Democratic Party Liberals Are Completely Useless

To tell the truth, I have much more respect for real conservatives and Republicans than I do for US Democratic Party liberals. There is really nothing worse than a Democratic Party liberal. I respect conservatives because if you tell them US foreign policy is conservative to reactionary, they say, “Yep and I support that!” or “I certainly hope so!” You have to respect someone who is sure in their beliefs and is at least not deluded. A conservative who supports a reactionary project is following his heart, and you have to respect that. Democratic Party liberals are so stupid that they actually believe that under Democratic Presidents, we have a liberal, progressive foreign policy! How stupid can you get? In other words, they are absolutely deluded. A liberal who supports a reactionary project while insisting that it is really progressive is simply a moron. Democratic Party liberals say that US foreign policy is a good thing. They even support it when Republicans are in power. If we ever do anything bad, they always say, “Oh it was a Republican President who did that.” They refuse to believe that the foreign policy of the Democratic Party is simply a milder and less crazy version of Republican Party foreign policy. Liberals actually believe that we are a good country of freedom and democracy and that we go around the world spreading freedom and democracy, at least under Democratic President. US foreign policy is run by sociopaths. Democratic Party foreign policy is run by controlled sociopaths who favor soft power over violence and are generally milder in their overall sociopathy. Yet they are nasty, ugly sociopaths nonetheless. These people represent the corporate executive type sociopath. Republican Party foreign policy is also run by sociopaths, but these are dangerous, criminally insane, ranting, raving, foolish and impetuous  sociopaths. They are a menace to the whole world, sort of like what a Ted Bundy Administration would look like. Actually nearly every liberal I met supported the Iraq War. The ones who opposed it acted like they were ashamed. They just said, “I am against it,” but then they generally refused to discuss it after that, and after we had been there for a while, it really seemed like they supported our mission there. If you pointed that the Iraq War was a Nazi-like war of aggression, they get mad. American Democratic Party liberals are the most useless people on Earth. Most of them support US foreign policy 100 They are pretty good on domestic policy, but liberals’ foreign policy is horrific and nightmarish. Basically on foreign policy, Democratic Party liberals are conservatives to reactionaries. Democratic Party foreign policy is not liberal or progressive. From a liberal point of view, it is opposed to everything good and supports everything bad. US foreign policy is conservative to reactionary, and probably always has been. For many years now, Democrats have been supporting what boils down to “Republican Party foreign policy.” Furthermore, US liberals are almost all completely brainwashed by the media because most are smart, they watch and listen to a lot of news, and they read a lot of newspapers and newsmagazines. Unfortunately what they get out of all that is that they are utterly brainwashed into supporting a rightwing foreign policy. When you confront Democratic Party liberals and point out that they are supporting a rightwing foreign policy, they get very angry and often say, “America love it or love leave it.” Anyone who tries to tell them the truth about US foreign policy, they call  a Communist, socialist, Leftist, fellow traveler, supporter of the party line, Sendero Luminoso supporter, radical, or leftwing nutcase.

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5 thoughts on “Democratic Party Liberals Are Completely Useless”

  1. I don’t agree with American foreign policy except when it’s to topple genuine threats such as communism back in the 80s. The Iraq War was started by idiot neocons and put this country in debt. I don’t think we should do anything for other countries not doing anything for us. Cut them loose and no foreign aide for anyone.
    My version of conservatism isn’t based on holding people down or living in the past but more tax cuts, no mandatory insurance, fewer restrictions so small businesses can compete, and not giving my money to multiple generation welfare families. Families like that shouldn’t be breeding in the first place.
    I don’t like high gas prices and don’t think restrictions should get in the way of drilling. I don’t take issue with a car culture or living in excess. If others don’t live in excess and are jealous it’s their fault. What’s mine is mine. How would you classify my views?

    1. You’re not allowed to support more tax cuts, oppose social programs and oppose Obamacare on here.
      Basically you are not allowed to support Republican Party economics on here. This is a socialist blog, and we just cannot allow that.
      You’re just a rightwinger, though I guess you are of the noninterventionist/isolationist stance.
      There are no significant regulations on small businesses in the US that keep them from competing. There are only a few regulations and they were all put there to protect workers, consumers, the environment or society. I have run a small business. There were almost no regulations that I had to deal with other than a business license.

  2. “If you pointed that the Iraq War was a Nazi-like war of aggression, they get mad”
    Except in this case the U.S spent a hell of a lot of money doing so, dumped a lot more into Iraq, and then pulled completely out later. That’s a lot of lives and money for a regime change.

  3. I don’t find any of the liberals I know in meatspace complaining about that war. If you bring it up now, they more or less tell you to be quiet. They do not want to talk about all the lives and treasure that were wasted there. I get the impression that once we were really in deep after a couple of years, they supported the mission. But then they also supported the pullout. I think most liberals were actually afraid to criticize this asinine war. Afraid of what? Maybe getting accused of being unpatriotic.

  4. I tried to argue Robert’s position on a far left forum, but was scolded. Some lefties won’t respect that, at least, conservatives are honest about their evil.

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