Try Until You Die

“A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?” – Robert Browning

That’s right. Never give up. Never stop trying. Never say uncle. Never say never. Keep on keeping on. Carry on, carry on. Get up and do it again. Nobody likes a quitter. P.S. Browning is a really great 19th Century poet. You might want to check him out.

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0 thoughts on “Try Until You Die”

  1. Robert, you should be careful what you say on this blog in case RD is reading this. I don’t know if the world could handle RD round three.

  2. If you try and don’t succeed, try again. If you fail for the second time, try a third time. If the third attempt also results in failure, then it may be best to give up. Only stubborn fools never give up. To reach for things which really are beyond one’s grasp is not wise or heroic but foolhardy. A sensible person knows his limits and will not try to exceed them. If you are a runt, you should not try to go into heavy-weight boxing. if you have a low IQ, then a PhD from Harvard should not be your ambition. Realism is a virtue, and that includes realism about oneself.
    Regards. James

    1. That’s true, but sometimes employment isn’t available for all types of talent.. For instance, there are tons of people good at English and history. Nonetheless, there are no jobs for them, so would they be foolish to try math or science?

  3. This comment is interesting, cause most right wingers want to portray lefties as negative. In other words, they think only conservatives want to fight, and all lefties want free stuff, due to some victimization.

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