Russia Says Nyet to the New World Order

Great article from the Saker on a very curious admission by agents of US imperialism on why they are so furious about Russia’s refusal to go along with the US imperial project. The reference below the Yeltsin period during which Russia was a colony of the US, Europe and Tel Aviv and was drained of nearly all of its public assets by Russia-hating oligarchs, with proceeds going to banks in London, Tel Aviv and New York. Medvedev was basically a traitor, a Russian neoliberal in bed with the US and Europe. No wonder such praise was showered on him. Since 2012, a group of Russian patriots or Russian nationalists led by Vladimir Putin has been in control with the goal to put the interests of Russia first and foremost. US imperialism generally hates all nationalist regimes in its imperial colonies. Nationalist regimes are usually called Leftist or Communist and then attacked in various ways, typically with violent coups such as the one that just hit the Ukraine. After the coup, nation sellers, sold out to US capital, are put back in charge and lovers of the homeland are sidelined. Whatever Putin’s faults are, at least he is a Russian patriot. And surely it is for that flaw if for no other that he has earned the contempt of the West. How dare he put his country first! Putin represents a “slave rebellion” in the would-be imperial hinterlands of Empire.

Very interesting admission by a senior US diplomat: Russia “betrayed” the NWO

I was just watching Alain Soral’s latest video when I heard him offer a very interesting explanation for why the Anglo-Zionist Empire hates Putin so much. The article Soral quotes is entitled The End of the New World Order and it has been written by Christopher R. Hill, “former US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asia, was US Ambassador to Iraq, South Korea, Macedonia, and Poland, a US special envoy for Kosovo, a negotiator of the Dayton Peace Accords, and the chief US negotiator with North Korea from 2005-2009”, i.e. a big shot in the US imperial nomenklatura. Here is what Hill writes:

Russia’s annexation of Crimea and ongoing intimidation of Ukraine appears to mean the end of a 25-year period whose hallmark was an effort to bring Russia into greater alignment with Euro-Atlantic goals and traditions. Now the question is: What comes next? (…) [the] new world order held for almost 25 years. Except for Russia’s brief war with Georgia in August 2008 (a conflict generally seen as instigated by reckless Georgian leadership), Russia’s acquiescence and commitment to the “new world order,” however problematic, was one of the great accomplishments of the post-Cold War era. Even Russia’s reluctance to support concerted Western action, such as in Bosnia and Kosovo in the 1990’s, was based on arguments that could be heard in other European countries. Russian democracy certainly had its share of flaws, but that hardly made it unique among post-communist countries. (…) Americans do need to understand the challenge they are facing from a Russia that no longer seems interested in what the West has been offering for the last 25 years: special status with NATO, a privileged relationship with the European Union, and partnership in international diplomatic endeavor.

Bingo! For all the wrong reasons (the usual crap about a resurgent and revanchist Russian Empire), Hill is absolutely right: Russia has absolutely zero interest in the “Western project”. Yup! From 1991 (and really even before that) to 1999 Russia was an imperial colony run by a collection of mostly Jewish oligarchs who hated Russia and who literally stole everything they could. From 1999 to 2012 Putin and his “Eurasian Sovereignists” had to share power with Medvedev’s “Atlantic Integrationists” (for the meaning of these terms see here and here) but since 2012 the former have pretty much seized full control of the Russian state. Hence the apparent change in course since 2012 and the West’s hysterical reaction of outrage, impotent frustration and barely contained hatred for the men whom they see as the number one enemy of the NWO on the planet and in that assessment they are actually absolutely correct, if late. Yes, today Russia has fundamentally turned away from the NWO and purged most, if not all, of the pro-NWO elite in Moscow. The future of Russia is in Asia and in the great Russian North and there is nothing the Anglo-Zionist Empire can do about that.

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67 thoughts on “Russia Says Nyet to the New World Order”

  1. The major benefits of the spoils of WW2 for the U.S., ( U.S. economic hegemony), seemed to last ~25 years also. It seems the startling alarm clock of real economic competition was slow to be heard but it was clear that after about 1970, the U.S. was no longer the sole economic force in the world that they had become after the devastation of most of the rest of the civilized world. Serious competition arose, and “made in Japan” did not mean junk any more!. Factories in the U.S. started to close up and move overseas, where quality outpaced America’s products and with lower production costs.
    Is it a coincidence that the benefits of the spoils of winning the Cold War, ( U.S. political/ military hegemony), appear to have last about 25 years also? Did we learn nothing from the U.S. growing fat and lazy from the lack of economic competition after WW2? Did we grow fat and lazy with the absence of any formidable political or military opponents on the world scene after the demise of the U.S.S.R., as we thought the world would simply roll over to the Western inspired NWO? It seems as if we were in a sense drunk on the heady intoxicant of power once again… only to wake up 25 years later to see the folly of our arrogance once again.

