Barbie Is People

No way is she real.
No way is she real.

LOL that cannot possibly be an actual human female. It’s got to be a blowup doll or a mannequin. But no, that is actually a female Homo Sapiens. This young woman has bizarrely dedicated her life into turning herself into a human Barbie Doll.

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12 thoughts on “Barbie Is People”

  1. Strange, she’s like super adolescent. Everything about her is an exaggeration of the virgin female adolescent body. She has very high, perky boobs; big eyes and delicate, porcelain facial features; an incredibly slim, tight waist proving she hasn’t had a baby yet and smooth, perfect skin.

    1. The ideal female face is the face of a 14 year old girl.
      Look at these before and after photos of Korean women. They’ve all basically tried to make themselves look about 14.
      Here’s another example. Pay close attention to what the photoshoppers do to her face. They give her adolescent facial dimensions by making her eyes bigger, her nose smaller and softening her jawline. The face of a real pretty 14 year old wouldn’t need to be adjusted like this. It would already have the ideal proportions.

        1. To a man, a girl’s physical appearance is more important then her personality. Sorry if you don’t like to hear the but that’s just the way men are.

  2. I’ve been trying to ignore this ……I tend to believe that cases such as this prove that no matter how much progress we make as a society, allowances will be made for the vapid and beautiful.

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