Who Authored William Shakespeare's Works?

Yes, there was a man named William Shakespeare who lived around that time. However, he was merely a petty bureaucrat who quit his job after he made a pile of money so he could retire early. He was also a very bad person. He was mean and ugly. In the midst of a horrible famine, he hoarded food for himself and his family. He sued friends when they owed him mere pocket change. He left his family little in his will, and most shockingly, the will contains no mention of plays or any other writings by him or anyone else. His death went utterly unnoticed by society, which would seem to make little sense. It is for reasons such as these and for no others than the question, “Who wrote Shakespeare’s plays” is so endlessly debated. Although the question has been tossed about for years and there are many contenders, scholars have not yet decided, who, if anyone other than Shakespeare, wrote his plays. Sir Francis Bacon is one of the most frequently tossed about names, but on style alone he needs to be thrown out. The other top contender died in 1604 in the middle of Shakespeare’s career, which makes no sense and would require a redating of many of the most famous plays.

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  1. Is pretty commonly accepted that several plays were co-written. Someone called Fletcher I think. Personally I like to believe that Shakespeare was the author of his own plays – i get the impression that the upper class is trying to claim him as one of their own! For that – bit silly – reason I find it hard to look at this dispassionately.
    One of the reasons that it is such a big deal who Shakespeare “was” is the window that would open into understanding his works. If we knew more about the person we could better understand his art. Currently there are only about 3 bits of paper with Shakespeare’s signature [spelt different every time!] and I think the most contemporary descriptions/depictions is a woodcut and short dedicatory poem from the first folio of 1622.

  2. One word: GHOSTWRITING
    Shakespeare probably paid a pittance to the UNKNOWN serfs who laboured hard to produce these beautifully written plays that have stood the test of time. He must have kidnapped a high IQ genius like Robert Lindsay. and had them trapped in an underground dungeon like Josef Fritzl in Austria.
    A mind-boggling question with infinite possibilities.

  3. “Shakespeare’s” works, all of them, were written by Sir Henry Neville. See ‘The Truth Will Out’ by Brenda James and William Rubinstein for a very convincing and well documented argument.

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