    1. Good comment. Yes, i think there was a time around 2000 when it looked like there was an American led neo-liberal NWO that had won and was on the ascent without competition. John Pilger was one of the most articulate chroniclers of this. Then the rise and rise of China…. Russia is asserting its sovereignty and becoming aligned with this alternative great power and strategic rival, there is an alternative blueprint for developing countries etc.

      1. In the long long run, China’s economy will end up 2-4 times the size of Americas. The what will the world be like? Ultimately, power follows from economic might.

      2. Yeah I don’t think China will ever become a “superpower” since the term superpower is such a overused confusing parochial term that has basically lost any true credibility and meaning over the years except maybe to the globalist and political pundits with a fancy useless state department office.
        The fact of the matter is that China is a gigantic glorified Wal mart factory farm globalist wet dream and it will be a super power in the sense that it will be Bulgaria with nuclear missiles and a backwards rigid oppressive and highly flawed military. It’s society and economy that has faulty foundations, I mean there is a reason why the country is a polluted shit hole that sends so many of it’s citizens to try to “seek residency” in the U.S.

        1. Yeah I don’t think so, but if you mean by an economy that’s basically faulty and bound to fail then you are right with maybe 10x the damage spillover. There is just no way that China will ever reach the superpower like capacity and innovation/creation of the U.S. Mainly because Asian culture is shit and functions more like a hive-mind then anything.

        2. What I’m saying is there isn’t any *human capital* reason they can’t develop manufacturing and technical innovation as sophisticated as Japan’s. x10 since the population is literally about 10 times bigger. That would be an economy more than 3 times the size of America’s. 50 billion US$ gdp compared to America’s present 16 and the present global 72. And that is nominal. Japan has a per capita gdp of 36,000, below UK’s 37,000, Germany’s 40,000 and America’s 53,000. So we’re not talking about an unrealistic gdp per capita level. S. Korea’s is 33,000, the Bahamas 32,000, Israel 34,000. Its far from impossible that China could develop to that kind of per capita gdp level (just like Japan and Korea, which already falsify a racial argument) and become such a mammoth economy. It wouldn’t happen for a long time but its an intriguing possibility. Just imagine the power China would have then.

        3. China is roughly in the position that Imperial Germany(Second Reich) of Kaiser Willem 2 was in the late 19th Century, emerging from a far lower base & was seen as threatening to the interests of the established powers of France & England (roughly the EU & USA respectfully,of their time as well.). I suppose Russia is playing roughly the role of Austria-Hungary Empire in the 21st century. For both empires were polyglot nations full of potentially antagonistic ethnicities within their borders as well.

  2. ‘what will happen now?’ God question. Not democracy, because that’s one of the euro-Atlantic traditions Hill is referring to.
    Less democracy, more alignment with China?
    From the FT, June 3rd:
    “Russia and China have agreed to set up a joint rating agency as Moscow’s stand-off with the west over Ukraine has made it more eager to establish institutions that would reduce its dependence on the US and Europe.”

    “Siluanov’s visit to China comes on the heels of President Putin’s meeting with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, in Shanghai this May, where the two leaders signed a fresh package of financial cooperation accords in what many experts believe to be a clear sign of Russia’s growing proximity with China.
    On Tuesday, the Russian financial chief is meeting with a panel of Chinese investors to weigh up the outlooks for mutual investment programs. They are also expected to sign a cooperation agreement for closer ties between the Russian and Chinese treasury departments.”

  4. Losing Russia could prove a big strategic mistake for the west. The EU trying to take the Ukraine was what led to this. Maybe they should have respected Russia’s domain more. Hubris perhaps.
    Russia was already leaning towards China due to their mutual undemocratic tendencies and unwillingness to support western interventions. They might have just been pushed much further in that direction.

