The Satanic Cable Companies

A great article on one of the most evil industries in the US today, the unregulated natural monopolies known as cable companies. I haven’t been writing about them because masochistic Moronicans simply make no sense when it comes to the secular Corporate Gods whom they pray before as supplicant, neutered slaves. Apparently Moronicans love being slaves, as long as a private corporation is their master. What is incredible about this piece is the level of actual sanity that it shows among the American people. Instead of taking it up the rear and grinning while corporate pickpockets loot them penniless, the people are in an actual rebellion against a group of some of the most diabolical corporations of all – the cable corporations. There are fewer and fewer of these monstrosities all the time, and ridiculous mergers that are horrible for workers and consumers and only good for the bottom line are endlessly improved while a castrated Antitrust Division in the Attorney General’s office fiddles among the flames. As they get bigger and bigger, of course they simply get more and more evil. It’s hard to establish laws of business as hard-fast as those of physics, but we can try. The larger the business, the more evil it is. As a business grows larger and larger, it gets more and more evil. The smaller the business, generally the more decent, moral and proper it is. Consumers seem to be best served by smaller businesses, who seem to exemplify everything positive about capitalism. Consumers and society are typically horribly reamed by large corporations which represent everything evil about capitalism. The news in the piece is startling: 5 7 7 The problem here is that both political parties are the sworn deadly, hate-filled enemies of the 72-7 Both the Corporatist “Democratic” Party and the Ultra-Corporatist “Republican” Party are 10 This is because both parties are completely controlled by the massive cable monopolies, who have systematically bribed both parties at the national level and also control every state legislature in the US once again via massive bribery. So we have two political parties who are basically the sworn, deadly enemies of the vast majority of  Americans. Which political party represents the 7 There is no political party to represent the interests of the vast majority of Americans (~7 That is truly stunning, but most Americans are too stupid to figure that out.

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  1. Boy, do I miss the days of Ma Bell, which the company my mother got her career going, & worked for so many years until she was laid off by AT&T during the downsizing craze of the mid-1990s,which she was transferred to Lucent sales office in Tucson,AZ for about 2 years, until that office was closed due to embezzlement by the top manager there. We as a family have been struggling with the bills somewhat since. But then again, AT&T was a regulated monopoly until the 1980s which employed up to over 3% of the American population during its heyday. Monopolies can have positive benefits if they’re either tightly regulated or publicly owned in some way, as the way electricity utilities tend to be. AT&T was actually offered to buy the Internet back in the 1970s by the government, but forswore it due to the fact people didn’t own PCs back then, nor did they even exist until 1977,when Apple 2 came upon the scene. Now, I think it wouldn’t be to out of step for the US to take over ownership of the Internet by merging the Postal Service & what’s left of AT&T into a giant national publicly owned ISP, because the Internet, by its nature, treats all data equally, unless some regulatory agency or the Supreme Court strikes down so-called ‘net neutrality’. Unless the Feds decide to change its mind about net neutrality & reins in on the cable & telecom companies, i think we’re in for some serious trouble.

  2. I guess the competition for cable is satellite. Hey Robert, remember when you wrote about which pols are gay? How come you didn’t talk about Obama?

    1. Yeah and satellite costs just as much! Some competition!
      I am not 100% certain that Obama is gay or bisexual. Most Democratic pols who are gay are basically out.

  3. I saw on ad on TV supporting “Free TV”. These cable and satellite companies are so greedy, they actually want to destroy “ad supported” TV channels.

    1. The phone monopolies are evil too. If you want internet, you can choose:
      1. Evil phone monopoly in your area.
      2. Evil cable monopoly in your area.
      3. Lousy and overpriced satellite company in your area.
      None of them compete on price and the first two abuse customers in horrifying ways. The prices of all three seem to be set at high levels, so it almost looks like market division and price fixing.

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