis 2 (personality disorders) are not crazy. What is wrong with them? They are sick, twisted, and warped. They have lousy personalities. At their core, they have what we might call a bad character. In other words, they are simply bad people. Most, but not all people with Axis 2 stuff are lousy people or annoying idiots, and quite a few of them are out and out bad people. Lousy human beings. Jerks. Tools. You get the picture. Since Rodger was not nuts, there was nothing that the mental health system could do for him. He had some problems for which he was seeking help, but those problems were not due to mental illness. They were due to excessive shyness, extreme social inhibition and social phobia. None of these things mean you are crazy. They are more or less just what I might call “problems in living.” Some people get themselves worked into such a state of extreme shyness that it is just not healthy. But that doesn’t mean they are nuts. What does it mean? It means they are way, way too shy. That’s all. Yes he wasn’t getting any sex. I suppose a lot of guys who are not getting any sex show up for therapy. There is not mental illness called No Sex Disorder. If you’re getting laid, that doesn’t automatically mean you are nuts. What does it mean? It means you aren’t getting laid. That’s what it means. Last of all, he was bad. Most people even with that malign Axis 2 disorder do not do the things that he did. Eliot had grown to hate first females, then men who were successful with women, and lastly just about everyone in the whole world. He didn’t care about their lives anymore and he fantasized all the time about murdering them, torturing them, slowly peeling their skins off, etc. Although he started out as an empathetic youngster, the constant rejection hardened him, turned him misanthropic and led to him to lose empathy for much of humankind. His heart was full of hate for the world and he wanted to destroy as much of humanity as he could. Does that  mean you are crazy? Not necessarily. Just because you shot up a shopping meal doesn’t automatically mean you are nuts. What does it mean. It means you were very, very angry. You were also probably extremely sad, possibly suicidal. Last, it means you were a very bad person. You hated the whole world, and you had no empathy for anyone in it. In short, a person like that is evil. Probably at one time, they were not evil, but life circumstances had turned them into monsters. The suggestions don’t make sense. You already can’t get a gun if you have been hospitalized for mental illness here in California. Further restrictions on the “mentally ill” people’s right to own a gun are silly and probably won’t pass anyway. The feminists are ranting and raving about misogyny. “Misogyny! Misogyny! Misogyny! Misogyny! Misogyny! Misogyny!” they scream. Their argument is that the US is a horribly misogynistic society. But it isn’t. It is probably one of the least misogynistic societies on Earth. Yes there are misogynists, but these guys exist everywhere. Do the feminists really think that jumping up and down yelling “Misogyny!” is going to make all these ugly misogynistic men think twice about their mindset and quit hating women? I doubt it. I can see the feminists raiding the incel forums now. “You are misogynists!” They scream. “Yeah we are. What about it, cunts?” the incels reply. “Stop being misogynistic! It’s evil!” they scream. “No it isn’t. What’s evil is women. And by the way, fuck off bitches and go away.” I don’t think all this screaming about misogyny is going to have much of an effect. It would be nice if it did. The feminists are also ranting about entitlement! Why, Eliot Rodger felt entitled to have sex with women, they screech. No man is entitled to have sex with any of us ever! they howl. I can see the incels replying, “Ok so what you bitches are saying is you have the right to deny any of us sex with a year, a decade, multiple decades or even a lifetime. If we never get lucky, too bad. We need to die virgins then. Women have the right to hold out on us forever.” “Yes that’s right,” the harpies shriek, “You only get sex when we feel like giving it to, which might  just be never, who knows! You are not entitled bla bla.” I simply cannot see this argument going over with the incels. Are they supposed to be overjoyed that women deny them sex for months, years, or even decades? This is all perfectly cool – it’s no problem? The incels and most men are not going to find that argument to be persuasive. In fact all it will do is make them mad. “Ok so really we have no right to sex, then. Well, guess what? Fuck you bitches.” There is a lot of ranting about the Manosphere, the PUA Zone, MRA’s and whatnot for fostering a culture of misogyny. There were plenty of misogynists before there was an Internet. This stuff is as old as Adam and Eve, that stupid bitch. Sure the Manosphere is a hateful, ugly, vicious place where hypermasculine tools tromp all over women and the 80 In fact the misogyny and male strutting is so awful that I can barely stand to read those sites. That stuff is so unpleasant and makes me so unpleasant that I usually have to leave. So all of these ugly sites are now going to introduce a “no misogyny” policy? Forget it, ain’t going to happen. First of all, they would have to ban 80 Nothing good is going to come of this terrible act by a sad and evil man. It’s just another sad chapter in our lives, and that’s all you can say about it. That, and you ain’t seen the end of this. I am afraid there will be more Elliot Rodgers. Which is terrible. And sad.