  5. I don’t know where they (Russia-China) will go economically. Maybe they’ll end up just as capitalist as the west, in which case less democracy, just as much capitalism, strategic advantage to China….not sure why that is something to celebrate.

    1. although I can generally appreciate the idea of standing up for ones own (and others) sovereignty. Not sure how long standing up for other’s sovereignty would last though. Its okay to stand up for other’s sovereignty when it is threatened by a rival power, but when you’re on top, doesn’t mean you’ll respect other’s sovereignty then.

    2. They will not be just as capitalist as the US, no way. For instance, 45% of China’s economy is state-owned. The Russian state is heavily involved in the economy; many of the biggest companies are joint enterprises with the Russian state – the state owns 50% of the company, etc.

      1. Robert why have you stopped writing about india, lot of things are happening at fast pace, increase in number of rapes , changing of text books and even dress code across all India
        Jeans were banned for women, only saree was allowed dress
        Hindutva is entering into every walk of indian life, even movies which are objectionable and western will be now be banned
        Hindutva is accomplished what muslim brotherhood couldn’t in arab world
        Even egyptians protested against morsi and Political islam
        I think we are entering into twilight zone, People are talking that europeans are subhumans and learnt everything from hindus, texts are altered in such a way that hinudism is synonymous to science
        I cannot describe everything in few sentences but things for india look more and more bleak
        Random muslims are chosen and killed on street for not chanting Jai modi and Jai Hindu Rastra

  6. If this turns out to be good for Russia’s economy and Russian workers (Putin keeps corruption at ‘normal levels’, not the huge levels of the 90’s, plus according to you Robert has more pro worker policies, right?), then I guess its the right thing for Russians. Its not like they had democracy anyway.

    1. Excellent work Steve.
      I think China will end up the biggest economy in the world and Russia will keep growing and eventually overtake the economies of western Europe.
      However, Western soft power via movies/ music/obama political joyfullness allied to islamophile kissing and hugging via its petro funded Islamophilia project (especially funded by the Saudis) will continue to set the discourse for a while yet.

      1. Steve, he’s swedish shit aka bollywood star (a) zulu . he is notorious hindutadi spammer living overseas

  7. I do not think you know me Steve.
    However, my usual name is Zulu Lesbian Construction Company. I like a change of name now and again.
    As far as the crystal ball view of things economically I do feel both China and Russia will keep growing. The arabs and africans will grow hardly at all and in the case of the arabs start to go backwards as the oil runs out. India will keep growing and so will South and Central America. Different rates of growth and different outcomes.
    The crunch time for the Saudi Arabs will be in about 2030 when they will not have any oil to export and will consume all the oil they produce on their own domestic usage.
    At the moment Russia is the lead oil producer. It produces 10 million 730 thousand barrels a day. Saudi produces 9 million 570 thousand a day. However, they will be soon over taken by the US. The US produces 9,023,000 barrels of oil a day and this equals 10.74 percent of world output.
    The Energy equation is adjusting to a new paradigm as Russia and America take the top two slots.

    1. Saudi Arabia has spent billions propagating its radical and regressive form of Islam around the globe, building mosques and disseminating literature, funded by oil money. If they have any sense, they’ll be planning for a post oil economy now and taking what you said very seriously.
      My idea for Saudi Arabia is this: Use a certain % of the oil revenue to install photovoltaivc power stations in the desert. They have this vast unproductive desert and are one of the sunniest countries on earth. If they get the infrastructure in and generate enough, they can sell to neighbouring countries and potentially have a sustainable source of energy income and maintain a strategic advantage in the region. There’s barely any limit to how much they could install, the country is a big desert with never ending sunshine, very very intense in summer. It might not last forever, if surrounding countries eventually decide to generate their own, but it might last long enough to be a good idea. They certainly could be putting the infrastructure in place to generate all their own energy at the least, plus cheap energy for industrial growth.
      I think everything you said is true, except I’m not so sure that Africa wont continue to grow. Many African economies are experiencing good growth and have done for the past 10 years. However, they are not increasing per capita income much due to population growth. But then again population growth will probably mean absolute economic growth. Some forecasts say there will be 4 billion people in Africa before it levels off. There are now about 1 billion.
      Also consider that Africa is not necessarily doing it alone. China is a major contributor to African infrastructure. There is a Chinese proposal to link African capital cities with high speed rail! Plus when they make money from stuff like mining, they can pay outside architectural firms and construction companies to build them stuff, just like in the emerites.
      UK black IQ is now 90 (to the white 100)…that is partly due to selective immigration and white admixture. A source I highly respect estimates African genotypic IQ at 85*. The current N. African IQ is 80-85 and N Africans in Europe are at about 92. The idea that Sub Saharan Africans are so low in IQ that they cannot sustain a half decent modern civilisation is a myth imo. Plus like I said, there will always be some outside help. Look at Barbados:
      (*I’m hoping the African IQ can reach 100- it remains a possibility since it isn’t yet definitively proven otherwise ie by genetic studies).

        1. …and despite how much we hear about shit in the street In India, everyone will probably have toilets by then. They will adjust their attitudes to crapping, just like Indians in the west. When people have a more dignified option, they will adapt to it. Remember, London in the middle ages was an incredibly shitty place where people threw buckets of crap out of their windows into the street and the streets were covered in shit.

        2. The idea that Africa going from 1 to 4 billion will somehow grow the economy is madness. Long before anything good happens, all sorts of Malthusian nastiness will kick in.
          You are talking like a capitalist. Capitalists love population growth because to them it means economic growth. Very sick people. Massive population growth will probably wipe out most economic growth and furthermore will cause all sorts of very expensive problems in and of itself. The HIV epidemic in Africa is Nature’s way of saying get your darned birthrate down.
          Gypsies in Europe often still crap out in the open, and they live in Europe! Even if they have some pretty decent money, they often do not bother to build a toilet in their home.
          I do not really care what people will do in the future. That is thinking like a capitalist. The capitalist says, well, you know, with good steady capitalist growth we should lower malnutrition from 50% down to 25% in 25 years. Huh!? The heck with that! In India, that would mean 75 million extra deaths in that period due to malnutrition alone.
          When it comes to malnutrition and crapping in the streets, the heck with incrementalism and reformism. You guys wonder why I am a Marxist. The Marxists look at problems like that and they say, “Fix it! Not now, yesterday!” They don’t mess around.
          I see 600 million crapping in the open and I want that fixed ASAP. Also Steve, you refuse to recognize the sick Indian in which millions of Indians do not give 1/10th of a crap about those 600 million people and they refuse to spend one nickel of their money to help them. This is because due to Hinduism, they think those people deserve to live like that! With elite mindsets like that, solving problems gets very difficult.

        3. Thank you for discussing China in Africa. Many people say that China is now an imperialist power in Africa who is abusing and exploiting the African people. This is not true. China is still a socialist country, and they do not have an imperialist foreign policy based on exploitation and creation of vassal states. They believe in mutual development and they do not care what your economic system is like. China is great friends with North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Belarus, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Cuba. No capitalist country would ever be friendly to those nations – they would try to destroy those countries as the US, a truly imperialist country does.
          The fact that China is building a high speed rail system linking African nations shows that it is not an imperialist country. Imperialist countries do not do things like that – they just exploit.

      1. Where do you get your data, Steve? My data for Black adults is 86 and for North African adults is 89.
        If Sub Saharan IQ can be lifted to ~80, there should not be any problems developing a civilization. Qataris have an IQ of 79.
        There probably was no selective immigration to the UK from Jamaica. Do some reading on the first Jamaicans to the UK and tell me this was a selective group for much of anything.
        UK Jamaicans are 14% White. Jamaica Jamaicans are 9% White. Not much difference.

        1. Tunisia: 84 (Lynn&V, 2012). Egypt: 83 (L&V, 2002). Moroccans (in Netherlands), 84 and 85 (L&V 2002). Chuck also quotes 84.2 for Algeria based on L&V intel tests scaled. These are often based on single studies from a while ago, so don’t know how reliable.
          For the rest, Chuck at occidentalist replied to me:
          “See here: A while back I argued that the genetic g of sub saharan Africans was about 1 SD lower than that of Europeans. I haven’t changed my position. I found some more UK data, btw. Based on 2 recent studies, the adult UK BW phenotypic gap looks to be about 0.7 SD — Not much smaller than the U.S. White- 2nd gen Black gap.”
          0.7SD would mean 70% of 15 or 10.5 (7 + 3.5). 100 – 10.5= 89.5. Right?
          and about N African Arabs immigrants to Europe:
          “About 92 for the second-third generations based on values averaged across a dozen countries.”.