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10 thoughts on “New Interview with Me Up!”

  1. How can someone be a “racist” and a “Communist” at the same time? Those two things do not really go together.
    Why do you call him a racist Commie. I know the guy, and AFAICT he is neither a racist nor a Communist.

  2. I do agree with your assessment of Eliot Rodger. He was evil. Not sure there is much that can be done with random mad dogs.
    I would like to pose this question to you. Would Eliot Rodger have killed those people if he got laid? I will further complicate the question by dividing into 2 parts.
    A) Would he have killed those people if he got laid once or twice?
    B) Would he have killed those people if he got laid regularly?
    I believe that he would have killed someone eventually. I think that option A would not have been enough to keep him satisfied, and option B would have him devaluing women even more once he found some control. He has that personality that makes it seem like it was inevitable. There’s just bad seeds out there, and we cannot save them.

    1. Un like Robert I think anybody who dreams about peeling someones skin off is nuts. if not by definition but for the enjoyment of an act like that means your nut and you should be locked away. in all of these mass shootings there is at least one person that could of prevented it. California has some of the strictest guns laws and still rates at one of the highest states for gun violence . please stop misusing the term automatic weapon. it requires a class three liscence. and there are fewer then 1000 in the U.S. its off the table when discussing firearms. also the term assault weapon describes nothing. there is no such thing as an assault weapon. ak 47 and m15 are military style by looks and do not have automatic capability. even if they did the barrels would overheat and warp before a second clip could go in. the are all gas operated single shot weapons. do not count on the media for gun info. there are many gun laws inacted at present. these waiting periods have saved lives and cost lives. before anybody shoots their mouth off about weapons educated yourself. in the U.S. there are 100 times more lives saved by guns then taken away. if you want to be safe then arm yourself. protect your family. the police and present laws cant protect everybody. when was the last time an armed person got shot by a deranged maniac on pysico pills. how many of these jerks are on percription drugs. if you want to save America from gun violence go after those that provide guns to somebody taking psyico pills. or the doctors who prescribe unsafe drugs. I expect a visit after that last statement. ok end of rant.

      1. I believe you ought to be able to fantasize or dream about anything you want, including torturing people by slowly slicing their skin off. Thoughts are one thing, actions are another.
        I do not think someone who dreams of peeling people’s skin off is necessarily mentally ill. Perhaps they are sadists. Or sexual sadists. Or sociopaths. Those types often fantasize about such things. You can’t lock people away based on having “illegal thoughts,” sorry.
        I do not think that just because someone is taking psych meds, that should not prevent them from owning a gun. Maybe it depends on the diagnosis. Letting schizophrenics own guns sounds like a very bad idea.
        Semi-automatic weapons fire one bullet with each depression of the trigger. That is automatic enough for me and that they can shoot so many bullets so fast is the reason they are used in these shootings.
        Three armed people (two cops and one armed citizen) were just shot dead in Vegas 2 days ago by a couple of maniacs. I am quite certain that armed people get killed all the time in the US.

  3. Jerad and Amanda Miller have turned out to be more provocative. I see no political advantage from any perspective in inchoate violence by lone wolves and lone wolf teams. Nor do I believe it advantages in any meaningful way proponents of expanding the extant Police State. But they apparently see themselves as making an incendiary political statement culminating in anarchy?

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