        2. “The idea that Africa going from 1 to 4 billion will somehow grow the economy is madness. Long before anything good happens, all sorts of Malthusian nastiness will kick in.”
          I don’t disagree with that analysis. I was just stating a fact- that the population growth will lead to economic growth. It wasn’t meant to be anything other than that. I was countering human shit’s claim that African countries wont grow. 1) They will 2) it will be partly due to population growth and 3) it will be a long time before the majority of the SS Africans have a decent standard of living. No contradiction. We weren’t talking about whether Africans will be lifted out of poverty, just whether the countries gdp’s will grow.
          I respect your criticism of the capitalist mentality. That is astute and yes, I do find myself thinking like that. On reflection, I tend to just accept that things cannot be done much faster, that capitalism is a good system for delivering economic growth, probably better than socialism. This is a bit of a false dichotomy in that you can harnass the growth potential of private enterprise while maintaining a significant amount of socialism and prioritizing the needs of the poor. So I suppose I shouldn’t accept so unthinkingly that things are going about as well as I can realistically expect.
          Take a look at the following graph:
          I suppose it is cold (or at least ignorant) to look at that and be unambiguously pleased. 6 million are still dying, like a holocaust every year. If the political and economic elites cared more about the poor, surely they could do something about it faster. This is from a while ago but:

          On the other hand, the trend is MUCH better than if it wasn’t occurring, and if you don’t realise it is (as most people don’t) then it can be encouraging and make you feel positive that it is. You see that the world is moving in a positive direction and that the preventable deaths will probably be greatly reduced further in the foreseeable future. Not good enough, not fast enough, but still awesome that it is going that direction at all.
          Chomsky said the following about India and I believe him:
          “I have followed India carefully, and have been there a number of times. It is an exciting country in many ways with its rich culture. But what is really striking to me about India, much more than most other countries I have been to, is the indifference of privileged sectors to the misery of others. You walk through Delhi and cannot miss it, but people just don’t seem to see it. Everyone is talking about ‘Shining India’ and yet people are starving. I had an interesting experience with this once. I was in a car in Delhi and with me was (activist) Aruna Roy, and we were driving towards a demonstration. And I noticed that she wasn’t looking outside the window of the car. I asked her why. She said, “If you live in India, you just can’t look outside the window. Because if you do, you’d rather commit suicide. It’s too horrible. So you just don’t look.” So people don’t look, they put themselves in a bubble and then don’t see it. And those words are from somebody who has devoted her life to the lives of the poor, and you can see why she said that — the misery and the oppression are so striking, much worse than in any country I have ever seen. And it is so dramatic. There is a lot of talk about how India is slated to be a major power, and I can’t believe it, with all its internal problems; China too for that matter, but less so.”
          Is that an acknowledgement? I said I believed him. I don’t know the reasons why it is like this- I know your take and maybe there is something to that.
          However, as I have said before, belief in karma does not necessarily lead to that mentality. There is nothing about the doctrine of karma that says you shouldn’t help people out of a bad situation…they might be in a bad situation now due to their karma but that doesn’t mean their lives or anyone’s life can’t be improved. If you are there to help them, then they must have the karma to be helped and furthermore you should help them, morally. In fact, karma provides an incentive- to help would engender positive karma and as stated, there is really no reason not to.
          The whole problem is when you introduce caste. The idea of caste is that it is lifelong and you should stick to your caste and perform your caste duties. Not only this, but the lifelong sentence is due to karma. This reinforces and strengthens the rigid caste system and discourages change. Hence the problem is when karma is combined with caste and used as an ideological justification of it. This is specifically Hindu, not Buddhist.
          I am against the caste system anyway. I summary, a lot of privileged Indians are indifferent and the caste system is bad…satisfied? I’ll throw in for free that corruption is an enormous problem in India.

        3. …in Buddhism, especially Mahayana Buddhism, the whole thing is kindness and compassion, kindness and compassion, that’s what you hear about all the time. Loving-kindness and compassion for all sentient beings, cultivating the wish to lead all sentient beings to enlightenment. Enlightenment is the realization of innate wisdom and compassion, the true nature of mind. So you see, combine this with karma and you’re all right.
          Actually, I do respect some of the Hindu philosophy but I’m very much against caste.

        4. Because the vast majority of Qatar’s population happens to be foreign residents/workers with lower IQ levels than even those from their native countries. That’s what seemingly dumbs down Qatar’s IQ level to 79, despite that country having the highest per capita income in the world of 110,000 per person. Plus a fair minority of ‘Arabs’ happen to be Abd, descendants of slaves from east Africa.

        5. No, I do not think that any of those South Indians have been allowed to obtain citizenship if I am not mistaken. They live there for decades, but the Arabs never make them citizens. IQ’s of neighboring Arab countries are right around the same as the South Asian 79-83 IQ. The Qatar 79 IQ is for the native Arab population, I am quite sure.

  8. As a 7-8 year old in the late 80’s and very early 90’s, I do remember the times when USSR was a superpower the world felt like a far better and safer place. American imperialists knew their bounds and many countries in Asia including China and India were firmly in the Soviet sphere of influence.
    Soviet Russia felt like an imaginary, heavenly place because we got a lot of schoolbooks donated by the USSR to Indian schoolchildren for FREE. They comprised of subjects such as Geometry, Basic English, Science and Origami and were re-written in English for Indian Grade 2-Grade 3 students.
    The high quality print and beautiful illustrations could not be something that we expected Indian educational authorities to provide us as we knew very early on, that ALL Indians are basically, cheap bastards who don’t care about the welfare of their fellow citizens. Name one other country in the world where girl infants are abandoned by their families on the streets and Indians obviously don’t care seeing so much misery next door.
    As an adult learning Advanced Math, I leaned on books written by Soviet authors for Calculus and Trigonometry; The quality was first-rate, something you won’t find even in books written by American/British publishing houses. My early impressions about Russians were that they must be a very intelligent and sophisticated people.
    However, those books provided by USSR were pure, unadulterated Soviet propaganda. Like how Capitalism is Evil and how the world can be a better place if people stopped loving money and started loving their fellow beings. It was interesting for me, I never thought this philosophy was wrong or right but it felt interesting in a unique way.
    Most Indians (of the rich variety that is) think today that Russia must be a poor country; nothing could be further from the truth. It’s the only country in the world which has a functional space program (NASA hasn’t sent a space probe worth recognition in years). Russia is still a very significant country and no other nation would dare mess with it: just look at current events, it Russia goes and takes over smaller countries like Ukraine whenever it feels bored and every other nation looks the other way. Russia’s borders span from Alaska in North America to Norway in Europe – that’s something really defies imagination. Russia has most of the world’s oil fields, coal reserves, precious metals, diamonds, timber and every natural resource.

    1. “I was countering human shit’s claim that African countries wont grow. 1) They will 2) it will be partly due to population growth and 3) it will be a long time before the majority of the SS Africans have a decent standard of living. No contradiction. ”
      You are right there is no contradiction here Steve. And your analysis is more in-depth. So to continue in the vein of making a deeper style of analysis let us look at Saudi.
      You mention the solar energy solution to the problems of Saudi Arabia. What you say does make sense and let us hope that they have the good sense to start taking on board some ideas like this.
      The fact is the Saudis are quite pragmatic so things should of course work out for them but even so their standards of living per capita will plummet to the Iranian levels we see today for Iranians. At the moment they live a first world life style with just a few patches of poverty here and there, of which they are highly sensitive and will jail you if you make a video about them and post it on YouTube (true story). However, I think it is good to be so sensitive and so concerned about the images of poverty in your country. India is of course not in the least bothered.
      As for the shit and go attitude in India. I see no problem here. “Shit and go” is quite a carefree Indian attitude which costs very little. Shitting around the world is different. Human shit it something we all do. Everyone does it. Even god like creatures like Obama!
      In time of course things will improve for India.

    2. “As a 7-8 year old in the late 80′s and very early 90′s, I do remember the times when USSR was a superpower the world felt like a far better and safer place. American imperialists knew their bounds and many countries in Asia including China and India were firmly in the Soviet sphere of influence.”
      We must be a similar age. I also remember that time but I felt it was less safe and their was a lingering possibility of nuclear war. Through the mid 20th century up until the 80’s, westerns and presumably Russians lived with that possibility. It used to scare me as a kid, especially after I saw the terminator movie where Sarah Connor has visions of a nuclear attack and the playground is engulfed by fire. It wasn’t much of a possibility from Russia then (91) but it still scared me. I was in Britain of course- shows how perceptions can differ.
      Human Shit,
      thanks for your reply. I don’t really have anything to add.

        1. 22 years old, the youngest poster around these blogs 🙂 that’s why some of my comments are not the most insightful, I still need experiences and wisdom to learn 😉

        1. Me , I am from the most hated country in this blog ie India. I learnt a lot from this blog (and still learning) and your posts are fascinating for a guy of your age, it shows the difference in education levels we both were used to, being of a similar age. Whats your qualification BTW??…

        2. I knew you were Indian from your name. Wasn’t sure if you actually lived in India. What state are you from?
          I’ve got a BA in sociology. You encounter a fair amount of bullshit when you study sociology, although some of it is good. From uni, you can improve your writing and learn about the standards of academic discussion. But to be honest, information wise, I feel that I have learnt a lot more form my own investigations than my formal education.

        3. btw Pranav, for my ‘dissertation’, my main piece of work in the final year which is like 12-15,000 words, I wrote about Max Weber’s ‘the religion of India’ which is about the caste system and Hinduism and Weber’s theory of how it inhibited or discouraged the (indigenous) development of capitalism.

        4. I also did a case study on Gandhi and a study of caste in the Indian diaspora in Britain, so I did a lot of stuff about India. In my final year, I was up to my eyeballs in books about caste and theories of the caste system. Not a simple subject at all.

        5. Steve, My original city is Bangalore. I am now in another city on work. What you’ve said is true very few chose sociology as the mainstream for college and one has to go through a lot of shit to make a carrier out of it. When you say that “I am studying Sociology” to another Indian, he’ll laugh his ass out without even knowing what is it in the first place. Thats the Indian mindset. Every indian are forced or destined to do the engineering or architecture shit which offers nothing knowledge wise and they just return out from the college like a clay pot hardly technically sound nor socially aware thanks to the outdated non industrial-centric curriculum. Few wealthy idiots go for medicine (which btw is the most expensive in India) and end up as half-doctors.
          I too have wondered many a times what are the career options for sociology/political science/history up in the west ? what sort of employment opportunities avaialble apart from entering back into the educational sector in the form of lecturer/professor…
          Indian caste structure is complex glad you did a research on it. feel free to ask me if you want to know how caste operates in south India now…

        6. “I too have wondered many a times what are the career options for sociology/political science/history up in the west ? what sort of employment opportunities avaialble apart from entering back into the educational sector in the form of lecturer/professor…”
          Political science: politics, journalism.
          Sociology: police, journalism, civil service, social research of various kinds (not necessarily in academia).
          For both: graduate entry level in a large company. This is not necessarily related to what you studied but they value the general skills/qualities you’ve learned and proved. Could be on a fast track to management.
          I think if you have a degree, you can do a single year of studying law and then have the equivalent to a law degree and be on a route to a career in law.
          Generally having a degree on your CV (resume) could give you an advantage in any job you apply for.
          There’s a few I just thought of now. There are probably more. Don’t know about history.

        7. Note: I think you can enter the police at a higher level than a person without a degree. You may be able to do this with any degree but apparently social science degrees are valued in the British police these days so that might help to have on your CV for promotions and stuff.

        8. If you study sociology, you should know all about the various research methods and how to conduct social research. You should be able to use statistical software packages for the social sciences like SPSS.
          Who does research? University researchers but also government, charities, private organisations, political parties etc.
          Possibly they would favour somebody with a masters or PHD but I think there would be a way in with just a degree if you are competent enough. Probably in a junior position at first.

  9. I have never seen Putin as a threat, as Robert said, he’s just not kissing the USA’s ass. Anyhow, considering the sheer amount of Caucasian porn coming out of that part of the world, Americans should love Russia, and the Ukraine.

  10. America is the new old world sinking in the new dark age, since new age is nothing but hinduism revisited and dumbed down further (if that may be). The new new world, ushering the earth in the new, improved new world order comprises China, Siberia and Russia. America no longer stands for capitalism, but for criminality.

  11. I remember my sixth grade teacher telling us several decades ago. You should spend your childhood in Soviet Union, because they take care of the Children well, Spend your Youth and Middle age in the USA because its all Fun, and Spend your Old age in India, because in India we used to take care of our Aged Parents and Grand Parents. But none of this is True now.

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